How Many People Can Watch Hulu Live At Once? [2024]

Hulu is the leading OTT platform with tonnes of content to stream. This article is all about Hulu, it’s plans and how many people can watch Hulu live at once with one account?

It’s the era of online streaming applications. Gone are the days when we used to sit in front of the television sets and wait for our favorite shows. Now we have the luxury of binge-watching our favorite shows and movies by sitting in any corner of the world.

One of the popular streaming platforms, Hulu offers you promising movies, web shows, documentaries, anime, and much more. Hulu offers you a few concurrent streaming screens, and in this post, we’re going to discuss how many people can watch hulu live at once.

Hulu is one of the leading streaming platforms. Apart from offering appealing movies and shows, Hulu offers live TV service. You can stream live sports, new channels, and much more. Digital streaming platforms are growing at a rapid pace, they are all set to replace traditional TV sets. Hulu launched as a video streaming platform and soon converted into a live TV streaming service and a hub of video content.

When we know that Hulu has been a prominent part of the digital streaming fraternity. Let’s find out a few interesting details about Hulu and how it gained such a massive user base in less time.

Disney owns a major stake in Hulu. Another popular platform is combined with Hulu and in such cases, the popularity of Hulu is meant to be skyrocketed. Here’re some interesting facts about Hulu

  • Hulu was launched on 29th October 2007
  • Hulu’s major revenue comes from its streaming service
  • Hulu has around 40 million subscribers and from which, 4 million subscribers have opted for live TV service

Hulu has acquired a strong position in the digital fraternity. Since its launch, Hulu has evolved to be a promising entertainment hub for its users. The great part about Hulu is that it allows concurrent streams, from a single account multiple people can stream their favorite shows at the same time.

So, let’s find out how many people can watch Hulu live at once. We’ll be discussing it based on several plans and several add one that Hulu offers.

How many people can watch Hulu live at once?

Like other streaming platforms, Hulu offers a variety of subscription plans that you can choose from based on your requirements. When we need to find out how many people can watch Hulu live at once then it depends upon the plan you’re choosing.

If you go with the basic subscription plan then you can watch on two screens simultaneously. However, both devices should be connected to the home network. But if you want to increase the number of concurrent streams, then there’s an option for that too.

As discussed earlier, Hulu offers live TV service along with a digital streaming service. You can live stream sports and other TV channels based on the offering of the plan you choose. However, to get unlimited screens on Hulu you need to subscribe to Hulu’s live TV streaming service, and then opt for the unlimited screens add-on.

But there’s a catch too, every device should be connected to your home network. Home network as in your internet connection, which you select while setting up Hulu In the beginning.

And if you’re out of your house, then with the same unlimited screen add-on, you can watch on three screens simultaneously. So, it depends upon the plan you choose, with the basic plan you can have 2 concurrent streams. Now that you know how many people can watch Hulu at once, let’s further discuss the different plans and add-ons Hulu offers.

Different plans and add-ons from Hulu

Hulu has a massive user base. And to cater to a variety of people, a streaming service must come up with a variety of plans to fit the different budget requirements and entertainment needs.

Hulu has entertainment plans designed for students to office goers to business people. So, let’s find out the plans and add-ons offered by Hulu.

  • Hulu with an add-supported plan costs $7.99 a month and $79.99 a year. For students, the same plan will cost $1.99 a month. There’s an eligibility criterion for students that they need to match to be able to go with this plan.
  • Hulu with no ads costs $14.99 a month
  • Hulu with ads + live tv with Disney+ and Espn+ costs $69.99 a month
  • Hulu with no ads + live tv with Disney+ and Espn+ costs $75.99 a month

These are the plans that are offered by Hulu. The live tv plan that is bundled with Disney and Espn will get you access to premium content offered by Disney and Espn. Along with these plans you can choose add-ons too. So, let’s find out the add-ons offered by Hulu.

Partner add ons

  • ESPN+ for $9.99 a month
  • Disney+ for $2.99 a month

Premium add ons

  • HBO Max for $14.99 a month
  • Cinemax for $9.99 a month
  • SHOWTIME for $10.99 a month
  • STARZ for $8.99 a month

Live TV add ons

  • Espanol add-on for $4.99 a month
  • Entertainment add-on for $7.99 a month
  • Sports add-on for $9.99 a month
  • Unlimited screens add-on for $9.99 a month

You can add premium add-ons with Hulu’s basic plan. After subscribing to any premium add ons you can view every piece of content offered by those premium channels. For live Tv add-ons, you can only add these if you’ve subscribed to the live TV plan.

