11 Sites Like Fingerhut for Buy Now and Pay Later

How often do we wish to buy something only to find ourselves in despair of not having money? It is still manageable to subdue your wish but sometimes the situation arises in case of emergencies. Under such circumstances, we feel broke.

Moreover, the aftermath of this pandemic has shrunken the liquidity in our economy. We hesitate to spend without thinking too much. This brings us to a juncture where we feel the urge for the credit system in daily life shopping i.e. a site where you can pay later.

Fingerhut is one of such famous sites that expands its helpful hands towards us. In this article, we will be talking about 11 companies like Fingerhut that allow us to buy now but pay later. But, before everything let’s discuss Fingerhut.

About Fingerhut

The company headquartered in Minnesota, USA, is owned by Bluestem Brands Inc. William and Manny Fingerhut established in 1948. Firstly, you have to apply for Fingerhut or web bank credit. If approved you can start using it right away with an option to pay off orders in monthly payments as low as $9.99.

You can shop for jewellery, apparel, arts & crafts, pet supplies, furniture and home decor,  garden & patio equipment, etc. Esteemed brands like Samsung, Dyson, Skechers, etc. provide their services on Fingerhut.

Moreover, you can manage bills, orders, scheduled bills, accounts, transaction history, deals and offers, etc. Also, the cherry on the top is that a wide range of products is available on Fingerhut. The app is compatible with most online shopping sites.

11 Sites like Fingerhut to Shop now and pay later

1. Affirm

This is relatively a new company based in San Fransisco, USA. Having been established in 2012 by Max Levchin, Affirm has become the leading partner of many tech giants like Amazon, Target, Expedia, Pottery Barn, etc. for credit shopping.

Create an account with Affirm. Shop anywhere and at the time of checkout choose to pay with Affirm. Choose your payment terms and amount and you are good to go at your pace.

Apart from apparel and home decor, you can shop for automobile parts, fitness gear, beauty and health products, and electronics.


2. Overstock

Patrick M Byrne founded this company in Midvale, Utah in the USA in the year 1999. This is a retail store where you can even sell your products.

Here you can shop for almost everything you need starting from toothbrushes to beds, from decors to furniture. The best part is that Overstock delivers to almost every part of the world. Moreover, you can avail of mouthwatering deals offered by the company.

At the juncture of checkout, select “Bill me later” to accept the terms on credit shopping.


3. Swiss Colony

If you are looking for companies like Fingerhut that offer credits to buy food items, then Swiss Colony is an example. Colony Brands Inc. owns this Wisconsin-based company founded in 1926.

You can order food gifts, confectionaries, meat, cheese, nuts, chocolates, cakes & desserts, and snacks. Moreover, kitchen accessories, bed & bath items, and outdoor items are available as gift options.

Having accepted their terms your minimum monthly payments can be as minimal as $10. So, share your love through food at once.


4. Country Door – Decorate now, pay later

This is one of the convenient addresses of places to shop like Fingerhut. The company is based in California in the United States of America.

Firstly, you have to sign up for Country Door Credit. You can pay at your convenience as a result of being approved by the company. You can set the monthly limit to $20 to pay off your orders.

Country Door, a company like Fingerhut, offers every single item you will ever need to decorate your home. From curtains, rugs, and bed & bath items to furniture, outdoor items, garden and patio items, and clothes. Country Door saves you from the efforts of ransacking for the best products.


5. Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue can also be categorized as companies like Fingerhut where you can buy now and pay later. The tagline – “Always fun, always unique, always within your reach” speaks much about this American Company.

With Seventh Avenue Credit you can opt to pay anytime according to your wish. You can explore unique home decor, electronics, apparel, kitchen & bathroom items, furniture, and gift items on Seventh Avenue at an affordable price.


6. Gimmy’s

Ginny’s is one of the popular ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ sites like Fingerhut. The company offers a wide variety of products like kitchen tools, appliances, cookware, furniture, health care items, toys and many more.

So, you can easily choose items that you want to buy and fill the cart. You can open a credit account here. There is no need to worry about the payment system. As you can pay $10 each month and complete your payment. Though the amount is a little higher than that of Fingerhut, you didn’t have to spend all your money at a time. You can purchase items freely for your friends and family.


7. Midnight Velvet

Another similar website like Fingerhut is Midnight Velvet. It offers you a ‘Buy now, Pay later’ offer that can release your stress of paying fully at a time. You can get clothing, footwear, jewellery and other items for men and women.

You can purchase any item by paying only $20 monthly. You can also increase your Midnight Credit limit by paying on time. There is no additional hidden fee or annual fee to buy items in Midnight Velvet. They provide a VIP pass to customers. Also, you can double your merchandise order with Midnight Velvet Credit by paying just $5 more per month


8. Stoneberry

Another company where you can easily purchase things by paying later is Stoneberry. This website comes under the list of companies like Fingerhut. You can find kitchen equipment, furniture, electronics and other accessories easily. The best thing about the company is that it offers the items at very affordable prices.

Its ‘Buy now, pay later, option offers you to buy products with minimum monthly payments of $5.99 only. Besides, there is no annual membership fee or over-limit fee to shop here. You don’t have to pay any extra money for online payment.

Henceforth, it is the perfect place to do your regular shopping without having to worry about the budget.


9. AfterPay

AfterPay is a kind of website that is specially scheduled for their payments. You can get an interest free payment facility like Fingerhut. To buy any product in this application, you have to pay 25% of the price upfront. After this, the rest of the payment can be paid in three instalments after every two weeks.

You can get lots of skincare items, haircare items, fashion accessories, furniture, food and drinks. Besides, you can choose items from your favourite brands. There is a spending limit of about $500 in AfterPay. Moreover, You can increase your spending limit by paying on time. Also, AfterPay offers you gift cards, special offers and rewards that may help you to spend less and buy more.

Afterpay - Buy Now. Pay Later
Afterpay - Buy Now. Pay Later
Developer: Afterpay
Price: Free

10. Zebit

If you want to purchase varieties of branded jewellery, home décor, electronics, apparel and other accessories, Zebit is the best place for you. You can purchase products with a spending limit ranging from $750 to $1000 initially. The highest amount of money that you can spend here is $2500.

You can buy items and pay for over six months on Zebit. But, you must have to pay a minimum down payment of 30% of the price of items having a total price above $1000. The rest of the payments can be cleared in the next 6 months at 0% interest. You don’t have to pay any additional charges or hidden fees to buy products from Zebit.

Developer: Zebit
Price: Free

11. PayPal

PayPal is a payment application that can be used while purchasing items from other websites. It is one of the most popular payment applications due to its faster transactions by linking a credit card or debit card to the PayPal account.

The ‘Pay in 4 With PayPal’ program of this application offers instalment payments on eligible transactions. If you are eligible for the Pay in 4 programs, you can complete your payment in four instalments. You have to make a minimum down payment at first. Then, you can pay the rest of the payment later. And the best part is that you do not have to pay interest or extra fees.

PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage
PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage

So, this is everything from our side about sites like fingerhut. We anticipate that you are satisfied with our efforts. With your encouragement, we continue to strive for excellence in this sphere. Let us know any feedback. Happy reading!

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