How to Export Twitter Followers and Friends into Excel?

Managing your followers and followings on Twitter requires manually scrolling through your lists and checking each account individually. This process is time-consuming and demanding, requiring reviewing numerous accounts individually.

Due to the tediousness of manually managing Twitter followers and followings, many individuals are curious about the feasibility of exporting their Twitter following and followers lists. Fortunately, with Circleboom Twitter, an exceptional list management tool, obtaining a comprehensive list of Twitter followers and followings has become hassle-free.

Let’s begin by understanding how you can effortlessly export your Twitter following list using Circleboom Twitter!

How to export the following (friends) list for Twitter?

Once in a while, a complete Twitter cleaning is highly beneficial for all accounts, whether personal or business accounts. We tend to follow many accounts daily, but in time things get more complicated as the number of people we interact with increases.

Some of these Twitter users may become inactive on Twitter in time or overactive, filling your timeline with only their updates. As you export the following (friends) list for Twitter via Circleboom, you can clean up your following list and keep things organized.

You can follow the steps below to export the following list for Twitter and keep your account on track.

Step #1: Get into your  Circleboom Twitter profile.

If this is your first time, you should create an account.

Circleboom Twitter login

Step #2: On the left menu, you’ll see the “The Circle” tab.

Navigate to it and then you will see “All Your Friends.” 

Circleboom Twitter dashboard

Step #3: All your Twitter friends will be listed by Circleboom in the next step.

Click “Export” to download your list as Excel, CSV, or PDF.

There is an "Export" button on the top-right.

If you have a particular account in mind, you can utilize the keyword search bar to find it easily. 

Furthermore, you can use “filter options” to refine your list. This lets you view inactive, overactive, spammy, or newly registered accounts among your friends. 

Additionally, if you possess verified friends, you can obtain a dedicated list of them. Moreover, you can apply filters based on your friends’ number of followers and followings. Not only that, but you can also sort them based on their Twitter join date.

Filter your Twitter friends

After compiling the desired accounts, you can effortlessly create a Twitter list and add them all simultaneously on the same dashboard. Simply select the accounts you want to include by checking the boxes next to them. Once your selection is complete, click the “Add to Twitter List” button.

You can create a brand-new list or add these accounts to an existing Twitter list.

Step #4:

Circleboom will generate a comprehensive friends list for you, containing their ID numbers, follower and friend counts, locations, tweet numbers, Twitter list numbers, verification status, and join dates. 

When you click the “Export” button, you can conveniently download and export your Twitter following list.


How to export followers list on Twitter?

Besides the friends who reciprocate your follow on Twitter, you likely follow some users who do not follow you back. Keeping track of these accounts is essential as they impact your follower/following ratio, which can influence first impressions when trying to grow your Twitter following. Your profile image, bio information, and follower/following ratio often shape people’s initial perceptions.

With Circleboom Twitter, you can manage the accounts that don’t follow you back, enabling you to take control of this crucial ratio. To help you keep things organized, we’ve prepared a straightforward guide on exporting your Twitter followers list using Circleboom.

Step #1: Open your Circleboom Twitter account.

You should create an account in a second if it is your first time.

Circleboom Twitter

Step #2: Navigate to the left menu and find “Search” tab.

Here you will find “All My Followers” option.

All My Followers

Step #3: Circleboom will list all your Twitter followers after you click on it.

Click on the “Export” button at the top right to make your follower list download.

Twitter followers

The keyword search bar is at your disposal if you are looking for a particular account. Additionally, you can utilize “filter options” to refine your list. This lets you see inactive, overactive, spammy, and newly registered friends. Furthermore, you can access a list of verified friends if available.

Moreover, you can apply filters to your followers based on their follower and following counts. Additionally, you have the capability to filter them according to their Twitter join date.

Filter your Twitter followers

Step #4: After clicking the “Export” button, a comprehensive list of all your Twitter followers will be displayed. This list includes their ID numbers, follower and friend counts, locations, tweet numbers, Twitter list numbers, verification status, join dates, and more.

To export your Twitter followers, click on the blue “Export” button once again. This action will enable you to download your Twitter followers’ data into a CSV file for your convenience.

Wrapping Up

Monitoring your Twitter follows and followings involves manually scrolling through lists and verifying each account individually, which can be extremely time-consuming and laborious.

Luckily, Circleboom’s Twitter list management provides a solution, allowing you to export your Twitter following and followers lists effortlessly. This feature efficiently organizes your lists by removing inactive, overactive, spam, and fake accounts.

Furthermore, Circleboom Twitter offers the added advantage of exporting other users’ following and followers lists, enabling you to create Twitter lists with your chosen accounts. This way, you can receive real-time updates from these accounts without the need to follow them back.

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