Swiftle – Heardle for Swifties: Play Here [2024]

How many of us are fond of brain teaser games? Surely, almost everyone likes to utilise their intelligence to find an answer as gameplay. It is an example of utter satisfaction. Henceforth, the popularity of guessing games increased in multiple folds throughout the ages. One such game is wordle where you have to guess a word.

The game evolved gradually after making some adjustments and a new variant emerged called heardle where you have to guess a song. From here the swiftle word game, which is the agenda of this article, came into existence.

For those of you who are fans of Taylor Swift and wordle altogether, the Swiftle word game is a match made in heaven. Before digging deep into the topic, let us discuss Wordle, Heardle, and Swiftle word games.

About Wordle games

Wordle is a word-guessing game created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wordle. As of today, it is officially owned by the New York Times. The New York Times publishes a new wordle every day.

Here you have eight chances to guess a 5-letter word. After each guess, the colour of the letters will change to either grey, yellow, or green. Grey implies that the letter is not in the word, yellow implies the letter is in the word but at another position, while green signifies the letter and the position both are correct. So, you have to brainstorm the vocabulary to guess the final word.


Heardle is a daily musical puzzle game, a musical variant of wordle. Here you will be provided with a section of a song to guess the song. After each wrong guess, a few more seconds of the music will be provided so that you can guess the right song.

Now, here comes the evolved version of heardle called the swiftle word game specially designed for Taylor Swift fans or swifties.

What is the Swiftle word game?

Now, if you are a Swifty, you know the nuts and bolts of the Swiftle word game regardless of this article. So, the article is for those who do not know or newly become Taylor Swift fans.

There was a game much like wordle called Taylordle designed for Swifties. One day, a self-proclaimed Swifty named Sparsh Tyagi, dejected by not getting the opportunity to play Taylordle, developed a new game called Swiftle on his own. Since then, the popularity of the Swiftle word game has been soaring high in the sky surpassing the erstwhile Taylordle.

Here, you have to guess Taylor Swift’s songs in multiple attempts. Each wrong attempt will disclose more about the song.

Where you can play the Swiftle word game?

The Swiftle word game can be played on its official website as created by the developer Sparsh Tyagi. The link to the website is embedded in the article for your convenience. However, there is no mobile application available where you can play Swiftle. Hence, beware of fraudulent websites or applications.

Here, we bring you your favourite Swiftle game here. You can start playing the game from here right away.

How to Play the Swiftle Word game?

The rules are somewhat similar to wordle and Heardle. Instead of words or songs, here you need to guess the song of Taylor Swift in as less attempts as possible. However, the basics of the gameplay are illustrated in the following section.

Swiftle Gameplay

Firstly, head to the official website from the link given. Here you have to guess the song in six attempts. The fewer the attempts, the better you are as a player.

On entering the website, you will see a circular play button on the home page. Tap on it to play the 1-second clip of the song. Now, six panels will be provided to type the name of the song. Type the name you think can be the answer on the first panel. Even if you don’t remember the entire name of the song, type the first or any word and wait for a Dropbox to be opened containing suggestions. Don’t hesitate to try a song even if you are not sure as you have a total of six attempts. Each wrong attempt will disclose one more second of the song.

After guessing the song, type it on the certain panel and hit ‘enter’. The songs will be colour coded in grey, yellow, and green like Wordle. Green means the guess is immaculate, yellow implies that the song is from the same album as your guessed one, while grey means neither the song nor the album is correct.

After the completion of the game, you will be given your statistics containing the current streak, longest streak, attempts distribution, etc. You can share the stat if you want.

Difference between Heardle and Swiftle

Heardle comes with a twist of Wordle. Instead of words, you have to guess a song irrespective of its creator, genre, or origin.

On the other hand, the Swiftle word game, like its other counterparts, for instance, BTS Heardle, One D Heardle, etc., is an example of specialised Heardle.

Here, you have to guess only a song created by the pop star Taylor Swift. Hence, profound knowledge of Taylor Swift’s discography is enough to be eligible to play the Swiftle Word game.

Swiftle can sometimes stop working. Under that circumstances, you can exit and re-open the website to troubleshoot. However, you can always report by tapping the gear icon under the ‘settings’ tab.

Tricks and Tips to solve the Swiftle Word game

A true Swifty does not need any assistance or tricks or unfair means to solve the puzzle. The satisfaction lies in solving fairly. There is no point in solving a puzzle game like Swiftle by unfair means. Why would you play then?

However, there are some tricks to solve the puzzle. It is for those who are in dire need to solve the Swiftle word game for other reasons. Here are two such tricks.

Firstly, you can skip all the attempts and come to the last one. Here you will have a six-second clip to guess the song. It should be much easier.

Secondly, you can open the game from another device and solve the game. Hereafter, type the song on your device.

Final Words

We have discussed the famous musical puzzle game developed for swifties called Swiftle. We anticipate that we have addressed all the queries pertaining to the topic. Let us know any further questions or feedback. Now, plunge into the joy of solving the Swiftle word game. Happy reading!

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