How to Type Backwards 3 on iPhone, Android, and PC?

Are you someone looking to how to type 3 backwards? then we guess you are in the right place at the right time. You might be fascinated by how cute as well as unique it looks while you text with someone over your social media. Yes, it fascinated us too, and to help you out with the problem we are here to show you how to write backwards 3 that is ‘Ɛ’ on various platforms.

What is backwards 3?

Before telling you how to type 3 backwards, you must know what it means.

If you look at it ‘Ɛ’, it would look like reversed ‘E’ or the reversed numeric ‘3’. But if you look at its history, it is known as ‘epsilon’ in the Greek letters.

When you use ‘Ɛ’ in today’s generation, it is mostly used to express love or cuteness. People most often use it over their social media apps when they text with someone and they want to express love in the chats, they tend to use backwards ‘3’.

For example, if you want to show your love to someone close to you, you would write ‘I love you

To form a heart, it is generally accompanied by the ‘greater than’ symbol ‘>’ which makes it ‘Ɛ>’ at the end. This is how you also form a heart without using emoticons.

If you are from a science background you might be familiar with ‘Ɛ’. This is mostly used as a variable while solving equations. In regression and statistics, regular epsilon is widely used as an “error term.” It’s a term that’s widely used to describe a positive number that’s unnecessarily tiny.

How to type ‘Ɛ’ (backward 3) on an Android phone?

Android is a popular smartphone operating system with over 3 billion users and practically all of the functionality a user might want. So, if you’re wondering how to enter a reverse 3 on an Android phone, here’s how:

If you are searching for ‘Ɛ’ on your android keyboard, you might not get it because it’s unavailable on most of the Android Operating Systems.

You can use the ‘Copy Paste’ function to use ‘Ɛ’ in your texts. This function is available on almost every android device and that will make your job easier. All you need to do is copy the backward 3 emoticons in your clipboard from anywhere that could be either from the web or someone else’s text itself and just paste it at the place you want to use.

And that’s how you can use the ‘Ɛ’ in your android device.

if you are finding it difficult to get the heart emoticon with the backward three on the web, you can copy it from here


How to type ‘Ɛ’ (backward 3) on a PC?

The symbol ‘Ɛ’ is quite popular among Gen- X, or today’s youth, and entering it on a computer is as simple as writing any other symbol.

Just like the method, we have used on android devices you can do the same on your PC.

Just Copy and paste from any other web source and use it in your doc file or wherever you wish to.

There is also an alternative way to type/use backward 3 on your PC.

For that, you need to follow a couple of steps –

  • Open any software in which you want to use the symbol. That could be either MS Word, MS Excel, or MS PowerPoint. It is totally up to you.
  • Begin by creating a new blank document and opening it.
  • Type using your keyboard 0190 which is an alternative for the symbol ‘Ɛ’
  • After that, all you need to do is Press ALT+X using the keyboard

And you’ll see the texts got converted to backward three ‘Ɛ’. It is easier if you don’t want to browse the web looking for the symbol to copy-paste.

Another method to type ‘Ɛ’ on your PC is –

  • You need to select Arial or Times New Roman font on your software
  • At the top left corner, you’ll find the Insert tab, you need to click on that
  • Then click on symbols
  • Scroll through the Symbols, you might find the backward 3 or ‘Ɛ’ symbol.

These were a couple of methods that will help you use the backward 3 symbols in your PC

How to type ‘Ɛ’ (backward 3) on an iPhone or Mac OS?

If you are looking for ways to type the backward 3 or ‘Ɛ’ on your iPhone, you might not find that on your keyboard because just like the android devices the symbol isn’t available on the Apple devices too.

You can use the common method of copy-pasting from any source and use that in your chats or over your social media.

For the Mac OS, it gets a bit trickier because you won’t find the ALT+X working on your mac.

But you can use Google Docs on your Mac to make it work.

To use 3 backwards –

  • Open Google Docs on your Mac
  • In the upper left corner, select the Insert tab.
  • Click on the special symbols option
  • A new window will pop up right in front
  • Search for backward 3/epsilon/or the ‘Ɛ’ in the available list and use it as per your requirements

That’s how you can use ‘Ɛ’ in your Mac. Once you use this trick you’ll be accustomed to it.


These were a couple of ways that could help you use the backward 3 emoticons on your respective devices. For the Android Devices as well as for the iPhone, copy-pasting works like a universal solution that eases out most of your work. There are various symbols you can form with the backward 3 symbols and use accordingly. Try innovating by using them most often in your chats.

We hope this article helped you to solve your query on how to type a backwards 3 on your phone and PC and you can also copy the ‘Ɛ’ symbol if you want to from this article.

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