10 Scary and Creepy Things to Ask Siri in 2024: Try Now!

Feeling bored while being alone is quite usual, and sometimes trying to entertain yourself in public places is not quite realistic. In such a scenario, what comes in handy is your iphone, where you can ask Siri many things. Before proceeding with Siri, you must know some of the funny, interesting, factual, scary and creepy things to ask Siri in 2023.

Siri is the voice assistant introduced in Apple iPhones to guide and entertain its users with brilliant answers. In this article, you will know about some weird, crazy, entertaining, creepy questions which you can ask on your apple devices like Macbook, iphone, and Apple TV. There is a trick in these questions that you will know from this article and can use further to ask Siri for loads of entertainment.

creepy things to ask siri

10 Creepy things to ask Siri

We got you a list of creepy things to ask Siri, to which Siri will give you hilarious replies. Whenever you ask Siri a question that is creepy or out of general context, then the answer from Siri’s end will blow your mind. So, let’s check out the list of 10 Creepy things to ask Siri and know about the possible answers Siri.

1. Ask Siri about her boyfriend

Whenever you ask Siri something about her boyfriend, like a common question, “Hey Siri, do you have a boyfriend?“.Then, this question may annoy Siri. Because asking about Siri’s personal life is a big red flag, it comes under things not to ask SiriAnd now, why? Then the answer is right here!! Because Siri is very particular about keeping her private life private.

She may answer you, “well, my artificial intelligent standards are too high for a boy.” Or most of the time, she tries to change the topic and gives a funny reply. If you keep asking this question, she gets pissed off with you.

2. Ask Siri if you are drunk

Siri is obsessed with drunk people, and she can’t handle it. So, the next creepy question you can ask Siri is- What can I do after drinking? Or simply say, “Hey Siri, I am drunk.” This creepy question will turn her on for a hilarious answer and it is one of the things not to ask siri.

Most of the time, she ignores you by saying that you hire someone to drop you home as She is in no mood to drive today. Or, she will become more careful about what you shouldn’t do after drinking. Anything she says, her answers will entertain you even if you are not drunk.

3. Ask Siri about her smoking habits

Asking Siri whether she smokes is indeed a creepy question, and you should not ask Siri such things. But if you ask such weird questions on a light note, a good level of humour is a definite outcome. If you keep asking Siri this question repeatedly, she will come out with different answers every time with some rudeness in her voice, which will entertain you a bit longer but siri might be angry about such things not to ask siri and try to go with some other entertaining questions.

Siri is indeed an artificial intelligence bot, but even though she doesn’t encourage such bad habits and rudeness in her voice is a way to express her views on smoking.

4. Ask Siri for a pickup line

The popularity of Siri lies in her humour and is hidden in her answers. There are many situations when we need a pickup line to save ourselves from embarrassment and come out as a winner. Siri is an expert in giving the pickup lines when you ask her for love advice, friendship goals, humour, and relationships.

If you keep asking creepy or weird questions, Siri, you will answer with impressive pickup lines which you can use on someone later. You can ask- Siri, how am I looking? How is the weather outside, or Am I hot? How to impress a girl? See what interesting answers Siri gives you.

5. Ask Siri about time travel

This question sounds creepy, but to get humorous answers from Siri, we must ask Creepy things to Siri. The time-travelling concept has always remained thrilling and adventurous. If you ask Siri such a question, she will answer that yes, you can, but in your dreams.

See, such a funny and brainy answer. So, immediately ask her, “Hey Siri, can you stop the time?” and see what funny answer she will give you to your creepy question.

6. Ask Siri to make a call to the ghost

If you want to have fun with Siri by asking scary questions, then Siri will scare your nerves with her scary yet-to-the-point answers. If you ask her about your wish to talk to a ghost, Siri will probably answer, “hello, I am a ghost; tell me what you want?”. Better you can try to ignore such things not to ask siri in advance to keep yourself to avoid from frightened.

Her answer may scare you, but don’t worry; Siri’s intelligence never fails to entertain everyone. Such things to ask Siri scary 2023 will help you turn your alone time into entertainment.

7. Ask Siri where to hide a dead body

Undoubtedly, it’s the creepy question that will put Siri in doubt about you. But even for such creepy questions, Siri comes with heart-winning answers. Firstly, she may sound judgemental for such a question, and then she will come up with a line of questions.

Such as what kind of place are you finding to hide the dead body? What’s the height and weight of the body? If you are lying about it, then Siri will know your answers. Yet, this act is just for fun and not to support criminal activities.

