15 Best Stitch Fix alternatives that are Cheaper and Awesome

If it’s the menswear subscription box game that you are thinking about, then Stitch Fix would pop up first in mind. It is known to have set a good standard in the industry which certainly has grown amazingly over the past few years. It offers a convenient and streamlined way to discover personal styling for men.

So if you think about what you need to update in your wardrobe or upgrade it for the better reasons well then Stitch Fix is surely the answer. With such subscription boxes geared up, there are also some challenges that people are facing. Even if it is one of the most incredible brands to look out for presently, listed are some of the finest range of alternatives that offer great pricing and commitment as you expect.

Here are the 15 best Stitch Fix alternatives at affordable pricing and high quality.

Stitch Fix Alternatives & Competitors:

1. Wantable

Available at a $20 styling fee, you must try out this one of the most incredible stitch fix alternatives. You can keep whatever you have liked and rest all you can return. It works on the simple aim which is to offer the clients an amazing fashion subscription service.

The set of the box consists of 7 different handpicked products which can surely match the style. They have styling and active planning for the women and also for the men too.

Link: https://www.wantable.com/

2. Bespoke Post

Another platform that you might want to explore is the box offered by Bespoke. It consists of different items that are given on the wooden surface. The primary aim of the Bespoke post is to introduce the wide range of different products and brands that consumers would love to use.

Once you sign up, participate in the quiz and let the bespoke team understand your taste and choices. Each box comes with a specific theme as per the activities and interests and also you get the box with a catchy name on it.

Link: https://www.bespokepost.com/

3. Nadine West

Nadine West has always been a rough competition to not just Stitch but rest other alternatives as well. This platform gives the customers not just a range of fashion outfits but the surprises which they would love.

You can use different promo codes and get the box at an additional money-saving deal. It cost around $25 for the whole box and shipping is included in it. Every item present in the box can vary in the price range between $10-$40 and guess what! There are no hidden fees as well.

Link: https://nadinewest.com/

4. Threadbeast

This is another best subscription that you can choose if you have a love for the hype culture and streetwear. If you have a specific subset of fashion but don’t have time to go through all the blogger’s and influencers’ ideas then Threadbeast is the right option for you.

At Threadbeast, you can just get anything, be it a wallet, headphones, eyeglasses or even sneakers that are put on the wooden surface. This platform would give your wardrobe a much needed fresh range of fashion with a drop on monthly basis for the hype-worthy apparel.

Unlike other regular subscription boxes, the design of this box is a little different. It comes with three box tiers. Again, the pattern can change as per the client’s requirements and consist of the classy brand’s assortment.

Link: https://www.threadbeast.com/

5. Trunk Club

Available at a $25 styling fee, trunk club is another fashion statement box that you must try out. It can send the range of 10 good quality items and so far has also been the stitch fix competitor.

At trunk club, you don’t have to send any kind of recurring subscription but certainly, you can schedule and make the payment for the shipment anytime. Trunk Club is one of the best options for capturing the style that many customers often look forward to at great pricing. On your first box, you can even earn the credit of $50 credit which certainly is a money-saving deal.

Link: https://www.trunkclub.com/

6. Nuuly

This box is available at $88 / month and is one of the best options that you can try out other than Stitch. It offers the best quality brand assortment at a cost-friendly deal. Nuuly offers you the renting of six high quality based items for $88 on a monthly basis.

The subscription box consists of a range of exclusive brands that many customers prefer to use. There are some handpicked choices by the designers which you would be tempted to add to your wardrobe.


7. GQ Best Stuff Box

There are quite limited companies like stitch fix which offers a value for money solution and GQ’s best stuff box is one of them. It is all gathered with the help of editors and their department in the fashion section. This subscription box service is quite straightforward to apply for. There is no profile or quiz. All you have to do is sign up and get the best collection of some cool stuff that you would like.

Link: https://beststuffbox.gq.com/

8. Le Tote

With the boxes available starting at $59/month, this is another alternative to Stitch that you can consider. This clothing rental solution lets you choose and wear the fashion accessories and also the clothes at a great fee. Now you can explore different fashion collections and wear the style of your choice as and when you want. If you want to purchase them, you have a good chance to save an additional 50% on the current value.

Link: https://letote.com/

9. Menlo Club

Available at the cost of $60 per month, this option is cheaper than a stitch fix and the quality is great as well. With a wide range of options available, you don’t want to miss out on the trending brands of the market. They don’t charge for the stylizing fee but a flat rate which is around $60 every month in which you get at least 3 items from the brand.

The products can vary as per the brand every month and of course, they are designed for complementing the items that you got earlier.

Link: https://www.themenlohouse.com/

10. Birchbox

This option of subscription box would cost you around $15 on monthly basis and takes care of all the grooming needs that would be required.

The box consists of different grooming and skincare products which makes it unique in its way. This box is designed to ensure all your dietary, skin and hair requirements are well fit and if there is any kind of pre-determined package it is also rightly taken care of.


11. Get Basic

Available at $25 on monthly basis, this is another amazing subscription box that you might want to explore. If your wardrobe is getting used to the boring shelf life then it’s time to upgrade it better. The box consists of an amazing collection of socks bars with a folded t-shirt and boxers that you can use.

With this option, you can think about underwear and socks while ensuring the supply stays fresh all the time. There are different pattern and colour options that change as per the seasonal themes

Link: https://www.getbasic.com/

12. Sprezzabox

This subscription box is available at the price of $28 on monthly basis and also there are discounts if you go with the long plans of the subscription. The box consists of the shades, socks, beanie and pouch. This is an incredible accessories collection that you can flaunt to wear.

The team of Sprezzabox focuses on providing its customers with all kinds of stylish accessories. They offer a wide range of boxes that have lifestyle and grooming accessories that you can wear to match the outfit.

Link: https://www.sprezzabox.com/


This option is designed for the plus size women and is all about personal styling. The price for every product in the subscription box cost around $40-$150.

Plvsh Style is the top-notch personal styling service that has been designed for plus size women. All you have to do is set your style profile and they would get the best personal stylist for you to speak to and get the incredible styling done at a $25 styling fee.

Link: https://plvshstyle.pagaloo.com/

14. ThredUp

This has been a personal choice of many experts who can help you purchase some great clothes collections at the subscription box.

ThredUp focuses on selling the brand clothing, used ones, second hands and hence are quite cheaper as compared to the retail option. If quality is your concern then be rest assured because they meet the quality guidelines and won’t find any damaged product.

Link: https://www.thredup.com/

15. Shirt Cycle

Another finest option of the subscription box that you should not be missing out on is ShirtCycle which charges around $250 for three shirts. This is one of the best stitch fix competitors that let you have a great collection of collared dress shirts that you can wear on a regular basis. They have three made to measure options for the dress shirts. And if you want to skip certain shipments you can do the same as well. It’s time to explore the finest collection of dress shirts which can be quite satisfying.

Link: http://www.shirtcycle.com/

Stitch Fix Alternatives – Conclusion:

The above mentioned alternatives not just offer good service but also after-sales service as well. You can find all sorts of packages and services that match your requirement and fit in your pocket which of course are cheaper than stitch fix.

So if you have been looking forward to rebuilding the whole wardrobe for your fashion needs or discovering some products for self-caring, well other than Stitch fix, these above sources have got you covered.

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