What is Costco’s Mattress Return Policy? (Exchanges & Refunds)

Costco, an American multinational corporation, is one of the largest retailers worldwide. Established in 1983, Costco operates a chain of membership-only big-box retail stores. With its headquarters in Issaquah, Washington, Costco offers a diverse range of products, including appliances, electronics, clothing, groceries, and not to forget, high-quality mattresses.

Apart from their vast product range and affordable prices, one of Costco’s biggest selling points is their customer-friendly return policy. The company stands out in the crowd by offering a generous return policy, helping them earn trust and loyalty from their customers. This article aims to provide comprehensive information about Costco’s mattress return policy.

What Is the Return Policy for Costco Mattress?

Known for its customer-oriented services, Costco offers an extremely generous return policy for mattresses. Unlike most other retailers who allow returns only within a specific ‘trial period’, Costco’s Mattress Return Policy permits customers to return or exchange at any time, provided they are dissatisfied with the purchase.

Here are some key aspects of the policy:

  • No Time Limit: The policy doesn’t set a time limit for returns. This feature sets Costco apart from other retailers, who often offer a limited return period of 30 to 100 days.
  • Full Refund: Costco promises a full refund to customers dissatisfied with their mattresses. This return policy provides customers with peace of mind when purchasing, knowing they can return the mattress if it doesn’t meet their expectations.
  • No Mandatory ‘Break-in’ Period: Some retailers require customers to keep a mattress for a certain ‘break-in’ period before they can return it. However, Costco doesn’t have any such clause in their return policy.
  • Adjustment Period Suggestion: Although not a policy requirement, Costco recommends its customers allow a few weeks to adjust to a new mattress before deciding to return it.

Terms and Conditions for Returning a Mattress

While Costco’s return policy is lenient, certain terms and conditions must be met to successfully return a mattress:

  • Condition of the Mattress: The mattress must be in a reasonably clean and unsoiled condition to be eligible for return.
  • Purchase Proof: Although not strictly necessary, retaining the original receipt can make the return process smoother and faster.
  • Membership Requirement: Costco’s return policy applies exclusively to members. The return process involves presenting a valid Costco membership card.

How to Return a Mattress at Costco?

Costco has designed a straightforward and hassle-free process to return a mattress. Below are the steps involved:

  1. Packaging: Pack the mattress securely in its original packaging or a secure wrap, ensuring the mattress is clean and unsoiled.
  2. Store Visit: Locate the nearest Costco warehouse and visit the store with the mattress and your Costco membership card.
  3. Customer Service: At the warehouse, head to the customer service desk. If you have the receipt for the purchase, bring it along.
  4. Return Request: Inform the associate at the counter that you wish to return the mattress. They will guide you through the rest of the process.

Costco’s Policy for Mattress Returns Without Providing a Receipt

Costco’s policy allows returns without a receipt. Thanks to their member-based structure, Costco can use your membership number to look up your purchases. However, having the original receipt can expedite the process.

Exchanges and Upgrades

Exchanging or upgrading your mattress at Costco is a simple process:

  • Return: Start by returning the original mattress following the steps mentioned in the ‘How to Return a Mattress at Costco?’ section.
  • New Purchase: Once you receive the refund, you can purchase a new mattress. Costco’s extensive collection of mattresses gives you a wide range to choose from for your new purchase.

Does Costco Accept Opened Mattresses?

Yes, Costco does accept returns of opened mattresses.

Their objective is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, and therefore, they accommodate the return of opened mattresses. This policy is a testimony to Costco’s dedication to prioritizing customers’ needs and satisfaction.

How Is the Refund Issued When You Return a Mattress at Costco?

Once you return a mattress at Costco, the refund will be issued in the original form of payment. However, if this is not possible, Costco provides a refund via a Costco Cash Card, which can be used for future purchases at any Costco warehouse.

How to Buy a Costco Mattress Online?

Costco’s online platform provides a comfortable, efficient, and easy shopping experience for customers who prefer shopping from the comfort of their home. Here’s a step-by-step guide to purchasing a mattress from Costco online:

Step 1: Visit the Costco Website

Start by navigating to the official Costco website on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Make sure you’re on the site specific to your country to view the correct product range and prices.

Step 2: Log in to Your Account

To make a purchase, you’ll need to log in to your Costco account. If you’re not already a member, you’ll need to sign up for a membership. After logging in, your membership information will be linked to your purchases, enabling easy tracking and returns if necessary.

Step 3: Navigate to the Mattress Section

On the Costco website’s home page, navigate to the “Furniture & Mattresses” category. Under this section, click on “Mattresses.” This will open a page displaying all available mattresses.

Step 4: Choose Your Mattress

On the mattress page, you can browse through a wide range of mattresses. You can filter the products according to your preference for size, brand, price, type, firmness, and more. Each mattress listing will include detailed information about the product, including its dimensions, materials, and customer reviews.

