Best Buy Employee Discount 2024 (Perks + More)

Best Buy is one of the leading provider of technology products, services, and solutions. It has earned a spot in the prestigious Fortune 100 list. It is founded in 1966 and the company’s operations span a broad spectrum of product categories, all aimed at enhancing the life of customers through technology. A few of its offerings include:

  • Cutting-edge home electronics: From high-resolution smart TVs to the latest laptops and smartphones, Best Buy is the go-to hub for tech enthusiasts.
  • Entertainment goods: Including an exciting collection of video games, a variety of genres of movies, and an assortment of music for every taste.
  • Home and kitchen appliances: From refrigerators and washing machines to coffee makers and blenders, Best Buy ensures that your home is equipped with reliable and efficient appliances.
  • Health, fitness, and personal care products: This encompasses fitness equipment, health monitors, personal grooming products, and much more.
  • An extensive range of accessories: Best Buy provides a myriad of accessories to enhance your tech experience, such as phone cases, laptop bags, cables, and chargers.

One of the exceptional perks that Best Buy offers its employees is the Employee Discount Program. This program is a testament to the company’s employee-focused approach, offering significant savings opportunities to its dedicated workforce. Let’s delve into the details of this appealing program for 2023.

How Much Discount Will Best Buy Employees Get?

Best Buy stands out in the retail sector for its generous employee discount. In 2023, the discount allows employees to purchase products at the company’s cost price plus 5%.

This unique pricing policy translates into considerable savings. Depending on the product, the discount can range anywhere from 20% to an astounding 50% off the retail price. This substantial markdown ensures that employees can enjoy the latest tech without breaking the bank.

Terms and Conditions to Get Discount

To take advantage of the Best Buy Employee Discount, certain requirements and conditions must be met. These include:

  1. Employee Status: The discount program is not exclusive to full-time employees. It extends to part-time workers, ensuring that all members of the Best Buy family can reap the benefits.
  2. Waiting Period: There is a waiting period before new employees become eligible for the discount. This period is typically about 30 days, a time frame allowing the new employee to acclimate to the company’s culture and operations.
  3. In-Store Purchases: The Employee Discount applies to in-store purchases. While Best Buy appreciates the convenience of online shopping, the discount isn’t available for online purchases, reinforcing the importance of the in-store customer experience.
  4. Non-Resale: The Employee Discount is intended for personal use or as a gift. Purchasing products for resale is strictly prohibited, ensuring the program’s integrity and fairness.

How to Check the Best Buy Discount for Employees?

To check your Best Buy Employee Discount, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Step 1: Start by logging in to the Best Buy Employee Toolkit. This platform serves as your central hub for all employee-related information and resources.
  2. Step 2: On the left-hand menu, click on ‘Discounts.’ This section consolidates all discount-related details for easy access and understanding.
  3. Step 3: You’ll land on the ‘My Discounts‘ page, where you can view and track the discounts applicable to you. This transparency allows you to plan your purchases and maximize savings.

Additional Benefits for Employees at Best Buy

Beyond the enticing employee discount, Best Buy offers a host of additional benefits:

  • Health Benefits: Employees have access to comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans. Best Buy acknowledges the importance of health and well-being and provides these benefits to safeguard its employees.
  • Tuition Assistance: Best Buy fosters a culture of learning and growth. The company provides financial aid for employees seeking to pursue higher education, thereby investing in their personal and professional development.
  • Paid Time Off: Employees receive generous paid time off (PTO) and holiday leave. This benefit helps to maintain a healthy work-life balance and avoid burnout.
  • 401(k) Plan: The company offers a robust retirement savings plan, inclusive of a company match, to secure the financial future of its employees.
  • Employee Assistance Program: Best Buy offers a free, confidential Employee Assistance Program to help its staff navigate personal and work-life issues, reflecting the company’s compassionate and supportive culture.
  • Adoption Assistance: To make the adoption process more manageable, Best Buy provides financial assistance for those employees looking to adopt. This unique benefit underscores the company’s commitment to family values.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Additional Benefits

Each benefit carries specific eligibility criteria, usually based on factors like employment status (part-time/full-time), tenure, and job level.

Detailed information about each benefit and its eligibility requirements can be found on the Best Buy HR portal.

Do Best Buy Employees Get Discount on All Products?

The Best Buy Employee Discount is applicable on a wide range of in-store products. However, discounts may vary across categories:

  • High Discount: Accessories and cables often attract the highest discount rates, often exceeding the standard rates.
  • Moderate Discount: Mainstream consumer electronics, home appliances, and similar products generally attract a moderate discount.
  • Limited or No Discount: Certain products, including Apple products, sale items, and some new releases, may have limited or no discounts.

What Is the Maximum Discount Will Best Buy Employee Get?

While the discounts can be substantial, the exact maximum percentage can differ from one product to another.

However, the “cost plus 5%” rule ensures that the deeper the discount, the closer it aligns with the company’s cost price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Best Buy employee discount apply immediately upon hiring?

No, there’s a waiting period of approximately 30 days.

Are there any items exempted from the Best Buy employee discount?

Yes, certain brand-new releases, sale items, and specific brand products are exempted.

Do part-time employees receive the same discount benefits as full-time employees?

Yes, the Best Buy employee discount extends to both part-time and full-time employees.

Is the Best Buy employee discount applicable to online purchases?

No, the employee discount is applicable to in-store purchases only. It’s an approach that emphasizes the in-store customer experience.


In conclusion, the Best Buy Employee Discount offers an appealing incentive for both prospective and existing employees. The extent of the discount, which can range from 20% to 50%, represents significant potential savings. Coupled with the broad range of additional benefits that Best Buy provides, this employee discount program makes Best Buy an attractive employer in the competitive retail industry.

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