15 Best Craft Stores Like Hobby Lobby (2023)

We are all passionate about adorning our house in the best peaceful manner to turn it into a home. As a philosopher once said, home is not an address or place but the manifestation of a feeling within oneself. As a result, we always strive to decorate it. The decoration of a particular house reflects the mentality and personality of its dwellers. But, how many times do we face trouble in finding and selecting the most impeccable home decors?

Moreover, hopping physically from store to store misspends our time and vigour. So, finding the solution online is witty. Hobby Lobby is one of such reputed stores that provide us with a huge collection of arts & crafts, home decors, paintings, etc. But, this is not the ultimate option as you can explore more options at other places too.

In this article, we will be discussing the 15 best alternatives to craft stores like Hobby Lobby preceded by some information about Hobby Lobby company. Let’s get going.

About Hobby Lobby Inc.

Hobby Lobby was formerly known as Hobby Lobby Creative Center. The origin of the company dates back to 1970 When David and Barbara Green started to manufacture miniature picture frames. Later, they bought a 300-sq ft. place in Oklahoma to expand their business. As of now, Hobby Lobby, with its 43000 employees and 900 stores, operates in 47 states of the USA to make it the largest privately-owned arts & crafts retailer on the planet.

Hobby Lobby offers more than 70000 discrete products that include home decors, seasonal decors, religious books & items, tableware, floral arts & craft supplies, jewellery, etc. So, this is the potential destination for your every need in the sphere of home decors.

There are a lot craft stores like Hobby Lobby out there with a reasonable pricing and a lot of options. We have handpicked all these places like Hobby Lobby for you here. Let’s check them out.

stores like hobby lobby

15 Best Alternatives Craft Stores to Hobby Lobby

1. Micheals

It is one of the largest stores related to art and crafts in North America and Canada. Like Hobby Lobby, you can get art supplies, canvas, frames, yarn & needlework, beads & jewellery, fabric, craft machines, sewing machines, papercraft, wedding accessories, kitchen tools, floral arrangements, toys & games etc.

You can easily sign in to their app and access exclusive products at reasonable prices. There are rewards, offers, event invites and early sales alerts too. For kids, beginners and experts, the store can help to be more creative with art and crafts.


2. Joann

Another Hobby Lobby alternative store is Joann where you can shop your required art and crafts at very reasonable prices. There are various sewing supplies, home decors, seasonal decors, art supplies, kids supplies, jewellery and accessories that you can purchase.

You can shop offline or online here as the product details are available for all products. On a regular shopping app, you must get gifts & rewards, coupons and offers. Also, you can share your craft story with the Joann community.

JOANN - Shopping & Crafts
JOANN - Shopping & Crafts
Developer: Jo-Ann Stores
Price: Free

3. Spoonflower

Spoonflower is an Australian designer fabric and home décor company founded by Stephen Fraser and Gart Davis. The origin story is quite interesting. Stephen’s wife once got frustrated not finding a certain design for her drapes. Hence Stephen thought about a site where the consumer can customize their fabric, as a result, a revolution was started.

Spoonflower offers customizable fabrics, dining apparel (table cloths, wet towels, dinner napkins, tea towels, etc.), wallpapers, curtains, wall hangings, throw papers, and so on. Recently, the company has taken an initiative to support Ukrainian artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their arts.


4. Ross Stores

Headquartered in Dublin, California, Ross Stores is another large Hobby Lobby alternatives store. It serves 37 states in the U.S. by operating 1400 stores.

Here, you can get varieties of crafts including clothing as well. Other products are home décor, furniture, jewellery, beauty products, housewares, toys, bedding, footwear etc. You can access up to 20% to 60% discount on buying any item.


5. Oriental Trading

Japanese American Harry Watanabe founded the company in Omaha, Nebraska in 1932. Oriental Trading is one of the USA’s first wholesale companies for novelties and gifts.

You can take a cruise through its enormous collections of toys and games, accessories, party supplies, teaching supplies, graphic apparel, fidgets and sensory, carnival & religious supplies, etc. The company’s positive reputation is a green sign for you to venture.


6. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack offers branded clothes and accessories for men, women and kids in U.S. and Canada. Over 350 stores operate in those regions. There are clothing, footwear, handbags, travel accessories, activewear, jewellery, beauty products etc.

