10 Panda Helper Alternatives in 2024 You Must Try!

Gone are the days when you boringly stare at your phone as a way of time killing. Panda Helper as a third-party app convinced us that you can do a lot more things using the platform. Panda Helper offers tweaked or hacked and paid applications for free to both iOS and Android users. There’s an amazing range of unofficial apps and gaming emulators that the third-party platform offers you.

However, what happens when the server is down? We all need backup, right? Get to know the 10 apps like Panda Helper and make your life easier.

Checklist for Apps Like Panda Helper

One of the primary reasons why users have preferred Panda Helper for years it’s because of its quality service delivery. There are no major complaints about the platform regarding data theft, or malicious activities, even after being an unofficial third-party app. So, while you look for a Panda Helper alternative, don’t forget to affirm with our checklist. Make sure, whether the alternative is:

  • Available for iOS and Android Systems or not.
  • If it’s free or paid. Even if it’s paid for certain premium features, there should always remain some scope for free versions.
  • Offers you a wide range of choices or is confined to a particular category. ( like Panda helper, the alternatives should also offer wider choices in productivity, entertainment, gaming, and other categories).
  • User-friendly interface or not. For example, the Panda Helper alternative app must include a built-in search engine for easy operation.
  • Secure or not. Expecting a third-party application to be completely secure and encrypted would be too much to expect. But at least you can read user reviews and make your informed decision.

Now that you have a well-decided checklist, let’s get straight to the alternatives.

panda helper alternatives

10 Best Panda Helper Alternative Apps

1. TweakBox

The first alternative that came to us is Tweakbox, which has both popularity among users and several upsides. You can use Tweakbox on your device, without the fear of jailbreaking or rooting. So, without compromising absolute safety, the unofficial app offers much more. Other than unlocking various gaming platforms, you can download some of the most useful emulators from Tweakbox.

It’s Perks

  • Easy interface with aesthetic design.
  • Both iPhone and iPad operators can use the platform for free.
  • Constant upgradation and renewal based on demands.
  • An active community support system.
  • Tweakbox apps are safe to use as they are beta tested before launching.
  • Enjoy apps like Altstore, GBA4iOS, iNDS, Kodi, Delta, and more.

Any Issues?

Well, Tweakboz should definitely broaden its user market and also include android system-based services. Also, it would be better if they work on the stability of a few of their faulty apps.

2. ACMarket AppStore

Try to find apps like Panda Helper, which are easily downloadable without any kind of user difficulties. ACMarket App Store is operable on Android, iOS, and PC. Basically, it substitutes Google Play Store and gives access to thousands of tweaks and android apps alone. You don’t even have to bother rooting the android device.

It’s Perks

  • Easily downloadable with a simple design and interface.
  • It is safe as all downloads are delivered through a secure SSL server.
  • ACMarket is free to use without monthly or yearly subscriptions.
  • Report any kind of bugs or seek assistance via their support page.

Any Issues?

Even though the app is free, there are some annoying things about it. Firstly, you will be constantly spammed by their video or picture advertisements, which is unusual for play store users. Also, every time you have to meddle in while Google play protects sends you security notifications.

3. CokernutX

Looking for a Panda Helper alternative with a wider user base. CokernutX is quite popular with over 1 million users worldwide. You can anytime download the app on your iOS, Android, MAC, or iOS jailbreak versions.

Briefly, CokernutX is an app installer and a renowned Cydia alternative where you can get thrilled with many emulators, jacks, and ++tweaks. All these added features that come with it are absolutely free.

It’s Perks

  • Your device won’t face jailbreak or no Apple ID is required.
  • Freely enjoy a premium game with unlimited lives, money, and gold coins.
  • Have a secure connection with standard SSL encryption.
  • Have special featured tweaks and hacked games.
  • An archive of 5k+ apps and games.
  • Enjoy modified versions of notable apps like Spotify, Moviebox, Pokemongo, etc.

Any Issues?

They must work on their user interface as many times as the app crashes. Also, if the certificates are revoked, then it may interrupt the app’s functioning.

4. Sileo

Sileo is a jailbreaker Panda helper alternative that is only specific to iPhone 11 onward users. If you notice the interface of both Sileo and Panda Helper, they are like twin brothers. Probably, that’s the reason you should opt for Sileo. Sileo is an alternative app store network, which readily gives access to thousands of locked apps and games.

It’s Perks

  • It offers user-friendly faster services.
  • A 64-bit app store with shortlisted app selections.
  • Tweak creators easily organize their items on the jailbroken app store.
  • Filters out changes that do not fit with iOS 11.0 or above.
  • Possibility to find some of the rarest mods here.

