How much time have I wasted on LoL (League of Legends)?

If you are someone who plays League of Legends a lot and wants to know how much time you have invested yet, we will help you with a guide on how to track your time investment on League of legends, abbreviated to LoL.

Keeping a watch on your time while you are on the game is crucial because sitting for a long time in front of your PC is not something you would appreciate after seeing its effects on the human body.

People observed that sitting for a long time in front of the pc has made their backs pain, their eyes hurt, and their addiction to the game makes them impatient.

Riot Games data show that the typical League of Legends user spends approximately 832 hours playing the game, equating to about 35 days in a row. Given that this figure includes new players, veterans in the game who have played League for hundreds of days are likely to outnumber this figure.

If you are also worried about these issues and want to track your time invested in LoL, this article is a must-read.

Ways to track the time investment on LoL

There are various ways to track your time investment on LoL. Starting from the time you have invested in ranked hours to the total time you have invested in the game. Some ways might not give you the exact time but will be closer to the real one.

1. Riot

The Riot games also allow you to track your time invested in the League of Legends, but the only drawback is they also show you the total number of ranked hours played during the ongoing season.

Follow the steps given below to track your time on LoL using Riot –

  • Hop on to your PC and run League of Legends
  • Once the game is opened, go to the profile tab in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down the menu and look for Stats
  • Click on the Stats tab.
  • Once you open it, you’ll be able to see the number of ranked hours under the number of games played in the ongoing season.

As mentioned above, the following data will show you the time investment for the ongoing season, not the entire hours you have invested. Although this data is directly viewed from the game rather than a third-party source, it is accurate.

2. Wasted on LoL

Wasted on LoL is a site that helps you to track the time you have invested in League of Legends. Along with the time tracking option, you can get RPs for you and view the top players from your region, giving you a competitive view of the game. A competitive outlook doesn’t mean you would sit for hours on your pc trying to get over them.

Follow the steps given below to track your time on Lol using Wasted on LoL –

  • First, go to your respective web browser on your PC
  • Search for Wasted on LoL (
  • Once you open the site’s homepage, you’ll be able to type pad in the middle of the screen 
  • On the type pad, enter your summoner’s name
  • Once you have entered your summoner’s name, then select your region where you play
  • Once you complete the details, click “How much time do I waste on Lol?”

Following these steps will help you to see the time you have wasted on the game. The data will be available in 3 categories: minutes, hours, and days. Apart from your time invested in the game, you can also view your rank in your respective region and the world. Something unique about this site is that they also show you the equivalent time you could have utilized in either reading a book, watching a movie, or the number of kilometers you could have traveled by walking or running.

As we have already mentioned that third-party sources are not that accurate. Wasted on LoL comes under that category too, and don’t expect to get accurate results from the site. And if you are facing server slowdown, we would ask you to use Google Chrome for accessing the website as many people have observed the server slowdown issue while using different web browsers other than Chrome.

Wasted on LoL can encompass all accounts on Riot games’ directly hosted by them. Regrettably, this excludes accounts from China, whose area is hosted by Wasted on LoL, and a broader part of South East Asia, which Garena handles.


If your region also restricts Wasted on LoL and you cannot access the site, can be a better alternative. This Chinese site can help you check your game stats, such as total game played and average game timings.

You can calculate the total hours you have wasted on LoL using simple calculations. If you multiply the total games played and the average game timings shown on the site, you can get the total number of hours you have ultimately wasted or invested on LoL. Although the data being shown here is not that accurate compared to the Wasted on LoL, at least you are getting a rough idea of the time you have played the time. was one of the best alternatives for the Wasted of LoL as it showed much more accurate content than Laoyueguo. Still, unfortunately, the site got discontinued by the end of November 2019. also showed a much more precise summary of your time, including the averages of all seasons before that.


This is an alternative site for reviewing your game data. You can view your total number of games played for the current season. Taking 30 minutes as an average time for low-rank matches and 25 minutes for top-rank matches, you can find approximately the total number of hours you have wasted on League of Legends.

Follow the steps given below to find out how much time you have wasted on LoL –

  • Go to your respective browser on your device
  • Then go to You’ll find the interface quite similar to Wasted on Lol’s site
  • Go to the type pad and enter your summoner’s name
  • Then select your respective region
  • Once you have entered your details, then press the.GG tab to view your data

Following these steps will help you view your game data as you can find the total number of hours you have successfully wasted on League of Legends. Trust the site at your own risk because the data they provide isn’t that accurate compared to viewing the data from the Riot itself. Although Riot doesn’t provide you with the complete, whatever they provide is much more reliable to trust.

These are a couple of ways by which you can find how much time you have wasted on League of Legends (LoL). If you are satisfied with accurate data but for a limited time, you can go for Riot’s data, which is inside the game. Otherwise, if you want more data that is close to the accuracy, you can go to the other sites.

It is highly advisable that you must not spend much time sitting in front of your pc because you might enjoy playing the game, but at the same time, your body will be badly affected by various issues. Try taking breaks in the middle of your gameplay to give your body the rest it needs.

We hope this article helped you clear your issues and that you are aware of how to track the time you invest in a particular game (a convenient way of saying How much time have I wasted on LoL :D). Cheers!!

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