Install Popcorn Time on iOS (iPhone / iPad): Ultimate Guide

If you’re searching for how to install popcorn time on IOS then you’ve landed at the right place. In this post, we’re going to discuss the availability of popcorn time for iPhone and how you can download it on your iPhone and iPad.

We’re overtaking the era of sitting in front of television sets and watching our favorite shows. It’s now the era for binge-watching our favorite shows on streaming platforms. Gone are the days of traditional TV sets. Now, we have the luxury to watch every preferred piece of content from the luxury of our phones.

Netflix, Prime video, and many other streaming apps deliver appealing content, and we never fall short of content after subscribing to these streaming apps. Like these popular streaming apps, we have Popcorn time, which provides movies, shows, documentaries, and much more free of cost.

But the free-of-cost offering has a catch. Popcorn time offers copyrighted content without claiming the rights. Hence, it falls under the illegal segment. It’s a form of piracy. But still, people use Popcorn time and escape the need of spending bucks on watching their favorite movies and shows.

Now, when we talk about iPhone, we know how secure the ecosystem is. But still, we’ve figured out a way to download popcorn time on iPhone and iPad. Though the Popcorn time app is not available on the app store, of course, due to security reasons, as we said, we’ve cracked the code for installing Popcorn time on IOS. So, let’s find out the ways to download Popcorn time on IOS.

How to install Popcorn Time on iPhone [Without Jaibreak]

To install popcorn time on iOS, you’ll need a PC and before you proceed, please ensure that you’ve installed the latest version of iTunes on your PC. The process is extremely simple, just follow on in no time you’ll have Popcorn installed on your iPhone or an Ipad.

  • Open the popcorn time website on your PC and download the Popcorn time iOS installer on your PC, after the download gets completed, run and install the file
  • Open the IOS file installer and connect your device to your PC by using a USB cable
  • Select ‘Trust’ in a prompt
  • Turn on the airplane mode on your iPhone and keep it on until the installation process gets completed. After the installation process, open the file
  • Again a new prompt will appear select ‘Trust
  • Turn off the airplane mode
  • The installation process is completed. Now you can disconnect the phone from your PC and enjoy popcorn time on your iPhone or iPad.

This process was extremely simple. However, in exceptional cases, if this process doesn’t work then we have an alternate way to install popcorn time on IOS. In that process you don’t need a PC, you can install it right from your iPhone or iPad.

An alternate method to install Popcorn Time on iOS

In the above method, you needed a PC and it included a few technicalities. However, you don’t need to worry about it, this alternate method can let you install popcorn time in considerably less time. And here’s how to do it. Please note the process is similar to iPhone or Ipad. You can follow the exact steps to install any of these devices

  • Open the ‘Settings’ application and navigate to ‘General’
  • Open the ‘Date and Time’ and turn off the ‘set automatically’ option
  • Open ‘Safari’ browser and navigate to the Popcorn time website
  • Select ‘Download’ to download the Popcorn Time app to your iPhone
  • In the next prompt, select ‘ok’ and the app will start downloading
  • Post installation, open the Popcorn time app and select ‘allow’ to all pop-ups

Now, you’re all set to watch your favorite movies, shows, documentaries, etc on Popcorn time. This is an alternate way to install Popcorn time on IOS. You can select any of the above-mentioned ways at your convenience.

Popcorn Time is an illegal app, it promotes privacy. So, you need to be mindful of the fact that it can stop its services without any prior notice. However, you can enjoy it till it exists in the market. You can almost find your preferred piece of content on Popcorn time.

Even though it is illegal, Popcorn time doesn’t compromise the quality, you’ll have a top-notch user experience while enjoying your favorite movies.

Here is the another method using which you can install Popcorn Time on your iPhone or iPad devices.


This is the era of streaming applications, gone are the days of traditional TV sets. At present times, we can almost watch any of our preferred content in the luxury of our mobile phones, by residing in any corner of the world.

Whereas all the streaming apps are charging hefty amounts of money as the subscription amount. There exists Popcorn time in the market that offers the same services as a premium streaming app for free of cost.

But the usage of Popcorn time is illegal, it promotes piracy but streaming copyrighted content without the rights. That’s the reason it’s not available for direct download on the App store.

But we’ve curated a way to install it on your iPhone and iPad. One method requires a PC and can be quite overwhelming. But need not worry, an alternate way is easygoing and gets done in less time. We’ve discussed the ways to install Popcorn time on IOS in this post.

So, this was our post on how to install Popcorn time on IOS. We hope you found this post helpful and Informative.

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