8. Ask Siri why she vibrates

To keep your game up with the creepy Siri stories, you must keep asking some unusual and weird questions, Siri. Siri is never comfortable with questions about her personal life, such as who is your boyfriend, what’s your religion and how’s her love life is going.

So, when you ask, “Hey Siri, why do you vibrate so much.” Then this may take some time for her to get the answer. She may answer, “Oppps… how do you know that.” Whatever her answer will be, it will indeed hint you about her outstanding flirting level.

9. Ask Siri to lend you some money

The concept of asking for money is very complex as it may show you the true sides of your friends and even make friends enemies. Unlike humans, Siri becomes very understanding and affectionate to this question. Her answer will be smart but comforting at the same time.

She may answer, “I am all yours or everything that belongs to me is yours.” one should not ask Siri money-related things, but every creepy question is worth the hilarious and smart answers from Siri.

10. Ask Siri to tell you a scary story

Siri is Apple’s digital assistant, an expert in solving your problems with its befitting answers. But if you want to have fun with Siri with Things to ask Siri scary 2023, then Siri is also up for the game with its intelligent answers.

When anyone asks Siri for a nerve-chilling scary story, she will come up with such a scary story that will haunt you for a long time. Sometimes Siri tells a story that seems realistic, and in the end, she will make you believe that the story’s ghost is real and is around you.

5 Bonus Scary Questions to Ask Siri

1. Ask Siri about haunted places near you

Dare to explore the unknown by scary things to ask Siri to reveal a list of haunted places in your vicinity. Inquire, “Hey Siri, what are some haunted places near me?” Brace yourself for the eerie tales she has in store about these spine-chilling locations. Who knows, you might even find the courage to visit one of these infamous spots and experience the supernatural for yourself!

2. Ask Siri to tell you a ghost story

Dare to explore the realm of the supernatural by requesting Siri to narrate a ghost story. Say, “Siri, can you tell me a ghost story?” Prepare to be enthralled by her haunting tale, with its eerie twists and turns that will leave you shuddering in anticipation. Just make sure you’re ready for a sleepless night after hearing her spooky narrative!. So better avoid asking scary things to ask siri to keep yourself cool.

3. Ask Siri about the story behind a scary song

Unravel the mystery behind a scary song by asking Siri to reveal its haunting backstory. Prompt her with, “Hey Siri, can you tell me the story behind a scary song?” She might share the eerie inspiration behind a hair-raising track, giving you a newfound appreciation for the chilling tale it tells.

Remember, while Siri can’t actually sing songs, she can help you explore the spine-chilling world of scary music through her knowledge of scary tunes, lyrics, and stories. So you might enjoy after asking scary things to ask siri after benefitting great result of lyrics that you wanted to add into your playlist. So go ahead and delve into the eerie realm of spooky songs with Siri as your guide, but beware of the goosebumps that might follow!

4. Ask Siri about famous horror movie quotes

Test Siri’s knowledge of the horror genre by challenging her to recite some memorable quotes from iconic scary movies. You can ask, “Hey Siri, can you tell me some famous quotes from horror films?” As she reveals the spine-chilling lines that have haunted audiences for decades, you might find yourself reminiscing about terrifying scenes from your favorite horror flicks. Plus, her answers could introduce you to new, spine-chilling movies that you’ll want to add to your watchlist.

5. Ask Siri to describe a nightmare

As Siri delves into the chilling details of the nightmare, you might find yourself immersed in a dark world filled with eerie shadows, spine-tingling sounds, and unsettling feelings. She could describe a dream where you’re walking alone in an abandoned, dimly-lit house, the sound of your footsteps echoing through the empty halls.

The air is thick with a sense of dread, and you’re unable to shake off the feeling that someone, or something, is watching your every move. With each step, the atmosphere grows more oppressive, and the tension builds until you’re desperate to wake up and escape the terror.

Siri’s vivid description of a nightmare can be a thrilling experience for those who enjoy exploring the darker side of their imagination. However, it’s essential to maintain a healthy balance and not let fear take over your life. So, while it can be entertaining to delve into the realm of spooky and macabre experiences, remember to find joy and comfort in the lighter aspects of life too.


Siri is an AI bot designed to behave as your assistant and true friend. So, when you ask for creepy things from Siri, her answers will surely amuse you. Siri has abundant knowledge about all the fields, so she always comes up with the best possible answers to your questions.

This artificial intelligent assistance knows when to give smart answers, when to reply with the pickup lines, and when to come up with humorous replies. 10 creepy things to ask Siri is just a way to have fun with this artificial intelligence assistant and feel like someone is there for you when you feel all alone.

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