How to Select All Photos on iPhone?

Suppose you planned for an awesome trip with your friends. Trip might end soon but the memories we click on that trip remain cherished for life long. However sharing all the photos with your friends all at once would be a painful task. So, here we bring you different possible options to select all photos in iPhone or even the entire album at once.

Apple has given all the latest features to its iPhone, but when it comes to dealing with loads of photos at once, Apple fails to give you a quick solution. Your iPhone has a ‘Select All’ option but not everywhere. Whether you want to share your images with a group or delete some unnecessary pictures to free up storage space, you need to select multiple images.

iPhone lets you select multiple images or videos individually rather than doing it at once. This not only drains your energy but takes a huge chunk of time. We have tested some ways and learned how to select all photos on iPhone in the simplest manner. Read the blog till the last.

Why Do You Need To Select All Photos iPhone?

Here are some reasons that demand you to select all photos on your iPhone.

  • Photos and videos are the best memories one can keep on their phone. However, an iPhone has a limit to the contents it can store. iCloud comes in handy in this case as it gives 5GB storage free of cost. You can increase the storage space by purchasing their plans. You must select all photos while adding them to the trash or transfer them to iCloud.
  • You may need multiple pictures to display as a slideshow.
  • Sometimes you may want to share a bunch of content to a different app. Selecting multiple photos can make your job easier.
  • You can use the option to send numerous photos to your friends and family via chats.

Where Do You Select All Photos On iPhone?

There are limited places where you can select all photos on the iPhone. You can go to albums and for your section present inside the photos application. You will again find folders and sections in these tabs. Click on the required folders and then Select All.

How To Select Multiple Photos On An iPhone?

Apple phones have the Select All option but only in limited sections. For instance, the photos tab lets you use the Select All option only for specific days and weeks. The new versions starting with iOS9, allow you to select a bunch of photos at a time.

These steps help you to iPhone select all photos.

  • Open your iOS device and go to the Photos app.
  • iOS has a unique feature of sorting contents as per year, date, and location. Go to the collection you want.
  • Click on Select present in the top right corner.
  • Now touch the screen using your finger and drag it over the photos to choose them.
  • You can also drag it down to select a row entirely.
  • If you see a blue tick on them, it means the images are selected.

After you’re done selecting the photos, you can click on Share To to transfer it to an app. Tap on Add To to keep them in the album. Besides you can also add them to the trash can to delete the photos.

How To Select All Photos On iPhone?

Your iPhone has hundreds and thousands of photos. Picking them one by one is next to impossible or will drain your huge time. Fortunately, there’s a way to select all photos on the iPhone. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

  • Take your iPhone and launch the Photos app.
  • Go to the Library tab.
  • Click on All Photos at the bottom right corner. This will display all photos on the iPhone.
  • Next, click the Select button on the top right corner.
  • Start typing with the bottom of the last image in the right corner and slowly hover the cursor over the entire row. Don’t leave dragging until you reach the far left.
  • Swipe your fingers upward while holding the finger at the top of the screen.
  • The iPhone screen automatically scrolls up when you hold your finger in place and shows the next photos.
  • When you reach the first page of the photos app, all the photos are selected.

This is easy, but it may require some practice to improve. You can do this within a few minutes or seconds, depending on the number of photos.

How To Send All Photos On iPhone To PC?

If you want to learn how to select all photos on iPhone and clean your storage space, you can effectively do this using a PC. Take help from a third-party tool like CopyTrans Photo. You can pick others too as per your choice. Such tools will automatically select all the images, sort them by name, size, or date and delete them. Deleting the contents doesn’t mean losing them permanently. They will leave your iPhone and go to the connected PC.

Tips To Select All Photos iPhone

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you select all photos iPhone.

  • At the start, you need to select two photos or videos only. If you click on one, it will take you to the preview of the content.
  • After you have selected the initial images, you can tap on the top screen. It will only select the contents between where your fingers were earlier and where you have now touched.
  • If you don’t want to miss content, you can slide your fingers up and to the left. Then touch the top screen so that all images are selected.
  • There is a menu bar at the bottom of the screen, so you can only go from the bottom to the top.
  • After you touch the top part of the screen to scroll up, touch on elsewhere on the screen immediately. This indicates the device that you want to select some photos and not all. And your images are selected.

NOTE: It’s important to know that the images you add to the trash for deleting are temporarily removed. They remain in the trash can for some days before getting deleted permanently.

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Q. Can you select all iPhone photos at once?

Yes, you can select all iPhone photos simultaneously rather than individually. However, you should have an iOS 9 or a later version to use the feature because the older versions don’t allow this.

Q. How can I quickly select all photos on my iPhone?

You can quickly select all photos on your iPhone by typing and dragging your fingers on the images. Try creating an imaginary circle or rectangle using your fingers on the screen. This will ensure all images are picked.

Q. Can I mass-select pictures on my iPhone?

Yes, you can mass-select pictures on your iPhone. Go to the Photos app, click Select, choose two photos by dragging your fingers, and drag them until you reach the topmost part of the first page.

Final Words

Selecting photos on your iPhone is all about tapping and swiping. The time required to complete the process will depend on the number of images or videos you have selected. If it shows some glitches, you can try again later. Check your internet connection if a problem arises while sending the images to an app. If the issue persists, reduce the images and select them in the next round.

Hopefully, the guide helps you to learn how to select all photos on iPhone. We would love to know your feedback. Also, if we have missed anything, let us know through the comments.

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