How to Unblur Course Hero Answers?

Course Hero is a website that helps students be successful in their academics by providing materials to aid in learning. It contains study material, lecture notes, practice tests, answer keys for homework assignments and exams, online tutoring sessions with Chegg tutors among many other features.

On the homepage there are questions under different categories. A user can select any of these questions and be directed to the answer page. There is a Reveal button on each answer which, when pressed says ‘Oops! Click Course Hero again to unblur this answer’. When this button is clicked, the website opens up into a new window but with blurred text. To access the question that was behind the blur, one has to click on it and press reveal again so as to unblur it and be able to read its contents.

To access any demo course hero account:

  • Log in at
  • Click on settings (gear)
  • Select “Create Account” under Login Information
  • Use an email address and password of your choosing
  • Once you’re logged in, press the “reveal” button on the demo answer to unblur it

Create your custom account by clicking “register”. Use an email address and password of your own choosing.

You can now access your full account using your email address and password. As long as you’re logged in, the blurred text will be unblurred for you alone.

But what if you want to find out how to make the blur disappear? There are several methods to remove blur from Course hero, but keep in mind that they could lead to issues with the website (i.e., accessing parts of Course Hero without paying). If you follow these instructions, please use them at your discretion only!

How to Unblur Course Hero – Method 1:

  • Navigate to the answer for which you want to unblur the text.
  • Click on “show” button (there is a small eye icon) which will turn into a box with an arrow pointing down and another box inside it (only if you hover your mouse over the show button). Select this option and then immediately click “reveal”. You can also press enter or space bar after selecting reveal, as long as you do that quickly.
  • If done correctly, this will remove the blur from Course Hero and take you back to the question page for that particular answer (scroll down once again if needed).

How to Unblur Course Hero – Method 2:

Note: We DO NOT recommend using this method as it involves editing your Course Hero account, which could lead to issues with the website.

  • Navigate to any answer on Course Hero that has a blurred text.
  • Click on “show” button (there is a small eye icon) to reveal following code: javascript:(function(){var e=document.getElementsByTagName(“iframe”);for(i=0;i<e.length;i++){if((e I).style.display==”none”){e i+=(e I).contentWindow||(e Icontent).Document;}else{if((!e i).contentDocument||typeof e i.contentWindow!=”undefined”){(function(){var…
  • Select the entire javascript code, copy it and paste it into your browser’s address bar.
  • Press enter to view the answer page.
  • If done correctly, this will remove the blur from Course Hero and take you back to the question page for that particular answer (scroll down once again if needed).

It is always better to try out both methods in case one doesn’t work for you (i.e., leads only to an error message or webpage not found). Sometimes, clicking on “click here” option link behind ‘javascript:’ might help in resolving issues with navigation too. Once done with unblur text problem, please remember to create a new account using your own email address and if required (see method 1), log in to your current account, change your password and then delete this temporary email address from the saved login information option in settings.

We hope you found this article on How to Unblur Course Hero Answers helpful . Avoid using plagiarism writing services as they might result in a ban on the website which in turn will make it hard for you to access course hero in future without paying anything.

Upload Documents to Unblur Course Hero for Free

This is the official way to get the Course Hero answers for Free. You have to submit the copies of documents. After some time Course Hero will upload them on the website. Blur Text will be unblurred after some time. You can view it by logging in to your personal account.

Upload Documents to Unblur Course Hero for Free

The image below shows blurred text course hero answer which you can see after making your account.

Course Hero is not only used by students but also by teachers, tutors and professors on their websites & blogs as well as on other education related forums where they provide the required study material on different subjects at zero cost. This useful educational resource provides one of the most authentic sources of knowledge on all topics without charging anything from its users or visitors resulting in 100% legit educational website worldwide.

For every 10 successfully approved documents, you will get 5 unlocks for free.

Course Hero – Subscription Plans and Cost:

There are plenty of subscription plans with their different cost & benefits available on Course Hero for students, teachers and professionals. Here are the two most popular plans which you can see at

Premium Unlimited

This plan costs $19/month or $190/year with unlimited access to all questions where as Basic (free) plan only provides access to select documents (10 per approved document).

Premium Plus

This is a paid research service which costs $29/week or $390/month. It provides exclusive access to more than 10 million premium documents; each answer comes with annotations that explain why that answer is right. Premium documents also come with full text sources (i.e., links to books, articles, and websites) to give you a well-rounded education.

Course Hero for Free: Conclusion:

This was the official way to get unblurred text on Course Hero which is 100% free of cost. If you know other ways then do share it in comments section below. We would love to hear from our valuable users. If you want to get alerts of latest updates on educational website such as how to get unblur course hero answers then please subscribe us at Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus or join our newsletter through your email address. Thanks for reading this post until end! All the best; happy learning..!! 🙂 Cheers!!

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