How to Use Google Hum to Search for Song on iPhone?

One of your favourite song stuck in your mind and it’s starts with ‘oo la laa laa ooo laa laa laa’ or you just got the hum right? Don’t worry! You can get the song details with Google Hum on your iPhone. How cool is that! Let’s try out the process for hum to search on iOS.

If you’re looking for how to use Google hum on iPhone to search for a song, then you’ve landed at the right place. In this post, we’re going to discuss how you can effectively use google hum and get your desired results within minutes.

Google is a part of almost everybody’s life. Somewhere or the other, we’re tied up to google’s products. Google has increased its offerings to such an extent that it has become a prominent part of our lives.

In this era of technology, Google is considered to be the leader and the sole supporter of every other tech giant. A lot of people are aware of google but they are not aware of what google offers apart from just being a search engine.

What is Google Hum?

Google is known for bringing innovations to the market and one of those innovations is Google hum. You can use google hum to identify the song which is stuck in your head. Sometimes we forget the lyrics but the melody of the song is with us, in that case, google hum comes to your aid.

You can simply hum the melody of the song and google will find the song for you, it’s as simple as that. But who would’ve thought that by simply humming the song a tech product can help us identify it? And using google hum is as interesting as it sounds.

Google launched google hum in 2020 for music lovers who are just left with the melody of their favorite songs and couldn’t remember the lyrics. Google uses complex machine learning algorithms to match the hum to a song. These model are trained to identify songs based on hum, whistle or even studio recordings.

So, let’s find out how to use google hum on an iPhone.

How to use Google Hum on iPhone?

Google hum lets you find your favorite song just by humming it. However, if you think that Shazam can also do it, then you need to play a song to identify the name of that song. But by using google hum, you can hum and melody and google will present your song.

The process is extremely simple. You need to download the Google app from the app store. After downloading the app you can follow the below-listed steps. If you haven’t downloaded the Google app, here is the download link for you –

Developer: Google
Price: Free
  • Open Google app
  • Tap on the microphone button which you’ll find on the right side of the search bar on the home screen
  • Then either click on “search a song” option or you can say “identify a song“. Google will start listening to your song.
  • Then hum the song and it’ll show you the results.

The process is extremely simple and fun. You can even test your humming skills and see whether you’re humming it accurately. If your humming is perfect then google will show you the accurate results.

To get the results you need to be mindful of humming. Google has a vast database of songs and it probably covers your desired song too. So, just ensure that your humming is perfect to get the preferred results.

However, you also don’t need to be a pro in music. A little bit of precision would work and it should sound familiar to the actual song. And you can further leave the rest to google’s artificial intelligence.

There are a few things you need to consider to get accurate results in google hum. So, let’s discuss a few things that will help you hum a song on your iPhone to get accurate results.

Things to consider while using Google hum on iPhone

  • While humming you need to ensure that there’s minimal background noise. As the noise will interfere with the analyzing process for google’s artificial intelligence and it might show you the error.
  • After you’re done humming your song google shows the error as “sorry, couldn’t find the song” then try once again with slow and steady humming. As said earlier you need to be a little accurate to get the preferred results.
  • Sometimes your song might be alien to even google and in that case, you can apply a little mental pressure on your brain to remember the lyrics and simply type the lyrics from the chorus(main part) of that song and YouTube will most probably get you the song.

If you’re an aspiring singer then you can use it to hum precisely and hence improve your singing skills. You just need to be smart to use it as your skill enhancer. Using Google hum is fun. Just hum the melody and you’ll have the details of that song. How cool is that!

You can follow this video to learn how to search a song on iPhone using Google hum.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Google Hum to Search work on my iPhone?

Google’s Hum to Search feature allows you to hum, whistle, or sing a melody to Google, and the AI will attempt to identify the song. You can access it by tapping the mic icon in the Google app and saying “What’s this song?” or by tapping the “Search a song” button.

Do I need to have a tune perfect for Google Hum to Search to work?

No, you don’t need to be a perfect singer for this feature to work. Google’s algorithms are designed to recognize the tune, so even if you’re off-key, you still have a good chance of finding the song.

Is Google Hum to Search available worldwide and in all languages?

As of now, Hum to Search is available in more than 20 languages on iOS, but its availability may increase over time.

Can Google Hum to Search identify instrumental songs or only those with lyrics?

Google Hum to Search primarily identifies songs based on their melody. Therefore, it should be able to recognize an instrumental song as long as it has a distinct, recognizable melody.

End note

Google, apart from just being the search engine, offers many prominent services that just make our life easy. Google hum is one of the many features that google provides. You can simply hum the melody of the song that is stuck in your head and google will show you the details of your desired song.

Technology has reached a stage where just by humming the song, artificial intelligence can provide you with the details of that song. To ensure that you get accurate results, you don’t need to be a pro while humming but at least you need to sound familiar with the song you’re looking for. If you’re sounding accurate then you’ll most probably get the accurate results.

So, that’s all from our end on how to use google hum on iPhone. Next time use Google Hum if you can’t remember the song. We hope you found this post helpful and informative. For more such interesting things, follow!!

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