Walmart Transmission Fluid Change (Cost in 2024)

In the world of auto maintenance, changing your vehicle’s transmission fluid is an integral aspect of ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Among various service providers, Walmart has been a go-to destination for a range of automotive services. But, as of 2023, does Walmart offer transmission fluid change services? Let’s find out!

Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid ?

Walmart does not provide transmission fluid change services in its Auto Care Centers.

This might come as a surprise to some as Walmart is recognized as a one-stop destination for various automotive needs, including tire replacements and oil changes. However, it’s worth noting that while they don’t offer this particular service, they do sell a wide range of transmission fluids for those who prefer to handle the task themselves or seek a professional mechanic elsewhere.

Different service providers who offer transmission fluid refill service:

Sure, let’s expand that table to include several more service providers.

Please keep in mind these are hypothetical figures, and the actual cost and time can vary significantly based on various factors:

Service ProviderCostTime Taken to RefillAvailability
Local Auto Repair Shop$75 – $1501 – 2 hoursDepends on location
Dealership$150 – $2501 – 3 hoursTypically available at all locations
Jiffy Lube$120 – $2001 – 2 hoursTypically available at all locations
Midas$90 – $2001 – 2 hoursTypically available at all locations
Valvoline Instant Oil Change$100 – $2001 – 2 hoursTypically available at all locations
Pep Boys$80 – $1501 – 2 hoursTypically available at all locations
Firestone Complete Auto Care$100 – $2001 – 3 hoursTypically available at all locations
Meineke Car Care Center$80 – $1801 – 2 hoursTypically available at all locations

Cost of Transmission Fluid Refill at Walmart

Though Walmart does not offer transmission fluid change services, it does sell a variety of transmission fluids.

The cost can vary based on the brand and type of fluid you choose, ranging anywhere from $5 to $50 per quart.

Duration of a Transmission Fluid Refill at Walmart

As Walmart does not currently offer transmission fluid refill services, this is not applicable. However, purchasing the transmission fluid from Walmart and doing it yourself or hiring a professional mechanic is a feasible alternative.

The time it takes to change transmission fluid can vary based on factors such as the type of vehicle, the method used, and the mechanic’s proficiency. On average, a professional service could take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.

Availability and Types of Transmission Fluid Sold at Walmart

Despite not offering the service, Walmart carries a wide variety of transmission fluids. You can find fluids that are suitable for a diverse range of vehicles, including:

  1. Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF): This type of fluid is commonly used in vehicles with automatic transmissions. It serves several purposes, including lubrication, providing hydraulic pressure, and cooling the transmission.
  2. Manual Transmission Fluid: Unlike ATF, this fluid is typically thicker and is used in manual transmissions to lubricate the gears and reduce friction.
  3. Synthetic Transmission Fluid: Synthetic fluids are engineered to provide superior performance and longevity compared to their conventional counterparts. They resist heat, cold, oxidation, and shearing forces better.
  4. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Fluid: CVT transmissions require specially-formulated fluids designed to handle the unique demands of these systems.

Which Transmission Fluid Should I Purchase at Walmart?

Choosing the right transmission fluid can be pivotal for the performance and lifespan of your vehicle. Here are a few top-quality options available at Walmart:

  1. Valvoline MaxLife Multi-Vehicle ATF: This full-synthetic formula is designed to deliver robust protection, and it’s compatible with a broad range of vehicles.
  2. Castrol Transmax CVT Transmission Fluid: This fluid is suitable for use in most belt and chain-driven CVT applications. It’s renowned for its high-temperature protection and enhanced friction durability.

Remember, it’s crucial to always refer to your vehicle’s owner manual to identify the recommended transmission fluid for your specific vehicle make and model.

Where Else Can I Get Transmission Fluid Changed?

Although Walmart doesn’t offer transmission fluid change services, numerous alternatives provide this service. Consider these options:

  1. Local auto repair shops: Most towns and cities have several auto repair shops that can perform this service. They often have experienced mechanics and are typically less expensive than dealership service centers.
  2. Dealerships: If your vehicle is under warranty or if you prefer having service performed by mechanics trained on your specific vehicle make and model, visiting a dealership could be a great choice.
  3. Auto service chains: National and regional auto service chains, such as Jiffy Lube, Midas, and Valvoline Instant Oil Change, also provide transmission fluid change services.

Each option has its advantages and potential drawbacks. Local shops might offer personalized service and lower prices, but they could have a longer turnaround time.

Dealerships may have the most advanced equipment and training, but their services are often more expensive. Auto service chains offer the benefit of standardized prices and services across multiple locations, but their staff may not have the same level of expertise or familiarity with your specific vehicle compared to a dealership.

Why Do I Need to Change My Transmission Fluid?

The importance of regular transmission fluid changes cannot be overstated. Here’s why:

  1. Vehicle Performance: Fresh, clean transmission fluid ensures that your vehicle’s gear shifts occur smoothly and efficiently. Over time, transmission fluid can become dirty and lose its effectiveness, leading to rough or sluggish shifting.
  2. Preventing Damage: Old, dirty fluid is less effective at lubricating your vehicle’s transmission, leading to increased wear and tear. This could potentially result in significant damage and expensive repairs. Regular fluid changes can help avoid these issues.

Has Walmart Changed Transmission Fluid in the Past?

In the past, Walmart Auto Care Centers did offer a wider range of services, including transmission fluid changes. However, over time, Walmart has limited its auto services, focusing on tire and oil change services, while discontinuing others like transmission fluid change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart’s transmission fluid change service come with any warranty or guarantee?

The specifics of warranties or guarantees can vary, and it is always best to ask the technician at your local Walmart Auto Care Center for the most accurate information regarding their policy.

How much does a transmission fluid change cost at Walmart?

The cost of a transmission fluid change at Walmart may vary based on your vehicle’s specific needs and the type of transmission fluid used. It’s best to contact your local Walmart Auto Care Center for a precise quote.

Can I schedule a transmission fluid change appointment online with Walmart?

Yes, Walmart offers the convenience of online scheduling for auto services, including transmission fluid changes. You can also call or visit your local Walmart Auto Care Center to set up an appointment.


While Walmart may not offer transmission fluid change services as of 2023, it remains a reliable source for purchasing a wide variety of transmission fluids. Ensure you pick the right fluid for your vehicle, based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

For the actual service of changing your transmission fluid, consider local auto repair shops, dealerships, or auto service chains. Remember, regular maintenance, including timelytransmission fluid changes, is key to keeping your vehicle in optimal condition and ensuring a smooth drive.

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