You can get here up to 70% off on buying any branded items every day. There is free shipping on orders over $89. You can also easily return any item within 45 days by mail or to any Norstrom Rack, Norstrom Local or Norstrom Store in the U.S. If you want to shop through the app, you can get $5 off on your first purchase.

Nordstrom Rack
Nordstrom Rack
Developer: Nordstrom, Inc.
Price: Free

7. Texas Art Supply

The store is perfect for creating new ideas. There are painting items, paper palettes, acrylic inks, modelling clay, cards & envelopes, armature wires, sketchbooks, modelling tools, sculpting kits, brushes and many more to explore. You also can get exciting offers to buy products. Besides, there are coupon facilities and discounts up to 50% on any facilities.

The company started in the early 1950s in the Montrose area of Houston. Today, over 60000 high quality branded products for students, professionals and hobbyists made the store very popular.


8. T.J.Maxx

The company is based in the United States. It is a store chain, as a result, you can obtain off-price items i.e. at a low price compared to other stores.

T.J.Maxx offers you a plethora of home decors, arts & crafts, furniture & lightings, kitchen and tabletops, bed and bath items, gift items, and so on. Moreover, you can get clothes, footwear, accessories and jewellery categorized for men, women, and kids. Do not hesitate twice to explore this fascinating site.

Price: Free

9. Plaid Online

Another alternative to Hobby Lobby can be Plaid Online. You can explore brands like Bucilla, Delta Ceramcoat, and FolkArt. Craft paint, Needlecrafting, Glass Painting, Home Decor, Fashion Crafting, and Stencil & Stenciling are the main focus of the shop. They give exciting offers and discounts on the items if you can buy items priced over $75. Also, there are many coupons to use here and get your favourite products at discounts. So, you can easily shop here online.


10. Big Lots!

Those of you, who are going through this article up to this mark to select a destination site to decorate your patio, voila! you have found the treasure trove. The US-based company is specialized in patio and outdoor decors and lightings.

However, this is not the only section you find here. It is a massive display of  Pool & pool accessories, fire pits, gazebos, planters, grills, cushions, and many more. So, have a go at once.


11. Blick

Blick is another art and crafts store like Hobby Lobby. Though the store was established as a mail-order business in 1911, the company became one of the oldest and largest art materials suppliers in the U.S. The head office of Blick is in Highland Park, Illinois. Other stores are in Monroe and New Jersey.

You can shop here from your favourite brands like Apollo, Carolina Creative, Camellia, Ellison, Hampton Art, Handstand Kitchen, Ziller, Van Gogh, Fantasia, Linzer etc. There are crafts supplies for artists, educators or kids.


12. Factory Direct Craft

This company is popular art and crafts supplier like Hobby Lobby. You can explore varieties of art supplies, fabric, party decor supplies, sewing supplies, beauty products, handmade supplies, and electronic devices. Moreover, you can shop for clothing, footwear and accessories. There are food and grocery items like baby foods, beverages, dairy, prepared foods, meat substitutes, snacks & sweets.

The store is best for professional artists and hobbyists. Also, other people can get their everyday products from Factory Direct Craft.


13. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is an American company based in San Francisco operating for more than seventy years. This is one of the aristocratic sites to have a final say on your decision regarding home adorning.

You can avail of classic items for your home, for instance, furniture, mirrors, arts & crafts, curtains, showpieces, garden equipment, bedding and bath items, cabinet hardware, kitchenware, and so on. We are sure that you would never be disappointed visiting the company’s collection.


14. Create For Less

Create For Less is another company where you can explore new art and crafts supplies. You can find about 1000 brands of craft supplies, sewing and beading supplies and many more at reasonable prices. Besides, you can get discounts on various items daily. You can also get stuff for your kids. Hence, the store is suitable for you if you are creative.


15. Artist Craftsman

The company was founded in 1985 as a small upstart art supply store in Portland. Today, Artist Craftsman is one of the largest art and crafts suppliers in the United States.

The company sells paintings, crafting, sculpting, drawing related items for professionals and kids as well. Besides, you can get up to a 40% discount on any item every day.


Henceforth, this is everything about the stores like Hobby Lobby from our side. We have handpicked such companies and stores that care about inclusiveness, environment, and business fairness. Moreover, you can see on their websites that these companies believe in sustainable development in making their products. So, you need not be concerned about the eco-friendliness of their products.

We are more than ecstatic to help you as always. Let us know your feedback. Happy Reading!

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