Take your time to compare the options and read through customer reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Step 5: Add to Cart

Once you’ve chosen a mattress that suits your preferences, click on the product for more details. If you’re satisfied with your choice, click on “Add to Cart.”

Step 6: Review Cart and Proceed to Checkout

Click on the cart icon at the top right of the page to review your selected products. Make sure your chosen mattress with the correct size and quantity is in the cart. You can also choose to add optional items like a mattress protector or bed frame at this stage. Once you’ve reviewed your cart, click on “Proceed to Checkout.”

Step 7: Fill in Delivery Information and Payment Details

At the checkout page, fill in your delivery address. Make sure the address and contact information are accurate to avoid any delivery issues. Then, choose your preferred payment method and fill in the necessary information.

Step 8: Place Your Order

Review all the information one last time, and then click on “Place Order.” You will receive a confirmation email summarizing your order details. Costco will notify you about the delivery date and any tracking information.

And voila! You’ve successfully ordered a mattress from Costco online. The convenience of online shopping, combined with Costco’s generous return policy, makes it a reliable and risk-free option for purchasing your next mattress.

How to Return an Item Online?

If you’ve purchased a mattress online and want to return it, you can do so either in-store or through Costco’s online return system:

  1. Login: Sign in to your Costco account.
  2. Order Status: Click on the ‘Order Status’ option.
  3. Return Selection: Select the item you want to return.
  4. Follow the Prompts: Complete the return process by following the prompts.

Can a Person Who Is Not a Costco Member Return a Mattress?

The return policy at Costco is only applicable to members. However, if a Costco member has gifted you the mattress, they can assist with the return process.

Handling Special Cases: Faulty Mattresses and Recalled Products

Costco’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends to handling special cases in costco mattress return policy: such as faulty mattresses and recalled products. In these situations, Costco provides a systematic and hassle-free return or refund process.

Faulty Mattresses:

A faulty mattress may involve a manufacturing defect or significant wear and tear, such as broken springs, sagging, or other structural issues that shouldn’t occur with normal usage. If you believe your mattress is faulty, the process of addressing it with Costco is as follows:

  1. Identify the Issue: Start by identifying the fault in the mattress. Document it with photographs if possible. This will help explain the problem when you return the product.
  2. Contact Customer Service: Contact Costco’s customer service, either in person at a warehouse or through their customer service hotline or email. Explain the issue and provide any evidence you have.
  3. Return Process: Costco will guide you through the return process, which typically involves returning the mattress to your nearest warehouse. If the mattress was purchased online, Costco might arrange for pick-up.
Recalled Products:

A product recall occurs when a product is found to have safety issues or fails to meet health and safety standards. In such cases, the product can be returned even if it’s outside the normal return window. Here’s how Costco handles product recalls:

  1. Notification: Costco tracks purchases against recalls and notifies customers who have bought a recalled product. The notification typically includes information about the reason for the recall and instructions for return or refund.
  2. Return or Refund: Follow the instructions provided by Costco to return the recalled product. Depending on the specific circumstances of the recall, Costco might provide a full refund, a replacement, or a repair option.

Can I return a mattress to any Costco warehouse?

Yes, you can return your mattress to any Costco warehouse across the country. However, ensure you have your membership card and, if possible, the receipt for a smoother return process.

Can I return a mattress bought online to a Costco warehouse?

Yes, you can return a mattress bought online to any Costco warehouse. Alternatively, you can initiate the return process online, and Costco will arrange for a pickup.

Products Returnable at Costco:

Costco’s return policy is not limited to mattresses. Apart from certain exceptions such as diamonds, electronics beyond a specific usage period, and cigarettes and alcohol where prohibited by law, Costco allows returns on most products if a member is dissatisfied with their purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costco offer a trial period for mattresses?

While most mattress retailers offer a limited trial period, Costco’s policy is unique. Instead of setting a specific trial period, Costco allows customers to return the mattress at any time if they’re not satisfied with it.

Does Costco charge a restocking fee for returned mattresses?

No, Costco does not charge any restocking fee for returned mattresses. This policy is part of Costco’s commitment to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Can I exchange my Costco mattress for a different model?

Yes, you can exchange your mattress for a different model. Start by returning the original mattress. Once you receive the refund, you can purchase a different mattress.

Do I need to keep the original packaging for a mattress return?

No, you don’t need to keep the original packaging. However, ensure the mattress is in a clean and unsoiled condition when returning.

What if my Costco mattress gets recalled?

If a product is recalled, Costco will notify customers who have purchased it and provide instructions for return or refund.


Costco’s return policy, particularly for mattresses, is one of the most generous in the retail industry. This policy, combined with their high-quality product range, contributes significantly to Costco’s popularity as a preferred shopping destination. As with any purchase, understanding the specifics of the return policy before buying is always recommended.

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