Does Walmart Sell Cigarettes?(2024)

From its humble beginnings in the town of Rogers, Arkansas in 1962, Walmart has grown into an international retail behemoth. Today, it’s a one-stop shop where customers can buy everything from fresh produce to home electronics, clothing, and much more. This raises the question: Does Walmart sell cigarettes? This in-depth guide explores Walmart’s relationship with tobacco products, a journey filled with complexities, challenges, and changes.

Walmart’s History with Tobacco Products

Walmart’s history with tobacco products is as old as the store itself. The retail giant included tobacco products in its lineup from the start, following customer demand trends and retail practices of the era. However, the path was not always smooth. Over the years, the sale of these items has seen Walmart navigate a landscape replete with shifting societal attitudes towards smoking, evolving public health policies, and a multitude of legislative changes.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Walmart weathered several controversies related to cigarette sales, facing allegations and legal repercussions for selling tobacco products to minors. The fallout from these incidents pushed the company to adopt stringent measures and procedures, ensuring a firm barrier against underage sales.

Current Policy on Selling Cigarettes

In 2023, Walmart continues to sell cigarettes along with a range of other tobacco products. However, these sales are governed by strict rules and regulations. The minimum age to purchase tobacco products at Walmart is 21 years, in alignment with federal law. The company employs a “We Card” program, requiring all customers to present a valid photo ID, regardless of perceived age.

Walmart also limits the quantity of tobacco products that a customer can purchase in a single transaction. This tactic is a deterrent against bulk buying, and by extension, potential resale to underage individuals.

Types of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products Available at Walmart

The tobacco section in Walmart stores caters to a variety of customer preferences. Here are some of the tobacco products you can typically find:

  • Cigarettes: Walmart carries an array of brands, including leading names like Marlboro, Camel, and Winston. Budget-friendly brands like Pall Mall and L&M are also available for cost-conscious smokers.
  • Cigarillos and Cigars: You’ll find popular brands such as Swisher Sweets, Black & Mild, and White Owl. Whether you prefer flavored cigarillos or traditional cigars, Walmart likely has a product to suit your taste.
  • Smokeless tobacco: Smokeless tobacco options at Walmart include popular brands like Copenhagen, Skoal, and Grizzly.
  • Nicotine Replacement Products: For those looking to quit smoking, Walmart carries a selection of Nicorette gums, lozenges, and patches.

Pricing and Comparison

When it comes to pricing, Walmart’s cigarettes are generally on par with those at other major retailers. The price of a pack can vary depending on the brand, state tax, and specific local regulations.

Some competing retailers may offer loyalty programs or specific promotions that can impact the relative cost, but in general, Walmart stays competitive in its pricing.

Here’s an example of what a pricing comparison table might look like:

ProductWalmartCompetitor ACompetitor B
Marlboro (Pack of 20)$7.00$7.50$7.25
Camel (Pack of 20)$6.80$7.00$6.95
Winston (Pack of 20)$6.50$6.75$6.60
Pall Mall (Pack of 20)$5.50$5.75$5.60
L&M (Pack of 20)$5.25$5.50$5.35
Swisher Sweets (Pack of 5)$3.50$3.75$3.60
Black & Mild (Pack of 5)$3.75$4.00$3.85
Copenhagen Snuff (Can)$4.25$4.50$4.35
Skoal Chewing Tobacco (Can)$3.80$4.00$3.95
Grizzly Snuff (Can)$4.00$4.25$4.10
Nicorette Gum (Pack of 20)$10.00$10.50$10.25

Does Wallmart Sell Cigerettes At All The Locations(Stores)?

Walmart’s tobacco product offerings can differ depending on the store’s location. In areas with stricter tobacco control policies, the selection may be more limited.

For instance, in some states or countries, menthol cigarettes or flavored tobacco products may not be available due to local laws. As of now, Walmart remains committed to complying with all state, local, and federal regulations regarding the sale of tobacco products.

Can You Buy Cigarettes Online at Walmart?

Walmart does not sell cigarettes online.

Walmart, being a responsible retailer, adheres strictly to the local and federal laws that regulate the sale of tobacco products. These laws include restrictions on the online sale of such products, primarily due to challenges related to verifying the age of the purchaser. Age verification is a crucial aspect of tobacco sales, given the legal age restrictions in place to protect young people.

Walmart’s Stance on Public Health and Corporate Responsibility

Despite continuing to sell cigarettes, Walmart is explicit about its commitment to public health. The company maintains a robust policy framework designed to prevent the sale of tobacco to underage customers.

Furthermore, Walmart also promotes and sells smoking cessation products, a clear acknowledgment of the public health implications of tobacco use.

Consumer Response and Perception

Public reactions to Walmart’s cigarette sales policy are mixed. While some appreciate the convenience of buying cigarettes during their regular shopping trip, others have voiced concerns about the public health implications of such sales.

Regardless, Walmart’s reputation as a retail giant doesn’t appear to be significantly impacted by its tobacco sales policy.

Future Implications At Walmart

The future of cigarette sales at Walmart remains uncertain, largely dictated by factors such as changing public health concerns, potential legal amendments, and evolving corporate responsibility norms. As societal attitudes continue to shift against smoking, Walmart might also adjust its approach to the sale of tobacco products.

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Frequently Asked Question

Does Walmart sell cigarettes in its stores?

Yes, Walmart does sell cigarettes in its stores. The availability may vary by location due to local laws and regulations.

What types of cigarettes does Walmart sell?

Walmart carries a variety of cigarette brands. However, the specific selection may vary based on location and availability.

Can you buy cigarettes from Walmart online?

As of the latest update, Walmart does not sell cigarettes online. Customers must purchase them in-store.

Are there age restrictions for buying cigarettes at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart adheres to local and federal laws regarding the sale of tobacco products, including age restrictions. As such, valid ID is required for purchase.

Does the price of cigarettes at Walmart vary by location?

Yes, the price of cigarettes at Walmart can vary by location due to factors like local tax rates and regulations.


In conclusion, Walmart’s position on selling cigarettes in 2023 strikes a balance between consumer demand, regulatory compliance, and corporate responsibility.

The company has demonstrated a commitment to preventing underage sales and promoting public health while continuing to provide adult customers with the tobacco products they seek.

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