What does the Yellow Heart 💛 or Golden Heart mean on Snapchat?

In this age of social media users, Snapchat is one of the most popular applications used by youngsters mainly. Snapchat is used as an image and video messaging application. It was introduced in 2011 and since then, it has gradually become popular among people as a medium of interacting with others. Today, over 260 million people are users of Snapchat.

If you are an active user of Snapchat, you might use beautiful emojis. There are lots of heart emojis that indicate different things. While communicating with your friends, you can use such emojis to make it more interesting to the conversation. But many users are not clear about the meaning of emojis or hearts present on Snapchat. In this article, we will discuss what does the yellow or gold heart mean on Snapchat?

What does the Yellow or Golden heart Mean on Snapchat?

Sometimes, you can see a golden or yellow heart next to the name of a person with whom you are engaged most of the time. If you send multiple photos and messages to your close person and receive multiple media from that same person, you can find a beautiful golden heart beside the username of the person. This thing indicates that you and that person are Snapchat’s #1 Best friend.

Besides, if you are sending lots of media to a person who is not interested to send you any media, you must not find any yellow or gold heart.

The gold heart on Snapchat surely signifies the closeness of your friendship. As you may lose such heart from next to the name of your friend if you stop sending photos to that person. Also, you won’t see the yellow heart if you or your beloved person decrease the rate of sending messages.

How can you get a Yellow or Gold heart on Snapchat?

You can have multiple friends on Snapchat. But, if you want to have a gold heart with a friend, you need to interact with that person as much as you can.

You have to send lots of photos, videos, audio and other media to a person who is close to your heart. Similarly, that person whom you are sending multiple messages should send back you multiple messages and videos if you want a gold heart with the person.

It is impossible to have a gold heart if a person is sending you media and you are not sending it back. It is hard to have a gold heart with a person. Also, you need to continue

Why is Snapchat’s Yellow or Gold heart important?

If you are a true user of Snapchat, you feel to make friends with whom you can tell all your feelings. You can try to share your ups and downs with your preferred friends on Snapchat. A friend with whom you are interacting most of your time can be your best friend on Snapchat.

A yellow or gold heart is placed beside the name of that friend signifying your close friendship. You may not want to lose such a gold heart on Snapchat. You have to continue your friendship by sharing media and sending messages if you don’t want to lose such a heart. The Snapchat yellow heart is significant as it is an indication of your friendship.

Can you have Snapchat Gold heart with Multiple People?

The yellow or gold heart on Snapchat is a clear indication of close friendship or the #1 Best friend on Snapchat. It is impossible to have such a gold heart with multiple people. You can have this heart only with your one special friend. If you are communicating and sharing media with more than one person, Snapchat will provide you with the yellow heart next to the person with whom you are interacting the most.

The gold heart on Snapchat is a special emoji. You always have it with your best friend on Snapchat. But, you can not have this with multiple people.

What do Red Heart and Pink Heart mean on Snapchat?

In Snapchat, a Red heart is like a level-up of a yellow heart with a person. As you know how can you have a yellow or gold heart with your close friend, you can find the meaning of the red heart very soon. If you can maintain the yellow heart for about two weeks, you can see that the yellow heart is converted to a red one. The red heart is a BFF emoji that signifies deep friendship.

Another important emoji is a Pink heart that indicates the highest level of commitment to your friend. If you can maintain a red heart for about two months, you can have a Pink heart with that person. It is the super BFF emoji. This emoji is the highest level of friendship emoji. You have to be extremely committed to your best friend to have such an emoji.

So, we can see that yellow, red and pink emojis are interlinked with each other. Though you can maintain a yellow or gold heart, you have to be more committed to your friend to get the other hearts.

What does a Fire emoji mean on Snapchat?

If you are a user of Snapchat, you can notice a fire emoji beside your friend’s name sometimes. A Fire emoji on Snapchat means that you and your friend are in a Snapstreak. If you and your friend are sending snaps to each other for at least three days,  you can see the fire emoji. You have to make sure that you and your friend are sending such snaps for simultaneous days continuously. Along with the fire emoji, you can find a number beside that emoji. This indicates the number of days in Snapstreak.

You can easily get a fire emoji. You just need to send snaps to your friend.


We discussed the meaning of a yellow or gold heart on Snapchat. If you are a regular user of Snapchat, you need to know about the detailed meaning of different emojis. These emojis define friendship levels. You can easily know about the closeness of a friendship with your friend.

If you are interacting with your friend regularly, you can easily get a yellow heart. But, you have to continue the friendship to maintain a yellow or gold heart on Snapchat. If you are passionate to maintain such friendship, you can have the next-level heart emojis too. Hope that this article helped you to know about the heart emoji on Snapchat. Happy Reading!

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