How To Remove Yourself From A Group Text On Android?

If you’re searching for that one way to remove yourself from group text on android and save yourself some mental peace, then we’re at your service.

We’ll discuss a few ways to remove yourself from group text on android. Also, can you remove yourself from a group text? Well, we get you, you just need to get rid of those unwanted messages which sometimes bother you.

Even we’ve been at the same place. However, luckily we found an escape, which we are going to share with you. But, let’s start by understanding what is a group text and then of course how you can remove yourself from group text on android.

What is a group text?

SMS is a widely popular means of messaging. In the pre era of social messaging apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, etc, SMS was widely used.

SMS is a quick way to keep in touch with someone. Sometimes you might need to send a single message to multiple people however, sending the same message to your people over and over again, isn’t the time-efficient way. That’s where group text comes into play, you can send a single message to multiple people at once through the messaging app on your android phone. Keep reading this article to know how to remove yourself from group text on android.

Group texts are cool and time savers. But, sometimes it snaps back on us, in a very bothering way. Group texts are also a medium for tons of spammy messages, apart from this a few unwanted messages which you’re least interested in reading, but there’s no way out just because you’re in that group, you got to flow along with some irritation of course!. Now let’s get on point to know how you can remove yourself from group text on android?

How to remove yourself from group chat on android?

For android users, unfortunately, they don’t have an option to remove themselves from group text, except for asking the creator/admin of that group to remove them.

Android users don’t get an option to opt-out of a group text, but still, we’ve discovered a few ways, how to leave a group chat on android. You’ll not exactly exit the group but It’ll give you the satisfaction and freedom of leaving a group. Here is how you can remove yourself from group text on android.

Mute the notifications to remove yourself from group text on android

This is an effective and easy method to get removed from group text on android. By simply muting the notifications you’ll make a smart move by staying in the group and not getting bothered by the unwanted messages.

You just need to mute notifications for the group which is bothering you. Here are the ways to mute notifications of that group.

  • Step 1: Open the messages app on your android phone and open the group you want to mute
  • Step 2: At the right top corner of the screen you’ll see three vertical dots, click on them
  • Step 3: Click on “group details”
  • Step 4: Look for the notification and turn them off.

If you’re looking to remove yourself from the group text on android, then just by muting the group notifications you’ll have the same experience as removing yourself from the group. Meanwhile, we have one more way in which you can remove yourself from group text on android.

Block the sender to remove yourself from group text on android

This is another smart move to get removed from a group text. Other than muting the group notifications you can block the sender itself, who’s been continuously bothering you.

The method to block the sender might vary from phone to phone. The way which most of the phones carry is shown below.

  • Long press on the message sent by the sender you want to block or else you can directly toggle over to the sender’s name
  • Click on the “block” option
  • This will block messages from the sender on your phone.

For some phones, it will automatically delete the messages sent by the sender. However, for some phones, you might need to manually delete the messages.

This is how you can remove yourself from group text on android. Android phones don’t provide the direct option to exit a group. We’ve found ways that have the same effect as getting removed from the group but don’t remove you from the group.

The admin/owner of the group can be asked to manually remove you, but this method is primarily applicable to acquaintances. For spammy messages often sent through group texts, the previously described methods can be employed to ensure peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave a group text on Android if the option isn’t available in my messaging app?

If the option to leave a group text isn’t available in your messaging app, you may not be able to directly remove yourself from the conversation. In this case, you can mute the conversation to stop receiving notifications or ask the group admin to remove you.

What happens when I mute a group text on Android?

When you mute a group text, you’ll still be part of the group and receive messages, but your phone won’t notify you for each new message. You can view the messages at your convenience by opening the conversation.

Can I remove someone else from a group text on Android?

You can only remove someone else from a group text if you’re the admin of the group. The process is similar to leaving the group, but you choose to remove a member instead.

What messaging apps on Android allow me to leave a group text?

Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram allow you to leave a group text. The default Android messaging app doesn’t always provide this option.


Group text can be fun and effective but also irritating and distraction. Unlike IOS Android doesn’t have an option to exit a group text, but there’s always a way to something right?

You can mute notifications, that’ll be more effective and a smart move to make. Whether it’s your family group bothering you with unwanted updates or any spammy group, there’s a simple way out just by muting the notifications.

You can also block the particular sender which will prevent you from getting any future messages from that sender until you unblock him. Go ahead! And help yourself by following the ways we have discovered for you to be at peace and avoid distractions.

We hope you found our post informative on how to remove yourself from group text on android.

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