How to Publish a Game on Roblox?

In this era, where we’re experiencing the robust growth of technology in every sector. Roblox is an example of such advanced technology. Roblox is a platform for games that allows its users to create and play games within the platform. So, in this post, we’re going to talk about how to publish a Roblox game.

Roblox is a community platform that is designed to engage users to play and develop games. Developers have the flexibility to develop high-end games.

Roblox allows its users to create and design any sort of game from scratch. Within the platform, users can find templates to design games. Roblox is a platform for gaming geeks, who want to explore the world of gaming in its evolved form.

We’re going to discuss how to publish your Roblox game, but before that let’s discuss a few Roblox features which make it such an engaging community platform.

What is Roblox?

As discussed ealier, Roblox is an online gaming community based platform which also allows creation of games within its platform. Roblox allows to play games at free of cost, while they have in game purchases.

Users can create games in Roblox using Roblox studio. In Roblox studio users can create games from scratch. Developers can later manage their created game through Roblox studio, and make edits accordingly.

Developers can therefore create and sell digital items in games. Roblox provides hefty options to monetize games, one is to sell digital items, which can be anything that can be used while playing games.

Now when we have an idea of how Roblox works and what makes Roblox a unique platform. Let’s find out how to publish a game on Roblox.

How to publish a game on Roblox?

Publishing a game on Roblox is an easy process. You’re just a few clicks away to publish your game on Roblox.

The process of publishing a game will save your game in a private mode. To make it accessible to other users, you’ll have to make it public. It’s to ensure that the game is ready before it’s presented to millions of users.

To publish a game on Roblox:

  • Click on the “file” and Opt for “Publish on Roblox”
  • A window will open where you’ll have to enter the name and description.
  • Click on “computer” along with “phone” “tablet” “console”
  • Click on “create” button

Following these steps, your game will be publish privately, but as discussed earlier you’ll need to make your game public for it to be available to users. So, let’s discuss

How to make your Roblox game public

  • Visit the develop page of Roblox
  • Search for your game name
  • Select your game from the list and change the option from private to public

This entire process will publish your game on Roblox.

If the upload is getting failed or due to any reason you’re not able to publish a game on Roblox then it might be a script issue or the file size would be too big for the system.

Apart from creating a game, you can also release updates to your published game on Roblox to make it stay fresh with ongoing trends. Roblox also provides flexibility to edit your game from your mobile phone, to escape the hassle of working on a PC/laptop you can use your mobile phone to make design changes, etc.


Roblox is a community-driven gaming platform. If you’re a creative geek, looking to find a space to give birth to your ideas, Roblox can be your space limited to games.

Roblox provides you full access to control how your game will perform and look. All of the Roblox games are hosted on a cloud platform that delivers a smooth gaming experience.

You can follow the steps mentioned above to publish a game on Roblox and feel good as the creator of a game.

We hope you found our post on how to publish a game on Roblox helpful and informative.

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