Why Is My Internet So Slow?

Today the internet is needed in every business. Whether you are working from home or at the office, you need a good internet connection. This might be due to larger bandwidth or more people connected to the same device. Sometimes the internet signals collapse and cause a buffering in internet speed. For this, you can use the Windstream speed test tool online to check your connection speed and get rid of unnecessary connections and improve your internet connection. 

However, several factors can affect your internet connection. If you want to know why our internet speed buffers are and what is the right internet connection for you, then keep on reading the article. 

Reasons Why Internet Speed Slows Down

Today internet is a basic necessity for every business. Due to excessive usage, its speed sometimes bluffers or collapses with other devices’ signals. But apart from this, there are some other reasons which slow down your internet speed.

  • The cloud device service needs a larger bandwidth to run. They use every bit of the internet they can consume. 
  • Sometimes there are unnecessary devices attached to bandwidth, and their uploading and downloading speeds can disturb your internet connection.
  • Sometimes spyware and viruses can greatly reduce your computer’s resources and cause issues in sending data. This is seen as buffering by the users. 
  • Use a wireless connection. They have freedom of position. While the wired (Ethernet) has mobility issues, and the connection is restricted.
  • Line and area network issues are also great troubleshooters. Your internet speed can be affected by network issues, weak wifi signals, and damaged cabling. Sometimes, the internet signals are mixed with other signals and can’t reach properly.
  • It is not always an internet issue. Sometimes maybe, the website or service you are opening has some problems.

How to Check Internet Speed?

However, if you still have doubts about your internet speed, then you can use the Windstream speed test to check your connection speed. If you are a basic internet user then 100 Mbps download, and 10 Mbps upload speed is sufficient for you. Otherwise, your internet demand varies according to your business.

Sometimes a speed of even 1 Gbps is not enough for some businesses. Hence, before buying any internet package, you must look after your demand first. Moreover, you should also look for the right type of internet network according to your work need. 

Different Types Of Internet Network Connections

There are different types of network connections with various ranges. You can select your network according to your work need. Their range varies according to your requirement. You can get any of these internet connection types to get a higher speed internet:

Dial-Up connection: This connection is built between the computer and server using a modem. This type of connection is not preferred today as it is a slow means of internet. This connection needs telephone access. It works as an interference between the phone line and the computer. And the user can use a phone line or the internet at a time.

Broadband connection: It is typically faster than the traditional dial-up connection. It is connected via cable or telephone line. However, this doesn’t disturb telephone connection, and we can use both the internet and telephone simultaneously. It can satisfy several signals, and traffic types and more than one person can get the bandwidth. Moreover, it travels through coaxial cable, optical fiber cable, radio, and twisted pair cable.

DSL Connection: It stands for Digital Scribe Line. In this bandwidth connection, there is no need to dial any phone number to connect to the internet. Its speed varies between 128k to 10 Mbps according to the internet package. 

Cable Connection: It is an extremely fast internet connection, and its speed ranges from 512k to 20 Mbps. however, its downloading and uploading speed varies according to the service provided. It uses a cable for its access and operates over T.V cable. You can use the Windstream speed test tool to check your network speed online and choose a package accordingly. 

Satellite Connection: This type of connection is preferred in rural areas where a broadband connection is not introduced yet. The signal travels from the satellite to Earth. Therefore, the connection speed is a bit slow. Its speed usually ranges from 512k to 2.0 Mbps.

How is Internet Speed Measured?

Your internet speed depends on its upload and download speed. It is measured in megabits per second and gigabits per second. You can check your internet speed using the Windstream speed test tool on the internet. This will give an approximation of your internet’s upload and download speed. Moreover, ping and jitter can also be checked. 


These sets of networks are classified according to different user requirements. You can choose the right connection according to your requirement. For this, use the Windstream speed test tool online to check your connection speed and seek the right internet connection for yourself. So, you can use your internet carefreely without paying your internet fee in vain. 

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