15+ Games like 2048 But Bigger and Better [2024]

The gaming industry is evolving at a rapid pace. As technology advances, the relative fields tend to get enhanced too, and the gaming industry is a prime example of that. In this post, we’re going to discuss similar games like 2048 and what is 2048, and what makes it so popular and addictive among users.

Now we have games that deliver us the real life-like situations in a game. War games leave no room in delivering a premium gaming experience. Those are high-end games that attract users in high numbers. But at the same time, there is a small number of games that might not look big but in terms of numbers, they can’t be ignored.

Games like 2048 are a perfect time passer, and it requires more brain work. Then there are games like candy crush, and piano tiles that are small in nature but keep the users hitched to them. So, let’s discuss what is 2048 and what made it so popular

What is the 2048 game and how to play it?

2048 is a numbered puzzle game that was developed by an Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. The purpose of the game is to slide the numbered tiles and reach a score of 2048. However, the user can continue playing the game after reaching the goal and indeed build high scores.

There are several strategies circulated all over the internet to effectively play 2048. 2048 comes in a 4×4 grid. The lowest numbered tile you will get is 2 and then you’ll combine the tiles with similar numbers and achieve a high sum.

The game has simple controls. You can move upwards, downwards, and sideways. Whenever you’ll combine two tiles with the same number, randomly a new tile will appear in the grid, and two tiles will merge into one.

As discussed, the goal is to reach 2048 with the minimum steps. However, the grid can contain 16 tiles and in case the grid is full of tiles and there is no possible move left then the game is considered to be over, and you’ll have to start all over again.

You can compete with your friends in terms of high scores and effectively pass your time while sharpening your brain. To reach 2048 you’ll need to practice and think about it. So, it can be good practice for your brain too. Additionally, you can play the game at 2048game.us, which adds another dimension to this engaging experience.

But the burning question is what makes a simple game like 2048 so popular and addictive? So, let’s find out.

Why is the 2048 game so popular and addictive?

The high-end war games being so popular makes sense. But why puzzle games like 2048 are so popular? You can play this game without getting high on your nerves. You can get relaxed and simply play this game.

Dopamine is the key factor that makes this game so popular and addictive. Dopamine is the chemical that is released in our brains and is responsible for happiness.

We’re not going to dive into deep science. But the simple fact is that every time you solve a puzzle, the realization of winning releases dopamine in your brain, hence you feel good about it. And your brain craves dopamine and the release of dopamine are linked to that game and that certainly motivates or pushes you to play that game again.

Also, 2048 is challenging, the not-so-easy and not-impossible factor of the game urges the users to put in the energy and finish the game. After several challenges, when users reach the endpoint, they feel good about themselves.

This aspect of video games is what makes them addictive and popular among users. But there are several games like 2048 that are bigger. So, let’s find out the games like 2048.

Games like 2048 That are Bigger and Better than 2048

1. 1024

As the name suggests, you need to reach a score of 1024. The game is quite similar to 2048 it also comes with a 4×4 grid and you have to combine the same numbered tiles and reach 1024. However, you can continue after reaching 1024 to build high scores.

2. 243

243 is another game that requires you to reach tile 243. But there’s a twist. It comes with a multiple of 3. And you can combine 3 same numbered tiles. The game would require you to shift to a different mindset and strategy, and It comes with a 5×5 grid.

3. Fives

Fives is a different kind of puzzle game. If you’re used to playing 2048, then you’ll need some time to adapt to its algorithm. In fives, you can combine 2 and 3 but not 2 and 2. You can combine it with a multiple of 5. For a change, you can give fives a shot, as it will be more fun and interesting than 2048.

4. Bubble buster 2048

As the name suggests, you’ll have to combine the bubble and reach a score of 2048. So, in this game bubbles will be replacing the traditional tiles of 2048. Rest everything is the same, you need to merge the bubbles and reach the score of 2048 or even higher scores.

5. 2048 Alphabet

This game has a different touch. The interface is similar to 2048 but instead of numbers you’ll witness alphabets, and you’ll have to merge the same color alphabets. Yes, you read it right, not the same alphabet, but the same color alphabets. The goal is to reach the letter K, and you can continue further even after reaching K.

6. GameMora 2048

The best thing about GameMora 2048 is that you can access it through the website too. It’s not limited to the mobile app. It comes with a 5×5 grid and with every move, two new tiles come into the board. It gives a different feel than 2048. The new grid and the change in the algorithm are worth giving a shot at.

7. 2248

In this game, the goal is to reach 2248. And the best part is that you can move in 8 directions and this increases the chances of reaching the highest number fast. You can even access the hints from the game and the rest of everything is similar to 2048. Just combine the same numbered tiles.

8. Dotsup

Dotsup comes with a change, it doesn’t follow the traditional 4×4 grid. Instead, it comes with a random grid and you’ll have to connect tiles with similar dots, sounds interesting right? For a change, you can spare some time playing Dotsup

9. Shoot n Merge

The game with a combination of bubble shooter and 2048. You have to shoot the tiles with the numbers and reach the score of 2048. If you’re bored with moving the tiles, then Shoot n Merge is the perfect choice for you.

10. Dead 2048

This game has a different concept, where you’ll have to protect your clan from an attack. You’ll have to swipe defense towers and create a defense radar for your clan. You can retaliate by dropping a built tower on your enemies, the perfect game for a war plus a traditional 2048 kind of situation.

11. Impossible Nine

This game is slightly different. It works on a 5×4 grid and you can only merge tiles when three tiles with the same numbers are touching at least one side of another tile. In the beginning, you might scratch your head, but as your progress, you’ll find it interesting and challenging.

12. 2048 Hexagon

This game is similar to 2048. But if you’re used to playing 2048 and want to increase the difficulty level then you can try 2048 Hexagon. Instead of a 4×4 grid, it works on a hexagon grid, which increased the level of complexity.

13. 2048 bricks

It is similar to 2048 but the only difference is that when you merge the same numbered tiles, new tiles drop from the top. You have to be fast to restrict the tiles filling up the entire block.

14. Hexic 2048

It is like a clone that comes with a hexagonal board. It offers the same functions as 2048, but the difference is that you’ll have to deal with a hexagonal board.

15. 2048 Solitaire

The famous game solitaire is merged with 2048. You’ll have to play it with a pack of cards which you’ll have to merge to reach a score of 2048. You’ll have to merge the same numbered cards and you’ll need to be quick to restrict the cards from piling up.

So, this was our post on games like 2048. We hope you found this post helpful and informative. Follow cult.technology for more updates.

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