How to redeem a Gift Card on Microsoft Account?

Microsoft Gift card Redeem – one of those useful presents one can gift someone after they have a milestone in their life. Either it is passing out the higher secondary examinations or someone who recently had his/her birthday and you couldn’t gift them something. A gift card is an ideal match for all of these situations, as it may be used to purchase items from the Windows Store or as an Xbox credit.

You can simply select the amount that you are willing to give, and select templates if you want because these days there are various websites that not only provide you with gift cards or codes but also with templates according to the occasion.  Doing this will not only make your gift card a valuable gift but also a beautiful one.

But what if you have received a gift card from the other end and now you are confused about how to redeem it because this is the first gift card you had ever received.

Don’t worry, we know the excitement and craze that you are undergoing and we value that.

We are going to show you how to redeem a gift card or code on a Microsoft account.

What is a Gift card?

A gift card or code is a type of payment that may be used to purchase things at certain stores. You add credits onto the card, that you or the gift card recipient can then use at participating merchants.

When you get a gift card you can allow the recipient to choose their gift. They can use the gift card or the code to purchase devices, software, games, applications, and many more. You get the benefit of zero fees or charges and also there isn’t an expiration date for these, so you don’t need to be concerned about anything. You can redeem the gift card or the code on various platforms such as Microsoft Store online, on an Xbox, or Windows.

How to redeem a Gift Card on Microsoft Account?

If you are facing trouble redeeming your Microsoft gift card, we are here to help you out with that. With easy steps and procedures, you can redeem your gift card without any issue.

Redeeming gift cards online

If you are someone who wants to redeem their gift card online, you must follow the below-mentioned steps to do that

  • Firstly, you need to go on your web browser on your device
  • Then you need to go to the redeem section on the Microsoft website
  • Follow this to go straight to the section –
  • Sign in using the link to your Microsoft account
  • Once you are done signing, type the 25-letter code that you have received as a gift card
  • When you are done typing, press Next

You are good to go now. Keep one thing in mind, if you or your family has multiple Microsoft accounts, verify and sign in to the one on which you want the gift card to be redeemed. Once the gift card is redeemed then the money can not be transferred from one Microsoft account to another nor the currencies can be converted into another one.

How to redeem a gift card from Microsoft Account on a PC?

If you have a PC and want to redeem your Gift card or Code you can do that by following a few easy steps. Redeeming a gift card on a PC is not that hectic.

Follow these steps given below to redeem your gift card from your Microsoft account on your PC –

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account on which you want to redeem your gift card
  • Connect your PC to an active internet connection
  • Browse through your app and open Microsoft Store
  • On the top right corner, you’ll find a search bar named ‘See More
  • Select Redeem a Code
  • Enter the 25-letter code that you have as a gift card
  • Then select Redeem

And now you are good to go. Get yourself whatever you wish with that money.

Check for redemption

Once you are done redeeming the gift card code, you must be curious to know whether it has been successfully redeemed or not? That is quite natural because when you are excited about something you are always anxious about that same thing at that time too.

To see if your Gift card was successfully redeemed or not you can check it out with a simple process

Go to the order history option available to you at the Microsoft Store. Once you are there, then go to the date on which you redeemed your gift card or the code. You see the order number and how was the code utilized.

You can also check the Redeemed Code under the Payment method, which will also help you see the order history and the code which you have redeemed.

That’s how you can check whether your gift card was successfully redeemed or not. It will surely help you out with the anxiousness you are dealing with at that moment.

Limits on the transactions incurred

Just like the limits imposed on the number of transactions one does by the regular banks, there are limitations too for adding or spending money on the Microsoft account.

In the case of adding money to your Microsoft account, the limits are imposed up to a total of 1000 USD on a single day. You cant add money once the limit is reached.

While in the case of spending money from the account, the limit is the same which is 1000USD per day. Beware of the limits because once you have reached the specified amount you can’t make any more transactions further on.

So be sure with the number of transactions you are doing in a day.

Account balance

This is slightly different from any other bank, the amount of money one can store in the Microsoft office. Certainly, they don’t provide you with any restrictions on the upper limits but that’s not the case when you have a Microsoft account.

The maximum amount of money you can store in the Microsoft account is around 1000USD. You cant keep a single penny more than the specified amount. So before redeeming the gift card be sure to check your balance beforehand.

While in case you have multiple accounts linked to your name or if you have created, you can have 5000USD combined. So if you are done filling the limits, exhaust the current money on your account and then redeem a gift card to add more.

Don’t just keep on adding money if you are unaware of the limits Microsoft holds.


If you are reading this, we hope that this article had surely helped you out with your query and how you can redeem your precious gift card via various methods.

The gift card cannot be used in the retail Microsoft store to avail of certificates or purchase products. This can only be used using the Microsoft store online. You can also use the gift card on Xbox or surface too. It works the same for them.

Also if you had created a gift card and it hasn’t been redeemed yet you can cancel the order and can get the money back within 14 days. Your money won’t go in vain.

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