Tridle Game – Where and How to Play Tridle Game?

Wordle games are fun to play! Tridle is one such wordle game where you can solve 3 wordles at a time. Here is all you need know about Tridle game and it’s game play.

Games can entertain you and keep you engaged like no other thing. And if the game is a puzzle, it works as a cherry on the cake! You don’t need only dopamine to feel happy but also brain workouts to keep you happy and smart.

Do you still have doubts? Then pick up your device, start playing a word puzzle and see how you experience it!

Word puzzles are everyone’s favorite, no matter which age and gender they are. The WFH culture after covid pandemic created more demands for such games. This skyrocketed the popularity of word puzzles across the globe.

You might have played or heard about ‘Wordle‘ at least once in your lifetime. Right? It is a word-solving puzzle that is free and fun to play. Tridle Game is similar to Wordle as it is based on the similar concept.

Let’s know more about the Tridle game in detail!

What is Tridle?

Tridle is the newest entry in word puzzle games which not only let you enjoy it but also improve your multitasking skills. The game is fun to play but not that easy, and you will have to put your brain in the grinder to come up with the best scores. The game is originally known as Triple wordle where the player has to solve three wordles at a time.

If you have ever solved two wordles before and want to switch to a difficult level, then the Tridle game is best. However, those who have solved four-word puzzles before will find it easy. Dordle and Quordle are already introduced in the gaming world where the first one is a two-wordle game and another is a four-wordle game.

It is an online game that requires decent internet speed to enjoy it. You get ranks as per your performance.

In Tridle, you will have to guess 5-letter words by the letters given. There are three grids, and all have separate words. You can try eight times to get the correct answer. Otherwise, you fail to solve it. After submitting your guess, you can see different letters appear in different colors. These colors indicate how close you’re to the correct answer.

Tridle History

Tridle game is a word puzzle game based on the concept of Wordle, another word puzzle game by Josh Wardle. When the developer of Tridle played Wordle, he was so much into it and became its greatest fan. He decided to design a game similar to Wordle.

This motivated him to create WordGuessr within a day. He didn’t expect this, but the game became quite popular and gained massive users. Then he switched to Dordle which is a two-puzzle game. It is just one ladder up for the Wordle game. You wanted to get a new level of difficulty and thought to develop another game. Since he already had the structure of a single-word game, developing a two-word game was not difficult for him. He again completed coding the game within two days.

The credit goes to his exceptional coding skills. The UI of the game is user-friendly and is coded using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

How To Play A Tridle Game?

Tridle game is famous owing to its word concept that challenges you to solve in eight attempts. Here is the know-how of playing the word game.

    • You can see the letters on the screen out of which you have to guess three words for the three grids.
    • Start solving for the first grid first.
    • Take your time guessing the word, and then type it. Click Enter once you are done. When you press enter it is considered as one attempt.
    • Now all the letters will appear on the grid in different colors.
      • The green color means the letter is correct and in the correct position.
      • The orange color indicates the letter is correct but not in the right location.
      • Besides, black colored letters indicate that the letter is not in the solution. You can take hints from them and try again.

tridle game play

  • You can take help from the hints displayed on the keyboard while you are playing the game. The letters will appear in a combination of colors. The first portion of a letter is for the first grid, the middle is for the second, and the last portion is for the third grid. If you see any portion of the letter green, then know that the letter will go in the particular grid. If the letter appears completely green, it will go in each grid.
  • You can continue until your eight attempts are over, or you have correctly guessed the word.
  • Similarly, solve the words for the remaining grids.
  • Now you can play again or share the results with your friends and family.

Where Can I Play Tridle?

We have brought your favourite Tridle game on!! Below is the game and you can start playing it right away. The best part of playing on a website is accessing it from any device.

How To Share Tridle Results?

Playing the Tridle game is fun, but when you get the opportunity to share your best scores, the fun doubles. Share your results by following the steps below.

  • On your Android or iOS device, launch Google Chrome or any browser you use.
  • Now go to the Tridle website and solve the puzzle
  • Click on the Continue button after playing the game.
  • Find and click Share Results in the next window. You can also click on Copy.
  • Now go to the app where you want to share the results.

Showcase your amazing scores and sharp skills to the world whenever you want.

Some Useful Tips for winning Tridle game

  • If you are playing it for the first time, read the instructions appearing on the first page before clicking ‘X’. Give your best while solving the word because every attempt counts. There’s no chance of increasing attempts in the game.
  • There are a lot of online websites that provides words list based on the letter start and ending characters. You can try them to guess the word.
  • Avoid refreshing the page when you’re amidst the game because it will change the game. You cannot reach the previous game no matter what.


Q. Can I play Tridle again?

Yes, you can play Tridle again and as many times as you want. On the game board, click on the Continue present below the keyboard. Then it will display a pop-up. Press the Play Again button and start enjoying it. You can also restart the game by refreshing the website.

Q. How do I win the Tridle game?

There are three secret words for three different grids. You win the game when you solve these word puzzles simultaneously and within eight attempts for each grid. Post this, you can re-play the game or take a break.

Q. Is the Tridle game good?

Tridle game is free and fun to play. You can enjoy it on any device using a decent internet connection. You don’t have to risk any privacy because it doesn’t ask for your details for registration. Also, it’s not mandatory that you need to download the game on your device.

Summing Up

We have tried to cover every minute detail regarding the Tridle game or triple wordle. You can play the game easily even if you are a fresher. Unlike other games, Tridle doesn’t demand you to download the app or go through a long login process.

Reach out to us if you want to know more about such games!

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