Explainer: What is the Dirty Bomb?


The Russia - Ukraine War

It's been 8 months since Russia declared a war on Ukraine in February, 2022.

Ukraine's urge to join NATO

This Russian invasion has started when Ukraine has reportedly seeks to join the NATO forces

Affects Millions of People on both the sides

After a series of events, Russia has declared a war and it costed lot of peoples lives on both the sides. It created the largest refugee crisis in Europe

Resulted in lots of lives

As per the reports from Reuters, atleast 38,000 soldiers lost their lives and 55,000 injured.

Not in Russian direction

Even though everyone thought it would be easy for Russia to invade Ukraine but to everyone's surprise, a strong resistance from Ukraine with the support of US & Europe.

Russia is going to use THE Dirty Bomb?

There are insider stories from Russia stating that it's going to use the Dirty Bomb if the outcome of this war is not in its favour.

What is the Dirty Bomb?

A dirty bomb is a radiological weapon that combines radioactive material with conventional explosives and it has a capability of destroying the specific targets

Might result on WW3

If Russia uses the Dirty Bomb, it might trigger the disturbances and might result in WW3 too.

Has anyone used it before?

Dirty bombs have never been used, only tested. They are designed to disperse radioactive material over a certain area and might be used to create mass panic as a weapon of terror.

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