Is KissCartoon Safe & Legal for Watching Cartoons Online? A Detailed Review

Is KissCartoon safe and legal? Animations and Cartoons have been two of the most intriguing inventions ever done by mankind. First of all, it grabs the interest and attention of the children right away. Secondly, some important social and moral messages can be conveyed through it to the immature intellectuals of a child. Children are often found glued to their favourite cartoons. Nowadays, even adults watch cartoons due to their simplicity and jolliness.

In modern times, OTT platforms are replacing television. The main reason is that OTT subscriptions are mobile, i.e., you can carry it anywhere and TV is stationary. Now, the question of where to stream becomes a million-dollar question. We all want to stream cartoons for free.

Well, regarding this, there is a free streaming website called KissCartoon where you can watch any cartoons or anime. However, the concern is – whether KissCartoon safe and legal for watching cartoons online. The article is dedicated to addressing the issue. In this article, we shall build a case taking all the aspects into play and try to answer the question. At last, there will be our suggestion based on our research for the betterment of your understanding.


What is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a website that provides numerous free streaming content. It is owned by Kiss Anime Networks.

The company also manages several other websites that provide free streaming content. It started its business about a decade ago, and it hosts its sites on the server of a country where there is no enforcing law for copyright, for instance, Vietnam.

The actual site closed in 2017 after the US ambassador to Vietnam seeking criminal prosecution. Now what you can get is a clone copy of the website. KissCartoon has designated sites for US comics and K drama.

Features of the KissCartoon Website

Some features of the said website are enlisted as follows for your reference-

  • You can surf the website on both PC and mobile.
  • Numerous cartoon or anime shows that are not available on other OTT platforms are available here in high definition.
  • The website comes with a .be extension.
  • You can also watch movies and stories for free without any subscription or added charge.
  • A high-speed network connection is instrumental for surfing.

Is KissCartoon safe for watching cartoons online?

There are two schools of thought regarding the topic which is one of the two main agendas of the article. Let us devise both points of view.

  • Firstly, you can watch numerous cartoon and anime shows along with movies here. The website generates money by showing you ads, pop-ups, and redirects. Your browser loads it using a JavaScript file. At this juncture, your device may be vulnerable as hackers may inject it with viruses.
  • Secondly, any trusted ad network, e.g. Google, does not control its ad network. So, there is a chance of greater malicious threats. Moreover, hackers may also use your device resources to mine cryptocurrencies which would make your device slow. It is not essentially true that hackers are always connected to your device to mine cryptocurrencies. But, the website authority does not take any stern measures against it.

There are also many rumours regarding the security of the website. However, there is no factual data to support the claim. Cyber cell blocked KissCartoon because of the change in the extension, but this is more of a technical fix.

Henceforth, the inference we can draw from here is that you have to be careful and conscious before opting for KissCartoon. The website hosts its sites without permission from the original content creators, that’s why people hesitate about its legitimacy.

Is it legal to watch cartoons and animes on KissCartoon?

KissCartoon hosts pirated anime and cartoon movies and it is managed by a group that does not have any right to distribute the content, the websites are occasionally forced to shut down.

When this occurs, they spontaneously use a cloned version with a modified domain name and domain suffixes to keep the site alive. However, there is a minimal chance to develop a criminal charge against you.

There are also numerous fake sites of KissCartoon, and even the original one may be controlled by one of the fake sites. In fact, nobody knows who controls KissCartoon and how? Moreover, there is always a substantial threat of data piracy.

So, to conclude, you can never claim factually that KissCartoon is illegal. Some may opine that it is legal while others may oppose it. Some may claim that it is safe and all the rumours about hacking and mining are merely rumours, while some may deny the opinion. However, there is certainly a vagueness about its ownership, operational process, security measures, and legitimacy.

Our suggestion

If you want to opt for KissCartoon, be careful. There are OTT platforms with subscription fees and on the other hand, there is KissCartoons to provide the same content for free.

So, there has to be something fishy. Moreover, there is a famous saying in the corporate world – “when something is free, then you are the product“. Keep this in mind before agreeing to any terms and conditions. We do not prohibit to avail of millions of free content but are warning you not to be the product.

Some Legal Alternatives to KissCartoon

  • WatchCartoonOnline- It is a safe alternative to KissCartoon with an easy interface and loads of cartoon and anime shows.
  • Kimcartoon- It will provide you with some exclusive content.
  • Netflix- Although it is not primarily a cartoon OTT, you can get some cartoon shows here.
  • Toonova- It is a famous and safe alternative option to KissCartoon.
  • Nickelodeon- A world-famous cartoon channel for your entertainment.
  • Cartoon Network- One of the oldest cartoon channels.
  • Comedy Central-It is not only cartoon-based OTT but has a plethora of animes and cartoons to offer.
  • Amazon Prime- One of the most popular OTT platforms of modern times.
  • CartoonCrazy- This is also a free and safe alternative to KissCartoon.

Dropping the Curtain

Therefore, in this article, we have elucidated our thorough research on the safety and legitimacy of KissCartoon with a suggestion for you also. We anticipate that you will consider our points positively and with open eyes. If the article has been able to satisfy your queries, our efforts are justified. Let us know any further queries or feedback from your end. Happy Reading!

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