11 Best Car GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fee in 2024

If you want to make sure that your car is at the safe place where you parked it well then it’s time that you get a GPS tracker.

Unlike smartphones, such a tracker lets you track your car’s location even when you are not in it. It is also a great way to understand if your spouse and kids are safe while they are in it. A GPS tracker for your car can be the best way to protect not just yourself but also your loved ones from meeting any kind of hazard.

Unfortunately, most GPS trackers need monthly fees for the subscription. It can be quite constant and comes with limited features too. Not everyone would be able to afford that fee. That is when they can consider purchasing the amazing GPS vehicle tracking device with no monthly fee option.

Best Car GPS Tracker without Monthly Fee:

Listed are some of the best GPS trackers that do not charge any monthly fee and thus let the consumers use all the GPS services without paying a single penny. They don’t just have the leverage on the monthly charges but can get you all the best advantages of the tracker that you had been looking out for.

1. Family1st GPS Tracker:

It is quite obvious that of all, the safety of your loved one will matter the most. With Family1st GPS Tracker your primary concern can be put to ease. It can help you track assets, people, cars and even pets.

It is a highly rated no monthly fee GPS tracker device that offers the best advantages. It has a battery track of 2400 mAh Li-Polymer which can help you know the status of your assets or your loved ones anytime. It consists of rechargeable batteries with an inbuilt platform which can last for 6 months if it is put on sleep mode.

The installation process is simple. You must have to install it on the device that needs to be tracked and get the notification popped on the device with which it is connected. You can get the Real-time tracking Reports and even download them to see as per your convenience. With a lifetime warranty and no activation or deactivation price, it definitely is worth the try.

2. Vyncs GPS Tracker:

The Vyncs GPS tracker is a hit vehicle tracking device no monthly fee device. This smart tracker gives you a 1-year free data plan. If you wish to renew it you can do so but for that, you will have to pay the fee. This GPS tracker gives you the location updates of the vehicle which is being monitored and that too every 3 minutes. It is also possible to change the refreshing rate to 15, 30 or even 60 seconds as per convenience. If you get Vyncs Pro you can discover more incredible features.

Since the tracker is updated with some great state-of-the-art accelerometer features, you can even detect if there is any unsafe driving being carried out such as braking or quick acceleration. If any of such events are detected, its report will be presented on your map to understand the situation. This tracker has an OBD-II scanner and also the data storage for vehicle diagnosis that lets you understand why the check engine is on.

3. Sync Real-Time 4G LTE Tracker by LandAirSea:

Sync Real-Time 4G LTE Tracker by LandAirSea is one of the amazing trackers that has been the talk of the town recently. It is known for providing accurate details even from 6 feet round.

The tracking device gives you a special feature of even sending alerts of accidents or any kind of risk associated with driving behaviour. You also get the notification on any kind of collision events that would be happening especially when there is a risk of some major accident involved.

With its feature of geofencing, you can send arrival and departure alerts too. If you need diagnostic reports like low battery or engine check alerts, you can get them without any hassle.

4. Automatic PRO AUT-350:

It’s time to explore some of the amazing options of the best car GPS tracker no monthly fee which is worth trying and Automatic PRO AUT-350 is certainly one of them.

This excellent choice gives you features of no-fee 3G service and support for Amazon Alexa. This means if you have an echo device of Alexa, it’s time to explore more of its features because Alexa would then be able to locate your car and tell you the exact spot. Isn’t it convenient? Well, that is the extra purpose of this GPS tracker.

Also, you can connect it to the IFTTT which is one free web-based solution that can create multiple chains of statements or any of the apps which are available in-app gallery of Automatic PRO

5. TKSTAR TK915 GPS Tracker:

The TKSTAR TK915 is quite a unique option that you might want to try. This no monthly fee GPS tracker is a self-contained magnetic option that also has a slot for the sim card.

It offers you a plethora of features which make it worth the purchase. With a 10,000 mAh battery, it can work for the next 3 months without any hassle. It is waterproof and you can even attach it magnetically at the car bottom and don’t even have to stress about it at all. This tracker comes with a built-in induction sensor which lets you detect it immediately when anyone tries to remove it.

6. Bouncie Connected Car:

Bouncie’s Connected Car GPS tracker is the next vehicle tracking device no monthly fee option that you might want to consider. With some unique features, it can work directly with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Its software is so incredible that you don’t just get the accurate report but also 1-minute updates. Besides, the notification on braking, acceleration, driving in progress, and curfew to name some will be right in front of you. With excellent pointing accuracy, this device has the feature of recording which can help you understand the mileage of your car, its statistics and also the ability for tagging the trips without being stressed out at all.

7. JimiIoT GV20 3G GPS Tracker:

The JimiIoT GV20 3G is a cost-effective best carGPS tracker no monthly fee device that you can consider. It is all geared up with some multi-functional features that you don’t want to miss out on at all.

Be it to trace down your bike, car or even bus and any such fleet vehicle, there is no scope for disappointment by using this device. Also, it works finely in a triple manner to locate the possibility of GPS, ABS and LBS all together at once. If it’s the accuracy that you are really worried about then be rest assured because it offers amazing results and updates in real-time.

8. Ability Mini GPS Tracker:

Eilimy Mini GPS Tracker is magnetic so you can trace assets and your car. You can also get different options of quick alerts like low battery, tamper alarm, and vibration to name some.

Since it does not come with a monthly subscription, you don’t have to think that it has limited features. It is not just the GPS location updates that you get but also email alerts and unlimited SMS at your doorstep. . Be it the speed of the moving time or even the total miles, you will be hard-pressed to look for any crucial data that this device doesn’t offer.

9. Amcrest AM-GL300 V3:

This is also an interesting option that has been designed to track any kind of vehicle at your convenience. It can be used for MAC, PC and even Android smartphones for the purpose of vehicle monitoring.

It also lets you define certain zones which you don’t want to monitor or want to monitor always. With an intuitive user interface, all the activities right from monitoring the report will be well updated. If the battery is fully charged, the tracker can last for 10 complete days.

10. GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device:

Another interesting tracking device that you might want to try out is GPSit1000BZL LTE. This option of a vehicle tracking device no monthly fee device lets you use all the features without any charge. Plus, you also get 1 year of warranty. It is a highly rated tracker that comes with a true Electronic Logging Device. Besides, its installation is quite easy too. You can see all the data which is gathered by the tracker on the Google Maps

11. Bartun GPS Tracker:

This GPS tracker is a money and user-friendly option and is best for not just cars but also pets too. Just the way a mobile phone works by inserting a sim into the device, you can do the same with this tracker.

It is quite the same as that of GPS devices and is waterproof. That is why; you can rest assured that this tracker will not get damaged even with a small splash. Another good feature of this tracker is actively monitoring. You can track the mileage and movement of the vehicle or even the pets. With a real-time tracking solution and coverage of up to 150 countries, this is a GPS tracker for a car that you can choose.


With so many excellent options of GPS trackers for cars that do not charge any monthly fee, you can now make the right choice depending on your monitoring needs. If you want to unlock more features from such a tracker, you can do so by upgrading it. SO have you decided which GPS tracker you are choosing next?

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