Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered – How To Fix?

If you’re in search of a solution for your Facebook message sent but not delivered yet, then you’re at the right place. We’ve packed a solution to this problem in this post, so keep reading to know why your Facebook message is sent but not delivered.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Facebook has reached every corner of the world, it has reached every person’s mind. The massive success of Facebook is a perfect story to portray success, but no matter how big the success is, nothing is perfect right?

Despite all the glory Facebook has, it is not perfect when it comes to technology. The app glitches sometimes, leaving its users in a pool of questions and concerns. One of the many questions users on Facebook ask is, why won’t my message deliver on messenger?

Messenger app which is run by the same parent company(Meta) like Facebook. Users need to install the Messenger app on their phones to be able to send and receive messages on Facebook. However, that’s not the case with laptops/PCs, users can simply log into Facebook through their web browser to get access to every Facebook feature.

So, let’s figure out about our issue and how to fix it.

Why your Facebook message is sent but not delivered

There can be several reasons behind it. The very basic would be the internet connectivity and so forth. However, let’s discuss in detail why your Facebook message is sent but not delivered.

Internet Connection

The poor internet connection can be one of the issues. A lagging Internet connection can sometimes restrict your message to be received by the person. However, due to slow internet connectivity, it might update your app that the message is being sent, but it might be in the process.

The messenger app is not installed on the receiver’s phone

To send and receive messages on Facebook you need to download the Messenger app on your phone. However, the receiver wouldn’t have downloaded the app, in this case, your Facebook message would be sent but not delivered.

You’re not friends with the receiver on Facebook

When you’re sending a message to someone you’re not friends with on Facebook, then your sent message will be delivered in the “message requests” section. The user can therefore accept your request or simply reply with a message which will mark your message as delivered and read

The person is deliberately ignoring you

This can be one of the reasons. The user is intentionally ignoring you and they have deleted the entire conversation without opening your chat. In this case, also it will show as your Facebook message sent but not delivered

Server issues

There can be a few server issues at Facebook, which might lead to the error of the Facebook message sent but not delivered. However, we have seen in past that facebook’s server goes down globally which results in such errors.

These were some reasons which might lead to your Facebook message being sent but not delivered. Before moving to the fixes, it’s always a wise choice to know the reason behind a problem. So, let’s discuss the ways to fix the error of the Facebook message sent but not delivered.

How to fix: Facebook message sent but not delivered

There’re various reasons behind this error. However, depending on the error, we can find ways to fix it. But, we will discuss some of the common fixes which will help you get your problem solved. Here’re some ways to fix: Facebook messages sent but not delivered

Open Facebook on your laptop browser

When opened in the Laptop/Pc web browser, you can send and receive messages from Facebook itself. To fix the error of your Facebook message sent but not delivered you can message your online friends from the Facebook itself and it’ll show as the message delivered

Check internet connection

Make sure your internet connection is working. You can open other apps to check whether your internet connection is working or not, also reset your internet connection by putting your phone on flight mode for a few seconds.

You can also connect to a Wifi network with an active Internet connection. Following these steps will fix our issue.

Restart the Facebook app

The traditional way of restarting an app or gadget works the majority of the time, right? Try restarting the Facebook, it might update with the message status after getting restarted. Minor glitches in the app can cause slow updates, hence restarting the app might solve this issue.

These are some ways in which you can make sure your Facebook message is sent and delivered. These are common fixes which will help you get through basic errors. However, if these steps don’t seem to work for you, then you can contact Facebook through their support page.

Facebook’s team will get in touch with you, with the solutions to your app-related problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fix the issue of Facebook messages being sent but not delivered?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly fix this issue as it largely depends on the recipient’s actions. However, you could try reaching out to the recipient by another means and asking them to check their Messenger app or their internet connection.

What does it mean when a Facebook message is sent but not delivered?

When a Facebook message is marked as ‘sent’ but not ‘delivered’, it usually means that the recipient hasn’t opened the Facebook app or website to receive the message. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that there’s a problem with your message or the Messenger app.

Can a message be delivered on Facebook Messenger if I am blocked?

No, if you’re blocked by someone on Facebook Messenger, your messages will show as sent but not delivered because the recipient won’t receive them.


There can be various reasons behind this error. Reasons discussed in this post can be the one, if so, then you can go ahead with the fixes mentioned in this post. However, in rare cases, it might not work and you can contact Facebook through their support page.

Facebook is a popular social media platform which provides us with the luxury to connect with people resting in the different corners of the world.

Sometimes, it might face minor issues with its systems and that’s completely fine. We’ve covered every possible detail in this post to help you understand the reason and fix behind it.

So, this was our post on the: Facebook message sent but not delivered. We hope you found this post helpful and we wish you a great time chatting with your friends on Facebook.

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