Before you subscribe to any of the plans offered by Hulu, you need to know the devices that support Hulu. Meaning, Hulu is supported on numerous devices let’s find out the devices that support Hulu.

Devices where you can watch Hulu

Well, it’s a long list of devices and chances are that you would be having one of these devices. But it’s better to rest assured that your devices support Hulu. So, here are the devices where you can watch Hulu.

Android phones and tablets, Apple TV (4th generation or later), Chromecast, Echo Show, Fire Tablets, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, iPhones and iPods, LG TV (select models), Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC browsers, PlayStation 3 (Live TV not supported), PlayStation 4 (Live TV not supported), Playstation 4 (Live TV not supported), Roku and Roku Stick (select models), Samsung TV (select models), VIZIO SmartCast TVs, Windows 10, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/A.

This is the list of devices that supports Hulu. However, if your device doesn’t support Hulu, then you can contact Hulu’s customer support for further assistance.

When you know how many people can watch Hulu live at once. But there’s another part too. How many profiles can you have on Hulu? Profiles and concurrent streams are different parts. Having multiple profiles means, on the same account you’ll be having multiple profiles created. So, let’s find out how many profiles you can have on Hulu.

How many profiles can you have on Hulu?

As discussed, you can create multiple profiles on the same account. For example, one family is having a Hulu account, and based on the content preference members can create their separate profiles. And based on the watch history and content preference, Hulu’s artificial intelligence will suggest the relative content.

But there’s a limit to the number of profiles you can create. And in a single account, you can create up to 6 profiles. Every profile can have a different watch history and watchlist. Now let’s discuss how to create profiles on Hulu

How to create a profile on Hulu?

Creating a profile on Hulu is extremely easy. When you have multiple users in the same account. It’s always a better choice to create separate user profiles. So, let’s find out how to create a profile on Hulu by using a PC, Smartphone, and a TV

How to create a profile on Hulu using a PC?

Navigate to Hulu’s official website and log in with your credentials, after that:

  • Hover over the name in the top right corner of the screen and select ‘manage profiles’
  • Select ‘edit profiles’ and then ‘add profiles’
  • Fill in the required details and then click on ‘create profile’

How to create a profile on Hulu using a smartphone?

  • In the app, select the account icon
  • Tap on your name to open the profiles page
  • Select ‘+ new profile’
  • Fill in the required details and click on ‘create a profile’

How to create a profile on Hulu using a TV?

  • Select ‘Account’ then ‘profiles’ and then ‘+ new profile’
  • Enter the required details and click on ‘create profile’

By following these steps you can easily create a profile on Hulu. But what about you want to remove someone from Hulu? So, let’s discuss how to remove someone from Hulu

How to kick someone off Hulu?

Removing someone from Hulu is as easy as adding someone on Hulu. Here are the steps to remove someone from Hulu

  • Navigate to Hulu’s official website and log in with your credentials
  • Hover over the name at the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on ‘manage profiles
  • Select the profile you want to delete and select ‘edit profile
  • Select ‘delete profile’
  • Confirm the deletion of the profile

These were the steps to delete a profile on Hulu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can stream Hulu Live simultaneously?

As of 2023, Hulu Live allows two devices to stream simultaneously as part of its standard plan. Additional streams can be added with the Unlimited Screens Add-on.

Can I add more streams to my Hulu Live account?

Yes, you can add the Unlimited Screens Add-on to your Hulu Live account for an additional fee. This allows an unlimited number of devices to stream on the same home network and up to three devices to stream outside the home.

Does Hulu Live offer the ability to stream in different locations at the same time?

By default, Hulu Live allows streaming on two devices in different locations. With the Unlimited Screens Add-on, you can stream on three devices outside the home network.

What happens if I exceed my device limit on Hulu Live?

If you exceed your device limit, you will need to stop streaming on one device before you can start streaming on another. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Unlimited Screens Add-on to stream on more devices simultaneously.


Hulu is an online hub of entertainment. Gone are the days of traditional TV sets. Streaming apps like Hulu offers us the luxury to watch our favorite movies and shows from the comfort of anywhere.

Hulu offers a variety of plans to cater to different content requirements and budgets. You can find the details of the plan in this post. By offering Live tv service, Hulu offers a complete package of entertainment. You can also opt for premium add-ons as per your requirements.

So, this was our post on how many people can watch Hulu live at once. We hope you found this post helpful and informative. Follow for more updates.

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