How to Use Google Calendar on Apple Watch?

Looking for a simple way to use Google Calendar on Apple Watch? We’ve got you covered in this article. You can now use your favourite Google calendar application on the go with Apple watch and sync the events & reminders.

Google Calendar, is a highly effective calendar application from Google. Time management and scheduling are key features of this application. A Google Calendar user can add multiple events to different dates, and edit these events as well. One can also add reminders for various events, which the Google Calendar will notify on the scheduled date.

Why should someone use Google Calendar app?

Google Calendar is a part of the Google Workspace which allows better connectivity with other applications such as Google Mail and Google Documents. Google Calendar users can add events and meetings from their Google Mail as well.

One of the main advantages of Google Calendar is that it is easy to access by using a Google Account across a range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. In case a user shifts to another device, all the Google Calendar data saved to the Google Account is restored to the new device and hence there is no loss of data.

How to get Google Calendar for Apple Watch

Although Google Calendar services are available across a range of devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers & on different operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows, a Google Calendar application on iOS for the Apple Watch is not yet available.

Apple has its own calendar application to use on iOS devices. If you are someone who uses the Google Calendar much and wanted to sync all the Google calendar events with Apple calendar to get the events on Apple Watch, follow these steps mentioned. The only way for a user to avail of Google Calendar services on an Apple watch is in the form of Google Calendar notifications on the Apple Watch.

In order to receive Google Calendar notifications on an Apple watch, the user must sync their Google Account with their Apple iPhone which is connected to the concerned Apple watch.

Steps to add your Google Account with iPhone to use Calendar on Apple Watch:

  1. On your iPhone, locate the Settings Application and it
  2. In the Settings menu, locate the Calendar option and click on it.
  3. Now choose the Account option
  4. Select the Add account option under Account options.
  5. From the list of different services, select Google from the list. Sign in to your Google Account by providing the required login information.
  6. Toggle the Calendar option ON from the list which may contain options such as mail and contacts etc.
  7. Select the Save options present in the top right corner to save the changes.

Upon following the above-mentioned steps, your Google Calendar events stored will begin syncing with your Apple iPhone.

The user will also be able to use Google Calendar on their Apple Watch by pairing it with their Apple iPhone synced with their Google account. The syncing process might take some time, and it is only after the syncing is complete, that the events stored on your Google Account will begin to show on the Apple iPhone and ultimately on the Apple Watch.

Syncing Google Calendar with Apple iPhone

There is a chance that a user might face issues while syncing their Google Calendar application with their Apple device. It’s also possible for some users to not be able to view their synced data on the calendar.

In case of users facing these syncing issues, the following given steps might provide a solution :

  1. On your Apple iPhone, locate and open the Safari internet browser.
  2. On the Safari Browser search for the Google Calendar Sync website.
  3. Sign in to the Google Account by providing the login credentials correctly.
  4. Locate the Shared Calendars option and in the Shared Calendars menu, tick all the given checkboxes.

The above-mentioned steps may provide a solution to the issue of syncing a user’s Google Calendar data with the Apple iPhone, to access this data on the Apple Watch ultimately.

Other Calendar options for Apple Watch:

Apple has integrated a lot of popular email applications to sync events with iPhone and other iOS devices. The list includes:

  1. iCloud account
  2. Microsoft Exchange
  3. Google Calendar
  4. Yahoo
  5. Aol
  6. Outlook

You can even add a custom email account to sync their calendars on the Apple calendar.  Also, The Apple App Store provides users with a large range of Calendar Applications that can be used as an alternative to the native Apple Calendar.

These Calendar applications may provide unique features which are not available on the Apple Calendar. One example of the Calendar Applications on App Store is as given below :

Timepage – Timepage is an effective Calendar application that integrates different key features such as Maps, Events, and Weather on one platform and hence making it much more productive.


Calendar Applications are essential tools to maximize productivity. These Applications help a user to manage their time efficiently. These applications do this by providing features such as adding events and providing reminders of different dates and times.

Although there is no Google Calendar application for Apple Watch, one can receive Google Calendar notifications by adding your Google account to your iPhone, and thereby you will get all the event reminders on Apple Watch.


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