5 Ways to Fix: iPhone Flashlight Keeps Turning On By Itself

If you are clueless as to why your iPhone flashlight keeps turning on by itself, then this article has your answer! Plus, you will know some quick fixes for this problem which you can do yourself.

For the past two or three years, the Apple community webpage is loaded with complaints. Above 500 users complained that their phone’s flashlight goes on and off without their notice. Be it Twitter or Reddit, you can view hot comments about this issue.

However, this has not been a problem since the beginning of the Apple era. It all started with the invention of iPhone X in 2017. This model has the flashlight and camera shortcut icons on the homescreen.

The later versions like iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR have the same design so the issue of iphone flashlight keeps turning on.


Why does the iPhone flashlight turns on by itself?

The new year versions of iPhone have been designed with flashlight and camera shortcut icons on the home screen. This makes it easy to access the icons with your thumb or palm when you hold your device facing up your thumb easily accesses the icon.

flashlight icon iphone

On the other hand, your palm reaches the icon easily while it is facing down. As soon as you touch the torch icon, it goes on. The torch won’t turn off unless you touch the icon again. A little body touch is enough to turn on the flashlight. Therefore, the flashlight often turns on when it’s inside your pocket.

Do you need to turn the flashlight off?

When an iPhone flashlight turns on by itself, it may cause some embarrassing situations for you. Don’t be shocked if a stranger comes and says “Excuse me, your flashlight is on”. Walking through a road while the torch is beaming under your clothes is also not something you want.

Besides, this also drains your battery and overheats the phone. Hence, if you have been struggling with this issue, it’s better to look for solutions than waiting for an Apple update feature.

How to fix an iPhone flashlight that turns on by itself?

As of now, there is no way to remove the torch icon from the iPhone home screen. Fortunately, there are some other ways to reduce the problem of sudden turning on of flashlights.

Keep Your Phone On Other Side

When you keep your iPhone in your pocket in such a way that it faces outside, the possibility of accidental touch increases. It’s recommended to keep your phone facing inside in your pocket. This will most likely reduce the problem of the iPhone flashlight keeps turning on.

Toggle Off Tap To Wake

You may find it easy to tap the screen and look at the time or notification. But this Tap To Wake feature is also a response for sudden torch activation. Henceforth, you need to keep this feature off. Here’s how to do it.

  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Accessibility settings
  • Select Touch
  • Toggle off Tap To Wake.

Toggle Off Raise To Wake

This is another feature of iphone through which you can view the screen by holding it upright. You can turn off the raise to wake feature by

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Display & Brightness
  • Select Touch option
  • Now turn it off by touching the toggle.

Reduce Touch Sensitivity

The harder it would be to touch the screen, the less the torch will turn on by itself. Therefore you should try to curve the Screen touch sensitivity first.

Go to Settings on your iPhone and then select Accessibility. Next click on Touch and Haptic Touch. Now set the touch duration to Slow.

Try A Folio Phone Cover

It may sound strange to you how a phone cover can help in accidental flashlight touch. But it helps! Get your phone a hard cover that can fold over the screen. This cover will build a wall between your fingers and the screen. As a result, the flashlight icon won’t be touched accidentally.

How to turn off the flashlight?

If you find your phone’s flashlight is on, here’s how you can turn it off.

Ask Siri

iPhone users get used to instructing Siri, the iPhone device assistant. Then why not this time? If you are busy or not in the mood to turn off the flashlight yourself, ask Siri to do it for you. You can give instructions like “Hey Siri, turn off the torch” or “Hey Siri, flashlight off”. It’s important to remember that Siri needs an internet connection to work.

Swipe Left

Take your phone and swipe left using a thumb on the lockscreen. This will turn off the light. Make sure you do it slightly otherwise the camera icon will be touched and the camera will open.

Hold The Icon

This trick is a very common and basic way of turning off torch light in an iPhone. Touch and hold the flashlight icon for a few seconds to switch it off.


The above tips and tricks will help you to curb the frequent occurrence of iphone flashlight keeps turning on. You can’t expect the problem to vanish permanently unless Apple makes some changes in iPhone design.

Do you find this blog helpful? We would love to hear your response. Do you have any better solution? Let our readers know them too.


Q: Is there something wrong with my iphone flashlight?

A: It’s very common to see a flashlight turning on and off by itself on an iPhone. This is not a glitch or a user error. You can call it a design error which is not in your hands. Nothing is wrong with your iPhone flashlight. You can prevent accidental touch to the lockscreen when you’re not using the device.

Q: Why does my flashlight turn off when the iPhone shakes?

A: If a flashlight turns on whenever you shake your phone, it means you have activated the Raise To Wake option in the iPhone. Go to the Settings and then Display & Brightness to Toggle Off the feature.

Q: Why can’t I turn off the torch on my iPhone?

A: Sometimes, it becomes how to turn off the flashlight on an iPhone. In this case, you can reboot your phone and try turning off the flashlight again. If it does not work, force reboot your device by long pressing the power and volume buttons simultaneously. The other way is to remove the battery.

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