Any Issues?

Judging by its security standards, we haven’t registered any issues with Sileo. However, the only complaint is that it does not support any Android application on its platform.

5. Cydia App Store

The first unofficial iPhone app store with jailbreaking features was offered by Cydia. While accessing cydia you can get used to many exclusive iOS content, tweaks, etc which are missing on the official iPhone store.

It’s Perks

  • Is as fast and secure as other platforms like Sileo, Tweakbox, etc.
  • Helps in customizing the themes, app choices, and other variables of your devices.
  • Vast library with greater richness to the content otherwise not accessible on the official app store.

Any Issues?

The main concern while downloading those rare applications from Cydia is that it is hard to find any reliable sources. Therefore, certain apps or tweaks can make your device unstable to an extent.

6. AppValley

Apps like Panda Helper must entertain the user with their vast library of modified games and apps. So, is Appvalley the best-known alternative, compatible with both iPhone and Android systems. Using AppValley will be a boon for you if you are an ardent book lover or always hum with musical albums. Their Twitter engineers are quite active in fixing bugs and ensuring security side by side.

It’s Perks

  • You can download Appvalley apps without jailbreaks.
  • Includes a larger number of unofficial, iOS, and exclusive emulator apps.
  • 100% safe to use with an active group of Twitter engineers monitoring the cases.
  • Have VIP access to games like Subway Surfers, Pokeland Legends, Minecraft, 8 Ball Pool, etc.

Any Issues?

The VIP version of Appvalley has received many complaints regarding its working. Some of the apps would stop working suddenly.

7. Zeus

While using any third-party platform, if you are more concerned about privacy and security policies, that’s better to try out Zeus. The alternative to Panda Helper is one of the top free signing services for iOS. They allow legacy jailbreaks like the EtasonJB and h3lix along with the privileges of tweaked apps. From their utility section, you can try Houdini and customize your device accordingly.

It’s Perks

  • To get the best experience, apps on Zeus are resigned speedily.
  • Their User Interface is clean and simple.
  • Provides only legacy jailbreaks.
  • Does not save any information and uses a safer SSL.

Any Issues?

Again, the user base of Zeus is only restricted to iPhone users. So, they should be a bit more inclusive and add scopes for Android systems too.

8. TuTuApp Store

Bringing another Panda helper alternative unofficial app store suiting both android and iOS devices. The prime reason you should go with the TuTu app is because it’s totally free and does not require rooting. You can expect all kinds of benefits beyond the official app store. Also, accessing an app does not require any jailbreak.

It’s Perks

  • Tons of games, unofficial apps, and content comprising emulators, screen recorders, etc.
  • Can add tweaks for added benefits on iOS and Android devices.
  • Fixes any registered error within the next 24-48 hours.
  • You can anytime uninstall Tutuapp easily if not satisfied.
  • The app platform comes in handy with other additional tools.

Any Issues?

The primary concern about using the app is that it sends stranger permissions including access to calls, reads, and SMS. That makes it more suspicious. Other than that, if you have upgraded the android system above android marshmallow, you can avoid those permissions.

9. Emus4U

The best part about using Emus4u is that you can better install all those unavailable apps outside the Apple store. So, more on it acts like a program installing the apps. The best possible way to configure it is by using the wizard. Also, while downloading apps from Emys4u you don’t have to jailbreak your phone like its competitors.

It’s Perks

  • Can download all the unavailable apps outside the Apple store.
  • No jailbreaking is required.
  • 100% safer to use with SSL encryption by developers.
  • No special method for installing Emus4u, which safeguards from breaking the security.

Any Issues?

There are no such issues registered while using the Emus4u program. The only thing is that the Apple warranty is not voided while installing Emus4u.

10. Asterix Installer

There are a few apps like Panda helper, which enable you to customize the theme alongside downloading the emulators and tweaked apps. The installer is one of the popular third-party platforms that works without jailbreaking for both iOS and Android users. It’s a simple web-based app, making it easy to download as well as uninstall in one go.

It’s Perks

  • Trusted as the no. 1 iOS Application installer for iPhone devices.
  • Takes up less storage as it runs on Web Based XML files.
  • It offers customized themes, ++tweaks, games, and emulators like Nintendo.
  • A freely downloadable and working app.

Any Issues?

The interface is a bit technical for beginners, so they should work on it for better reach and services.

The End

So, depending on your preferences and device operating system for iOS and Android, try this list of apps like Panda Helper. But make sure that the application or program installer you are downloading is SSL secured. Also, it should not interfere with your device privacy as much as possible.

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