When Should You Replace iPhone Battery?

Experiencing issues with your iPhone battery? Here is the checklist of items that indicates the battery performance issues and when should you replace your iPhone battery. Also, listed down a few tips to improve the battery performance for your iPhone.

You are using your iPhone, but it suddenly shuts down in the middle of a call or an urgent task. It feels worst to see your phone dreading its battery in little time even when you haven’t used it. Such scenarios can be problematic when you’re outside or rely on your phone for every task.

Almost every iPhone user faces this issue in their lifetime once or more. Poor battery backup, slow iPhone performance, and unexpected shutdowns Indicate that your iPhone battery is old. Fortunately, the problem has a solution. Such symptoms don’t mean you must buy a brand-new iPhone again. A small investment in the battery could do the job. The blog guides you on when to replace an iPhone battery and how to do it in the simplest manner.

When To Replace iPhone Battery?

When your iPhone starts showing some unusual symptoms like the ones mentioned below, know that it’s time for battery replacement.

  • When the iPhone battery is draining too fast.
  • If your iPhone shuts down abruptly while using
  • App launch takes more time or slower and Lower scrolling speed
  • When it gets more heat while using the mobile
  • Backlight dimming
  • Speaker volume reduces up to – 3dB
  • Disabled camera flash
  • Experiencing iPhone storage related issues even though sufficient storage available

How To Check iPhone Battery Health?

You can check the battery condition on your iPhone by following the below stesp

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Battery
  • Select Battery Health

The page displays battery maximum capacity, peak performance capability, and battery health. These factors will give you an overall idea of the battery. If the fault is in the battery, you will know it now.

Battery Health

When you view a message that the battery’s health is significantly degraded, it means you can still use the battery for a little more time. This does not have anything to do with the safety issue. In case you notice the performance has significantly degraded, then replacement is the only option.

Sometimes, the iPhone cannot determine battery health, and it will display a message reading, “This iPhone is unable to determine battery health”. It will suggest you contact an apple authorised service provider to solve the issue. This type of problem occurs when you have improperly installed the battery or some unknown part.

Maximum Capacity

Maximum capacity means the capacity of the battery to hold a charge. The percentage shows the battery capacity relative to its design capacity. The design capacity is nothing but the battery’s charge capacity when it was new. For a newly bought phone, the maximum capacity will be 100%. Any iPhone battery will reduce its capacity with time because of its chemical aging process. When this maximum capacity percentage drops to 80% or below then, it may show unusual signs.

Charge Cycle

One charge cycle is when the iOS device consumes 100% charge completely. For instance, your iPhone is fully charged, and you have used only 25% of it one day and the rest 75% the next day. Then the iPhone will complete one charge cycle the next day only. The concept of the charge cycle holds for all Apple lithium-ion batteries. According to Apple, an iPhone works well before reaching 500 recharge cycles. After crossing this number, the iPhone may show poor battery capacity issues. Then the maximum battery capacity will drop below 80. It means you will have to think about changing the battery.

Peak Performance Capability

After checking the above things, check the peak performance capability of your iPhone on the battery health page. The message should read, “your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance”. It indicates the cell is maintaining optimum health. If you view a message like “Your iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown…”, it means the phone has some issues. Although the problem has just started, you can ignore this for a little more time until the next unexpected shutdown occurs. When such a sudden shutdown occurs, the device enables performance management itself. You have the option to disable it, but you won’t be able to enable it again until the next unexpected shutdown occurs. However, if the shutdown happens frequently, you must replace the battery.

How To Replace iPhone Battery?

If your phone has started showing battery issues, then you can replace the battery with a new one rather than buying a brand-new iPhone. Here are the ways through which you can do the replacement.

  • You can contact an Apple store and send your phone for repair. It will take 3 to 5 business days to get your repaired iPhone.
  • Another option is to book an appointment at our nearest Apple store and visit there with your iPhone. Since you have made an appointment in advance, the repair process will take a few hours. Hence, you can come back with a replaced battery.
  • You can also contact a local phone repair shop or any third-party service provider.
  • The last option which is less recommended is to do it yourself. You can purchase a battery kit and other required tools from an online store. Sometimes they also provide a step-by-step guide. Video tutorials can help you best in this task. You should know this can be risky and void the Apple warranty.

What Does It Cost to replace iPhone battery?

If you compare the battery replacement cost to buying a new phone, you already know the answer. Changing batteries will give your phone more life, which is also affordable. The battery replacement cost for iPhone X and later versions is $69. On the other hand, the cost of changing batteries in iPhone SE and other models is only $49.

If you change batteries within one year of purchasing your phone, it won’t cost you anything because the phone is still in the warranty period. Those who have purchased an AppleCare+ warranty can enjoy no-cost battery replacement for up to three years.

Tips To Improve iPhone Battery Health

Your iPhone will show poor battery health after it gets 18 months old or completes 500 charge cycles. If you notice an unexpected shutdown, you can follow some tips to improve your iPhone battery health percentage.

  • Avoid exposing your iPhone to extremely cold or hot places. Extreme temperatures put massive stress on the battery and cause it to shut down suddenly.
  • Keep the screen brightness low because the display consumes a big portion of the battery.
  • Some apps eat more power than others. If you notice frequent crashes in your iPhone, avoid using the apps for some time.


Q. At what percentage should I replace my iPhone battery?

When the maximum battery capacity drops below 80% of its design (original) capacity and the charge cycle is over 500, then it’s the right time to replace your iPhone battery.

Q. When should you replace an iPhone battery?

Apple has designed iPhone to work efficiently until it reaches 500 complete charge cycles. You notice the battery health percentage has dropped from 100 to 80 in this duration, which is normal. However, when the percentage goes below this number and your iPhone experiences sudden crashing, then you should replace the iPhone battery.

Q. Is 85% battery health good for an iPhone?

Yes, 85% is good battery health for an iPhone. The battery health percentage between 85 to 90% means your iPhone can go at an optimum level for the next few months.

Q. Does Apple replace the battery at 85?

If your iPhone reaches 80% maximum battery capacity within one year of purchasing, then Apple will replace your battery at no cost. However, the Apple service will not be free if this occurs after the warranty period.


You don’t have to frequently track the charge cycle or other factors in your iPhone. You can get an idea about the battery’s health by checking Settings. Battery replacement is always an affordable and recommended option unless you want to invest in another expensive phone. The blog gives the best answer for when to replace iPhone battery. If you find any issues while replacing your battery or you have some questions, we would love to bring the solution for you!

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