How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Another Account?

You have Amazon gift card balance in your account and wanted to transfer to another account? We’ve got you covered in this article. We have listed down different ways to transfer Amazon gift card balance to another account in this article.

Amazon is without a doubt the most popular eCommerce platform presently in use and is set to remain so for the foreseeable future. From sofas and soft drinks to books and basketballs, there’s pretty much nothing that you can’t purchase on this site.

Amazon gift cards on Amazon Pay Balance are one such feature that greatly improves your shopping experience on Amazon. These gift cards are pre-paid gifting instruments that can be redeemed to buy items on and its partner services. If you purchase a gift card for, say, Rs. 1000, and gift it to another person, then that person will be able to use that gift card to purchase items worth Rs. 1000 via Amazon.

Amazon gift cards form a component of Amazon Pay Balance. Your Amazon Pay Balance has two components: Money, and Gifts and Credits. Money is the balance that you add to your account, while Gifts and Credits are given to you by others. You can use your Pay Balance as a whole to make various purchases on Amazon.

Sometimes, it might be so that for some reason or the other you want to transfer your Amazon Pay Balance to another Amazon account. Maybe you sent the gift card to the wrong account, and want to rectify your error. To learn more about whether it is possible to do this, keep reading!

Can I transfer my Amazon Pay Balance to another account?

Unfortunately, you can’t transfer your Amazon Pay Balance to any other account. On the page “Money in Amazon Pay Balance – FAQs”, Amazon states that it is not possible to transfer funds from your Amazon Pay Balance account to a bank account or a different Amazon Pay Balance account.

The same goes for Amazon Gift Cards; once the claim code on the card has been redeemed, there is no possibility of or option to transfer the balance on the card from the Amazon account to the other.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done some research of our own, to discover how you can get funds on Amazon Pay Balance on different Amazon accounts. To learn more about these alternative methods, keep reading!

1. Sending a new gift card:

The easiest way to get some funds onto the correct Amazon Pay Balance account is simply to send a new gift card. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Amazon account, and visit the Amazon Gift Cards store on their website. Click on the eGift Cards option at the top of the page.
  • Click on the style of gift card you find appropriate and attractive, for example, “Anniversaries”, “Birthdays”, “Just Because” etc.
  • Choose the amount of money you want to send via the card, and the Delivery Type, i.e. delivery via email or sharing via a direct link.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address (if you’ve chosen the delivery by email option), sender’s name, accompanying message, the number of cards sent and the date on which the delivery will be made i.e. delivery date.
  • Lastly, select the option “Buy Now” and complete the subsequent payment process to finalise the purchase of the gift card.

Your intended recipient will now find the money added to their Amazon Pay Balance!

Of course, the downside to this method is that you’ll essentially have to pay double: both for the first gift card, and then for the second card, you are sending to a different account. This represents a significant burden to your pocket and will be something you want to avoid. There are two ways you can avoid this:

Unredeeming a gift card:

You can contact Amazon Help to unredeemed the first gift card, essentially getting a refund on the gift card and saving you from having to pay twice. In this way, you can essentially transfer the balance of a gift card from one Amazon Pay Balance account to the other, by first unredeeming the card, and then sending a new card to the intended Amazon account. This is just a slightly round-about way of achieving this process, but it is currently the only one available on Amazon.

To unredeemed your Amazon Gift Card that you have sent, follow these steps:

  • Visit the “Amazon Help” site on your browser.
  • Click on the option “Start Chatting”, to commence live chat with Amazon’s automated Chat Helper.
  • The Chat with Amazon Customer Service window will open automatically on your browser.
  • You’ll see a variety of options at the bottom of the screen, relating to the various issues that the customer might face. Out of these options, select “Managing my account, Prime, or gift cards.”
  • Continue selecting the appropriate options to best communicate your desired action i.e. unredeeming and receiving a refund on your Amazon Gift Card.

2) Generating a free Amazon Gift Card:

An alternative method to unredeeming your gift card by contacting Amazon Help is generating a second free Amazon Gift Card using an online generator and then gifting it to whatever account you want to. This saves you the hassle of having to unredeemed the first card.

You can obtain gift cards online in the following ways:

  • Playing games: Sites like AppNana and Swagbucks offer this option, whereby by playing their games you can earn a certain amount of points. You can then redeem these points for a free Amazon Gift Card.
  • Taking surveys: Taking surveys on various research sites can get you gift cards. You’ll often these surveys crop up in the form of advertisements on your browser. Answering the questions will get you points which you can redeem as Amazon Gift Cards, payments made via PayPal etc. Be aware that taking one or two such surveys will make you prone to receiving a lot of spam emails in your inbox. Ideally, you should create a separate email ID to answer your surveys. This also keeps your data confidential.
  • Buying food on certain sites: Certain specific sites allow you to earn small rewards while buying food through them. Ibotta is one such site. If you buy a set of products at any local supermarket, take a photo and upload it on the site, you will receive cash in the form of an Amazon Gift Card or PayPal payment. ReceiptHog is a similar app. If you provide receipts after the purchase, you will earn virtual coins that can be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards, magazine subscriptions etc.
  • Sharing recommendations via Amazon Associates: Amazon Associates is a program that allows website owners and bloggers to generate links, and subsequently earn referral fees when customers use these links to purchase any product from Amazon. If you already have a blog or are planning to get into blogging, you can sign up for this program by Amazon and obtain a gift card. If someone makes any purchase through your link, you will earn a small amount of the cash, in the form of direct cash payment or an Amazon Gift Card.
  • Trading via Amazon Exchange Program: Amazon Exchange Program is another great, customer-friendly initiative of Amazon. Through this program, you can send in your old electronics and books to Amazon for evaluation. If they accept the product, you are reimbursed for its present value in the form of an Amazon Gift Card. If not, the product is returned to you to dispose of off as you see fit. In either instance, Amazon will completely cover the cost of shipping, so you don’t stand to lose any money, and there is always the possibility of obtaining some money in the form of a gift card. So, if you have any old electronics or books which you think are possibly worth some money, you can always try swapping them for a gift card through the Amazon Exchange Program.

In all these methods, you will usually be given a gift card code. Go to the Gift Card Redeem Page on Amazon ( and enter this code to obtain your new gift card.


In summation, there is unfortunately no real way to transfer the gift card balance on a particular Amazon account to a different Amazon account, or an external bank account. However, what you can do is send a new gift card, and then try to make back the money you spent on the initial gift card. This can be done either by unredeeming the original gift card by contacting Amazon Help or obtaining the second gift card for free online.

A final trick you can try is to purchase with your Amazon Gift Card, and then immediately cancel the purchase. If you do so, you will receive a refund of the amount paid in your bank account. This is a more direct method of recouping the money spent on the gift card but can be done only if you are controlling the spending on that card.

Whichever method you end up using, we hope that you found the methods discussed in this article to transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to another Amazon Account useful! For more such tips, follow!!

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