How to Change Carrier Name on iPhone?

This blog post covers what does carrier means on iPhone and different ways to change the carrier name on iPhone.

Apple is one of the most renowned IT companies on our planet. And, probably iPhone is the most used cell brand. iPhones have some exclusive features and operating an iPhone needs a minimum amount of basic technological knowledge. Therefore, some people find it complicated to operate the iPhone and term it a complex mechanism. But, believe us this is nothing but a defamatory tag to the iPhone. This is the article about How to Change Carrier Name on iPhone.

We, through our articles, always persevere to impart technical knowledge to you in layman’s terms. Previously, we have discussed many iPhone-related queries.

In this article, we will be emphasizing how to change the carrier on iPhone to some extent. Changing the carrier on iPhone is a means of customization of a device to give it a human touch. It gives you a sense of power within yourself. But, firstly, allow us to inform you what the carrier of the iPhone is.

change carrier name on iphone

What is meant by Carrier?

The Carrier of the phone generally implies the name of the service provider i.e. the network provider of your phone. The information is scripted on the top-left corner of your iPhone. However, for newer iPhone models, this information is not shown unless you pull down the notification panel. Putting a customized carrier name on your iPhone is a bit tricky.

To execute this action you may sometimes have to install third-party apps and give permission to them to make them work. 

How to allow third-party apps to run on your iPhone?

  • Firstly, install the third-party app in question from the App Store.
  • Head to ‘Settings’, and under it, you will see an option named ‘General’.
  • Having tapped on it look for ‘Device Management’.
  • Now find the file of that third-party app and allow it.

How to change the carrier name on iPhone?

Now, let us talk about how to change carrier name on iPhone. Firstly, we will be discussing some apps to execute the said action.

Ignition – Change Carrier name and Carrier logo on iPhone

  • Firstly, download the application from its website from your browser. In case, if it is available on the App Store, you can download it from there also.
  • Having installed the app, allow the app to run. Follow the steps accordingly as mentioned above.
  • Now, open the app and scroll down to find ‘Utilities’ and tap on it.
  • Find a ‘Carrier Changer’ suitable for your device and download it from the inside. Just tap on the ‘Get it’ and it will automatically download.
  • Give permission to this newly downloaded app also by following the same procedure.
  • Open the newly downloaded app and type the carrier name you want to keep.
  • Wait for some time, and a message will be popped up declaring ‘success’
  • Tap ok and respring the device. Having been restarted the device will show the changed carrier name and logo.

Carrier Editor (Using Mac)

  • Firstly, download the CarrierEditor file and mount it on your device (i.e. macOS)
  • Having done so, run the file and tap on the option ‘Let’s get started’.
  • Now, note down the version of CarrierEditor from the app information on your device.
  • Copy this number on the input panel followed by clicking on ‘Next’.
  • Select your device and current carrier name from the list given. However, you can not proceed any further if your device and carrier name are not enlisted there.
  • There are two types of carrier logos (containing two separate boxes) to customise your notification panel viz. Black & white, and etched.
  • Drag a logo and place them in the boxes. Having done so, click on compile carrier update. There will be new files installed on your device from which you can change carrier name on iPhone.
  • Finally, here comes the integral part, open iTunes and choose the device name. Then, click on ‘Option’ and restore the generated file on your device (iPhone) and restart it.
  • Having been restored, your iPhone will display the changed carrier name.


This is another third-party app called Carrierizer. The app is developed by Cydia apps. This app can be an answer to the question – of how to change carrier name on iPhone? Apart from this you can execute several other actions too, for instance, enable or disable carrier text or logo, fake dual SIM, fake no service, hide carrier on the status bar, show current location or weather conditions instead of carrier, etc.

Now, followed the steps accordingly to change carrier name on iPhone –

  • Firstly, download the Cydia app from the browser and give all necessary permissions to this app.
  • Open the app and tap on the source option. Under the source tab, you will find an option headed ‘Edit’, tap on it.
  • Now, search carrierizer2 to add to the Cydia app. FYI, you have to install carrierizer2 on your iPhone.
  • This is also a third-party app. Therefore, you have to give permission by following the above-mentioned method.
  • Open the app, and change the carrier name according to your wish. Having done so, restart your cell phone.
  • Voila! You will see the changed carrier name on the status bar of your device.

General Concern

To run these third-party apps on your iPhone, you have to give certain permissions to these apps. This may raise a general security concern. So, always be careful while allowing the apps to run on your iPhone.

Moreover, these Chinese apps had been accused of data piracy several times. However, we are not saying that these apps are pirating your delicate information. But, there is no wrong in being careful as prevention is better than cure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to change the carrier name on my iPhone without jailbreaking?

A: Yes, there are a few apps and methods available that allow you to change the carrier name without jailbreaking your iPhone. Check our detailed guide on Cult.Technology for more information.

Q: Will changing the carrier name affect my network services?

A: No, changing the carrier name is purely cosmetic and does not impact your network services or signal strength. It’s simply a fun way to personalize your iPhone.

Q: What happens if I update my iPhone after changing the carrier name?

A: Generally, if you update your iPhone’s software, the carrier name may revert back to the default. You’ll likely need to follow the steps again to change it back.

Q: Can I change the carrier name on any model of iPhone?

A: Most iPhone models support carrier name changes, but the specific methods might vary slightly. Visit our guide on Cult.Technology to find detailed steps tailored to different iPhone models.

Drawing the Curtain

We have extensively discussed every substantial option to change carrier name on iPhone. We have researched thoroughly to assist you to execute this mouth-watering task to change the carrier name. Go and change the carrier name to literally anything without any hesitation. Let us know any feedback from your side as your reactions inspire us to grow. Happy Reading!

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