7 Best Web Browsers for Your Roku Device in 2024

Roku is a popular streaming device that allows people to access multiple sources of entertainment in one place. However, Roku doesn’t provide a web browser with its default installation. So, in this post, we’re going to filter out the best web browser for Roku to surf the internet at your convenience.

Roku device is the synonym of entertainment. You can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and various other streaming services on your TV using Roku.

While Roku offers plenty of options for entertainment at ease, there’s a downside too. There’s not a Roku web browser, which you can use to stream other than the device’s content.

But a lot of third-party web browsers come to our aid. We can simply download and install an internet browser on a Roku device, which can give us the luxury to surf the internet on our TV.

The catch is to find the best web browser for Roku, amongst the pool of options available in the market. We’ve filtered out the 7 best web browsers for Roku, which provide you with the maximum features and convenience of setup and use. Here’s the list of the top 7 web browsers for Roku. Please note that the order of the browsers doesn’t imply their rank.

Best web browsers for Roku

As discussed earlier, there are plenty of third-party Roku web browsers in the market. But, there are a few web browsers that limit your usage, such as online video streaming and much more. The idea is to get the best web browser for Roku which provides you with everything, a web browser does.

Here is the quick summary of all the Roku internet browsers available with their silent features –

Web BrowserFeaturesStreaming QualityPrivacy and SecurityUser InterfacePlatform Compatibility
XfinityLive-streaming, Download for offline useHigh-definitionNot specifiedEasy-to-useRoku
OperaPrivate browsing, In-built password manager, Customizable themesNot specifiedSecured transactionsPremium, easy-to-useRoku, Phones, Tablets, PCs, TVs
SafariFast browsing, Designated privacy and securityNot specifiedHighMinimalist, easy-to-navigateRoku, Apple Devices
Web Browser XEasy browsing, Bookmark favorite sites, Content downloadsNot specifiedHighEasy-to-useRoku
FirefoxStream multiple content formats, Content sharingNot specifiedHighEasy navigationRoku, Mobile Phones, PCs, Tablets
PoprismText-based content surfingNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedRoku
Web Video CasterCaptures subtitles, Supports all video formats, Content sharingSupports all formatsNot specifiedCustomizable themesRoku, Other Streaming Devices

Now, let’s deep dive into each of these Roku web browsers and understand them in detail.

1. Xfinity

Xfinity is one of the best web browsers for Roku, because of its high range of features. With Xfinity, you can watch movies, and shows, listen to songs, and much more.

Xfinity is known for its live-streaming experience, it provides high-definition video for users. Apart from this, you also download movies and shows offline, to have access to it, anytime you want.

The easy-to-use interface provides its users hassle-free streaming and ease of access to its features. Xfinity is considered a decent and easily accessible web browser for Roku. Xfinity also provides its users 24/7 customer support to deliver them a premium user experience.

2. Opera

Opera is a popular web browser for Roku, it has gained popularity worldwide as a web browser due to its premium interface and hassle-free user experience.

With opera, you get the option to privately browse across the Internet, you can save your passwords in the browser in a secured folder, and shop online by transacting with your credit/debit card.

Opera is also known for its high speed. It loads in seconds due to its light processing interface. It works efficiently with phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs. It works perfectly with big screens while providing you the option to customize themes based on your mood, you can choose between light and dark themes.

Altogether, Opera is a light and feature-packed web browser for Roku, which allows you to carry out multiple tasks from one place.

3. Safari

Safari is a popular web browser amongst Apple users. Safari has successfully served apple users for decades as a web browser. We can consider Safari as one of the best web browsers for Roku too.

Safari is known for its easy-going user experience, it’s specifically designed for a fast browsing experience with designated privacy and security.

It’s easy to navigate across the tabs and comes with a minimalist configuration to promote user experience.

4. Web browser X

Another great option in web browsers for Roku. Web browser X is known for its easy-to-use interface and its edge in allowing its users to flawlessly browse sites.

You can bookmark your favorite sites and its technology fetches the content on sites flawlessly. It delivers top-notch privacy and security to its users.

It provides you the flexibility to customize your browser according to your preference. And luxury to save and download your preferred content.

5. Firefox

Firefox is another popular web browser that has gained popularity worldwide. You can use firefox on mobile phones, Pcs, tablets, etc. Firefox was popular among Pc/laptop users due to its easily navigational interface and security promising approach.

You can consider Firefox to download an internet browser on Roku. With Firefox you can seamlessly stream movies, shows, sports, live channels, and much more. It also allows you to share your content and stream video content in many formats.

Firefox ensures your security and flawless streaming. You can easily set up Firefox on your Roku device and get started with surfing the Internet.

6. Poprism

You can consider Poprism as one of the best browsers for Roku if you’re looking to surf text-based content on your internet browser.

With poprism, you can access text content, but that too with a limitation. Poprism has got mixed reviews from its users in terms of the experience.

Based on the reviews, Poprism is said to have an unformatted way to deliver content and is not up to the standards.

7. Web video caster

Web video caster is another best browser for Roku, though it supports various streaming devices. Web video caster is fully loaded with features to ensure a premium user experience.

The built-in feature of the Web video caster automatically captures the subtitle of the video content streamed. You can also download subtitles through the integrated website.

The great part about Web video caster is that it supports all video formats, and it’s designed for big screens accordingly. You can also share photo and video content through a Web video caster. It also provides you the flexibility to customize the theme and bookmark your favorite sites.

How to Install and Use a Web Browser on Roku?

Installing and using a web browser on your Roku device is a simple process. Here is the the step-by-step guide to install any web browser on Roku –

  1. Power on your Roku device: Make sure your Roku device is connected to your TV and turned on.
  2. Go to the Roku Channel Store: Using your Roku remote, go to the home screen and then select ‘Streaming Channels‘ to access the Roku Channel Store.
  3. Search for the web browser: In the Channel Store, use the search to search for the web browser you want to install. Type in the web browser name.
  4. Select the web browser from the search results: Once you’ve found the web browser in the search results, click on it to open the browser’s detail page.
  5. Click ‘Add Channel’: On the detail page of the browser, you’ll find an ‘Add Channel’ button. Click this button to start the installation process.

That’s all. The selected web browser will be installed on your Roku device. Once installed, you can find the browser on your home screen. Use your remote to navigate to the browser and click on it to open.


We’ve listed the best 7 web browsers for Roku with their added benefits. You can refer to the benefits and figure out the best choice for you.

If you’re looking for flawless browsing and minimalist design then you can go for Safari. Firefox can also cater to multiple needs of a web browser for Roku.

Align all of your requirements and go through the benefits we’ve mentioned in this post, choose the one which caters to most of your requirements. This will ensure a wise choice from your side.

We hope you found this post on a web browser for Roku informative.

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