10 Best Apps like Hulu: Best Streaming Services in 2024

In the mood to binge-watch your favorite shows but not sure where to watch them? Apps like Hulu are great platforms to revive your mood no matter how hard your day has been. Hulu is known as “Finally TV on your terms” where you can anytime watch videos from a browser for free. You can watch premium-quality movies, web originals, and clips on Hulu.

However, the best direct streaming app is not accessible everywhere and is only limited to the United States, Japan, and a few other regions. So, here presenting some sites or apps like Hulu to keep you watching content anytime anywhere you want.

What Hulu Offers You?

Before getting some good Hulu alternatives, you first should know the exclusive features of the platform.

  • Watching the previous night’s episodes from major network shows.
  • Enjoy award-winning documentaries, originals, and movies.
  • The complete season of trending shows across all networks.
  • Have family time enjoying classy movies.
  • There are cartoons and adult animes available.
  • Have a look at the dubbed, subtitled regional animes.

Hulu + Live TV also allows you to access unlimited DVR for free and record the shows to watch at your convenience. However, there are a lot of services available competing with Hulu. So if you are happy with their content catalog, or number of concurrent streams on Hulu or the quality of services, here are some alternative options available for you.

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10 Popular Apps like Hulu

Netflix: Most Popular Streaming App

The most popular name that comes in front whenever you think of searching for apps like Hulu is definitely Netflix. It has a vast library of TV shows, movies, and Originals from all the most searched genres. The facilities you will get differ across the four different plans. Most known features include:

  • A much-awaited blend of movies and shows intermingled in a single platform.
  • You can access over 6000 titles on Netflix.
  • They have the most easy-to-use interface.
  • Download movies, and shows and watch them later.

Well, more or less all trending shows and movies are there on Netflix. Our top picks are Stranger Things, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Friends, etc.

What Can They Improve?

  • They should have extended their services to live TV or sports.
  • Their monthly plans can get more economical.

2. Amazon PrimeVideo: Best Platform for Original Content

When you search for apps like Hulu and Netflix, there’s nothing better than Amazon Prime Video. The premium platform has 21K+ titles, so you won’t feel bored and run out of content. They have their originals like Jack Ryan and rented shows and movies too. Some exclusive Amazon Prime Video features include-

  • Have customized show recommendations for both adults and kids.
  • There are big on-demand content libraries available.
  • Have quick integration with Amazon Prime TV, and
  • Rent or buy movies.

There are great series like Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power available on the platform, which would keep you engaged. You can also avail of Prime Music, with its selective plans if you are in the mood to tune in to your favorites.

What Can They Improve?

  • Even if the shows on Amazon Prime Video are versatile, sometimes you may face a cluttered user interface.
  • They should provide more live TV content like other apps do at the price range.

3. Lionsgate Play: Best Streaming Platform with Easy Interface

Lionsgate Play was launched in India in 2020 and is an amazing platform to give you some relaxing time. On your screen have some finest collections of movies and TV shows as well as regional content as you like. It’s perfect among Hulu alternatives with a mixed collection of content from all genres. The most popular categories include science Fiction, romance, trending ones, and comedy.

Some features of Lionsgate include:

  • Easy interface with sections like divided widgets for quick finding of contents.
  • Users can choose from multiple subscriptions.
  • Download shows and movies to watch later offline.
  • Easily navigated Ulis.

Binge-watch shows like The Girlfriend Experience, Hiccups & Hookups, or movies like Shotgun Wedding, Plane, etc on Lionsgate Play.

What Can They Improve?

  • They didn’t have the filter option for language, genre, release year, etc.
  • They should have included the IMDB ratings so that users can have informed choices.

4. Disney + Hotstar: Best Family Streaming Platform

After apps like Hulu and Netflix, if you want a complete family package entertainment streaming app then go for Disney+ Hotstar. The streaming service is full of kids-friendly, nostalgic, and trending content. Whether you are a Marvel or Star Wars follower or love watching heart-melting Disney princess stories, you all get all flavors in one platform. Here are some unavoidable features offered by Disney+

  • Broader streaming devices option: from Apple iPhones and iPads, Android devices, Windows 10 & 11, Roku, Chromecast, etc.
  • More than 1K+ titles in the library.
  • Live sports, tv shows, movies, and more.
  • There’s a Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle package to have added entertainment.

With Disney+ Hotstar you can also watch top HBO content like Game of Thrones, Marvel series, movies, Star Wars, and whatnot!

What Can They Improve?

  • We haven’t found many issues with Disney + Hotstar. The only hope remains that they add more varieties as sites like Hulu.

