How to Create Telegram without Phone Number?

The more technology is evolving the more we are getting benefitted from it. Nowadays, there is a completely isolated entity of ourselves in the digital space. People there know you from the interactions you execute there. It can be something completely distinct from the physical world. Nevertheless, it has bad impacts too. Many times we see the encroachment of our digital privacy affecting our physical life. Social media and messaging apps are mainly an arena for the breach of privacy.

One such app is Telegram which we are discussing today. Telegram is one of the most convenient apps to share messages, media, and other forms of data. However, it can be a tool to breach someone’s digital dignity. Hence, people hesitate to register their personal numbers and try to find other ways out.

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about the topic in the title. We will discuss the Telegram app and its privacy policy, why people don’t opt for registering personal numbers, and how you can create Telegram account without a phone number. Read until the end to comprehend the topic.


Telegram is a Dubai-based messaging app founded by Pavel Duvov back in 2014. You can use Telegram on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

It is a cloud-based messenger so that you can sync your chat on multiple devices and your messages are end-to-end encrypted. The most convenient feature is that here you can send data of 2 GB at once, unlike WhatsApp where the limit is 100 MB. So, you can even share movies on Telegram.

Moreover, you can subscribe to numerous channels to get their services, for instance, you can subscribe to the Newyork Times channel on Telegram to get daily updates of news. How convenient is this! In a nutshell, it is a beautiful conciliation of the features of WhatsApp and Twitter.

Why people don’t want to provide their phone numbers for sign-up?

Here comes the part of the concern. As Telegram takes your email id and phone number, people often hesitate to trust the Telegram cloud. Here are some reasons behind the hesitation-

  • Most people are unaware of the GDPR and don’t know how personal data is processed. So, this creates an illusion that Telegram has access to all the information being shared.
  • When you don’t trust your Government or any other authority with power, you tend to draw a line of security. Not to find one vulnerable under any circumstances, people hesitate to provide phone numbers or email IDs.
  • Some people think although there is the GDPR, once the privacy policy is breached, the process of litigation against the Telegram authority would be tedious and time-consuming. So why provide the number in the first place?

These are some of the reasons behind hesitation. Now, the question is whether there is a way to use Telegram without a phone number. Well, fortunately, there is. Go through the section below for various methods to do so.

How to use Telegram without a phone number?

A number is needed to complete the two-step verification to receive the code. However, you can receive the code through other methods. In this section, we will illustrate five such methods to receive the code on Telegram without a phone number.

A. Create Telegram account without phone number using the TextNow app

  • Download the TextNow app from the Google Play Store or browser.
  • Set up the app to get a free phone number. Just open the app and follow the instructions to set it up. Once you get a number note down the number.
  • If you are using it on Windows or macOS, open TextNow and go to the people’s tab to see your phone number.
  • Now, open the Telegram app and use that number to register. Telegram will send you a verification code.
  • Open the TextNow app to get the verification code and enter it on the Telegram app. Your account will be created without your phone number.

B. Google Voice app

  • Firstly, Download the Google Voice app from the Play Store and log in to your account using your Gmail.
  • Now, tap on search and select your location followed by a phone number from the given list. Accept the number and give permission to Google voice to make a phone call.
  • Enter your current number and tap on ‘send code’ to receive the code and hereafter finish the process to get the number.
  • Finally, register your Telegram account using the number.

C. Virtual SIMs or e-SIMs

You can use e-SIM cards to receive the code. Thus, you need not provide your number. Every mobile operator provides the service of e-SIM. You can contact them. Moreover, there are some websites that provide e-SIMs e.g. TravelSim. You can search on the internet to get a virtual SIM card.

D. Create a Telegram account using a landline number

  • Firstly, enter your landline number on the Telegram App. You will receive a phone call from Telegram. Wait for the call and receive it.
  • Once you receive the call, you would hear a verification code. Note down the code.
  • Finally, enter the code on the panel to get going.

D. Create Telegram account without phone number using the Burner app

  • First of all, download the Burner app and launch it.
  • Secondly, select ‘choose your number’ and enter your real phone number to continue.
  • Now, click agree on Burner’s terms and policy.
  • Then, select an area code and a phone number and continue.
  • Choose to proceed with a free trial to complete the process.
  • Use the number to register your Telegram account.
  • Finally, cancel the subscription to Burner’s app. Otherwise, it will charge you after the end of the trial period.

E. Use free websites like and

These websites let you use some disposed phone numbers for free. Head to the websites and select a number from the list. Use that number to register your Telegram account. Finally, open the websites to access the messages sent to the number including your verification code.

Telegram’s Privacy Policy

Telegram complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that came into effect in 2018. It doesn’t use your data to show ads but stores data that are essential for the operation of your account.

You can export or get a copy of your data stored by the Telegram cloud from @GDPRbot on the Telegram app. You can opt for a two-step verification if you don’t trust. Here along with an OTP, a password is needed to access. Moreover, you can always opt for a secret chat. The media you share with a secret chat is further encrypted and can not be deciphered by the server except by the person on the receiving end.

However, Telegram collects your basic account data, email id, registered phone number, location (if not shared via secret chat), etc. You can request a copy as mentioned above or head to the official website of Telegram to know more about their privacy policy.

Dropping the curtain

Hence, we have discussed the Telegram app, its privacy policy, and its compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Moreover, we have elaborated on how to use Telegram without a phone number. We anticipate that this article will address your every single query on this topic. Let us know any feedback from your end. Most of all, happy reading!

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