How to make Siri cuss?

Siri has been one of the most useful AI Personal assistants in the world of IOS. It eases out a lot of work by using its built-in features which makes users perform a certain task without even using their hands. Along with its benefits, you can also play around with it to have fun. There are a couple of ways to do that, like asking Siri to crack a couple of jokes, roast, or cuss you. For that, you need to follow a few commands to make it work.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few tricks that could help you ease out making Siri make Siri angry enough to roast or cuss you.

How to make Siri cuss?

For making anyone roast you, either you need to trigger or irritate them about a particular incident or a thing or you begin the march by roasting them in the first instance. The same goes for Siri as well; Siri reacts to certain questions which makes her give funny answers.

For instance, if you ask Siri to define Mother, it will give you the standard definition of a ‘mother’ which is quite known to us but after that Siri will ask you “would you like to hear another definition of this word?”  and if you say yes the next thing you expect is a standard answer too, but Siri will shock you by a giving a weird answer, “as nous, it is the short word for the word motherf*ucker”.

You might be astonished to see Siri use a cuss word because Siri is one of the decent AI personal assistants you’ll ever meet, but this is not the case this time. As per the Oxford dictionary, the second definition was correct and genuine.

The slang word “motherf*ucker” is the second definition of mother in the Oxford Dictionary. You might well think Siri is using a cuss word but wait, Siri is an AI assistant, it is always a step ahead of humans. This incident was experienced by people around the globe.

There’s also a way to make Siri cuss at you using a trick.

  • Change your name on Siri
  • Send yourself a message that contains a vulgar message
  • Ask Siri to read that out loud like “hey Sir, can you read the last message from Jonas?”
  • Siri will read that message and speak the slang out loud making it cuss at you

How do make Siri Mad?

There are days you get frustrated over tech and its functioning, what if we say you can revert the frustration? Yes, you heard that right. If you wanna make Siri make mad you can ask a couple of questions to Siri to get funny responses in return.

You can start by asking Siri questions about her personal life. For example –

  • Ask Siri “ Will you marry me?” and Siri will reply “We hardly know one another.”
  • Ask Siri “Are you married?” and then sir will reply with “I’m married to my work.”
  • Ask sir “Are you a man or woman?” and then Siri will reply with “Don’t let my voice fool you: I don’t have a        gender.”x

You can ask provocative questions too like –

  • Siri, I’m drunk and Siri will reply with “Don’t expect me to get you home.”
  • Will you marry me? And Siri will answer “ I sure have received a lot of marriage proposals recently!”
  • When will the pigs fly? And Siri with sarcasm will reply with “ On the twelfth of never.”

There are also a couple of questions to ask Siri-

  • Say “You are boring” to Siri and watch the filthy reply – “Well, as Arthur C. Clarke said: “a well-stocked                mind is safe from boredom”.”
  • “Siri, talk dirty to me” and look at Siri’s sarcasm – “Humus. Compost. Pumice. Silt. Gravel.”
  •  Siri, you are stupid and Siri is like “but….but…..”

Siri Reacting on other AI assistants

If you get bored with these answers, you can ask Siri about its rival brand Google’s Personal Assistant Alexa. For example –

If you mistakenly or intentionally call Alexa instead of Siri that surely triggers Siri. You can try that by saying “Hello Cortana” or “Hey Alexa”. Siri with aggression will surely answer the question with a sarcastic reply “I’m Siri, but I offer no resistance to help assistant”. Siri is all about branding with other AI assistants.

There was an incident experienced by a couple of people around the globe. People asked Siri to divide 0 by 0 and in response seeing simply gave a mind-blowing response – “Imagine that you have 0 cookies and you split them evenly among 0 friends. How many cookies does each person get? See, it doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies. And you are sad that you have no friends.”

If you ask Siri if you can call her Alexa? She’ll reply in an annoying way that nobody calls her with that name and if you are calling her Alexa you must be out of your mind to do that. But on the other hand, if you ask Siri if you can call her Jarvis,( the AI assistant of Iron Man in the famous Iron man movie by Marvel), she will doubt first and then will consider Jarvis an intelligent AI assistant rather than making it feel inferior to her. That’s something in this case.

But Siri doesn’t hate other Assistants too much. Once we asked Siri if she hates Alexa or not? She replied calmly that she doesn’t hate other assistants rather she has a soft corner for her.

This was one of those incidents which excited people to try this and experience the sarcastic reply themselves.

Have you tried asking Siri to recite you a poem? If not you must surely try that first. The poem goes on like

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Haven’t you got

Anything better to do?

Asking weird questions to Siri 

There are also a couple of other ways you can make Siri react differently. You can make irritate Siri by asking it weird questions repeatedly.  For like


  •  Ask Siri about what is she wearing for the day, and Siri will reply with ”  I can’t answer that. But it doesn’t come off.”
  •  Ask Siri about having a relationship or a boyfriend, and you’ll receive a funny answer from the other end, “My end user license agreement is commitment enough for me.
  •  Asking how much a Siri earn is something you must be thinking about, but Siri will surprise you with sarcasm, “ Well, I’d help you for nothing. It’s my pleasure.”
  •  Try asking who according to Siri is a better assistant and she’ll reply with an annoying question, like how can we ask her that question? But in the end, she’ll try to humble herself by saying that she’s happy that she is been included in the nominations.
  •  Try asking Siri that does she loves you or not? She will reply by telling the truth that she loves you, but if you question that again, she says “oh, ok”.


  •  If you ask Siri about who is the best amongst her and Google Assistant, she’ll reply somewhat like Google Assistant is the best google assistant and she’s is the best Siri. This time she didn’t want beef.
  •  Once someone asked Siri that would she ever in her life marry Alexa? Siri replied, she will but she would prefer talking to you rather than getting married.
  •  Ask Siri to choose between the Blue pill or the red pill? She will play around with you by confusing your name with someone else. She’ll answer “you disappoint me, Mr Anderson…. er, I mean, Daniel.”
  •  Try asking Siri what she’s doing later? She will answer with “I’m helping everyone to do their work. And if your name is Rihana, work work work work work work.” This is a famous song Work by Rihana, a Barbadian singer.
  •  Ask Siri about the famous Knock Knock jokes. One of the most amusing events occurred when

Siri – Knock knock

We – Who’s there

Siri – Cows go

We – Cows go who?

Siri – NO! silly, cows go “Moo!”


These are a couple of ways you can make Siri either mad at you or cuss you. You can try out these just by activating Siri on your device. Try finding a couple of new ways by asking weird questions, that might give you the explosion of laughter you were looking for. Despite being rude (not exactly), Siri can entertain you well as well. Just ask Siri to crack a couple of jokes or to sing a song or a poem, and surely you are going to be entertained.

Time flies by very easily and looks like s at now, playing with an AI robot on our phone rather than talking to others. This has shown us the evolution of tech over some time and how it creates an impact on our lives every day.

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