5. Apple TV+: Best Streaming Platform for Apple Users

Hulu alternatives like Apple TV+ are only for iPhone or iPad users. The app is also present in many smart TVs, selective cable boxes, or game consoles. Initially, you can access the app for free at least for the seven days trial period, and then can decide whether to continue the app or not. The top features of Apple TV+ include:

  • The streaming platform offers all original content.
  • Can have a minimum of 10 million downloads.
  • The videos are streamed in 4K HD resolution.

The best part about the application is that, if you have bought any of the Apple devices recently, then experience the app for free for the next 12 months.

Watch some Apple TV premiers like The Morning Show, Bad Sisters, Black Bird, and Severance for free while subscribing to their plans.

What Can They Improve?

  • As earlier said, they only offer original shows, so you can’t expect rented content from other platforms like HBO there.
  • Only Apple device users can have recreation through it.

6. HBO Max: Best High-Quality Streaming Platform

HBO Max has recently been quite popularised for offering classic and original content. Other than the classics, enjoy Warner Media movies and HBO series. We guarantee that there is something or the other your whole family will love. The best part about HBO Max has been that it now also streams live sports. Features like

  • You will have access to many of the much-awaited contents.
  • You will be the first to access the Warner Bros movies.
  • Watch live-streamed sports matches too.
  • There are approx. 10000 hours of content available.

Our top pick shows on HBO Max are The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Friends, etc.

What Can They Improve?

  • The only complaint among users is that HBO Max has not yet reached all countries.
  • If they include regional contents, it will be more than amazing.

7. Google TV: Best Integrated Streaming App

How time-consuming it must be to hover from one platform to another in search of your favorite shows. Similar to apps or sites like Hulu, you can count Google TV as the best integrated platform. You can find delight in TV on your terms with the personalized entertainment option ever available. So, feature Google Tv either on your smartphone, Chromecast or Smart TV. Features included are:

  • Have curated recommendations to find your next favorite TV show or movie.
  • Anytime you can ask Google assistant to feature what you are looking for.
  • Start building your watchlist.
  • It gives access to over 10K apps within a single integrated platform.
  • Have an updated list from anywhere.

So, with Google TV you don’t have to specifically open apps like Netflix or Prime Video and instead can just ask Google for it.

What Can They Improve?

  • The Google TVs chrome render pages work slowly which should have been improved.

8. YouTube: Best Free Streaming App

If you wanna watch video content for free then nothing can be better suited than YouTube. For advanced services, YouTube TV has been chosen for over 5 million+ subscribers. YouTube TV has been actively chosen by viewers across the world for its ad-free no interruption services. But speaking about the features of YouTube here are some:

  • Watch videos at high quality up to 1080p premium resolution.
  • Add contents to watch later.
  • Access to rented movies or you can purchase them.
  • Less data-consuming app.

So, whether you are addicted to music videos, shorts, or the full range of content by creators, have complete fun with it.

What Can They Improve?

  • The free users have to face issues like frequent ads, video lagging, or glitches.

9. MX Player: The Complete Package App

While accessing apps like Hulu and Netflix, you may be missing some native content. MX Player is a powerful video player app that supports subtitles. To avoid ads, anytime you can upgrade to MX gold and enjoy movies free from interruption. App features are:

  • A better platform with the best dubbed international shows.
  • There are innumerable Hindi and regional language contents.
  • A powerful player with all formats of audio like AC-3, and hardware acceleration.
  • Had quality videos, movies, and web series come along with subtitle support.

You can also spend hours watching Hindi movies like Bajirao Mastani, and Alt Balaji Contents, or Korean series like Pinocchio, Sky Castle, etc.

What Can They Improve?

  • Unfortunately, if you are an American sitcom or Hollywood movie admirer then you don’t have enough options here.

10. Discovery+: Best Infotainment Platform

Disney Plus has been chosen as the best infotainment streaming platform where your kids can watch science, lifestyle, food, or respective contents. But they are not limited to educational variations as other full-fledged entertainment options are also included. Often Discovery + comes in partnership with subsequent Amazon prime plans. Some features are:

  • A low-cost service provider with multiple ranges of shows.
  • There are 14 networks combined within the single app. Some of them are TCL, Discovery, Animal Planet, Food Network, and Lifetime.
  • Enjoy award-winning BBC natural history documentaries.

Have complete fun watching shows like Gold Rush, Ghost Adventures, Blue Planet II, Planet Earth II, Deadliest Catch, etc.

What Can They Improve?

  • Even though a variety of shows are streamed on the app, somewhere it fails to come up as a stand-alone platform.

The End!

Most of the apps like Hulu as given above can be accessed over multiple ranges of devices, be it Apple iPhones or Android TVs. Also, the apps shared above offer customized region-specific shows. So, download these applications from the play store or app store now and have a happy binge-watching experience.

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