Top 10 Alternatives to Turnitin

Plagiarism (presenting ideas and words stolen from elsewhere) is considered unethical everywhere. Plagiarized content will go unappreciated in the academic and professional landscapes. Writing, submitting, and publishing plagiarized content is considered a severe crime. Especially in the academic landscape, students or researchers involved in plagiarism endure serious consequences, including lower grades, failure, rustication, and expulsion.

The consequences of plagiarism for professionals are similar. They have to bear uncalled-for consequences like damaged reputation, loss of job, and ruined careers. Hence, people, especially students, should try their best to avoid plagiarism, be it accidental or intentional. 

The best way to avoid plagiarism is to be aware of instances where the content appears duplicated for various reasons, including self-plagiarism, limited research, and matched writing style.

Using a plagiarism checker to identify duplication is a must to avoid any uncalled-for scenarios due to plagiarism. Turnitin is the most capable plagiarism detector, in most people’s opinion. While it is true that Turnitin is quite famous, it is not the only tool to help you identify plagiarism in the content. 

Turnitin enjoys so much popularity because it is considered a pioneer in this domain. Multiple other highly efficient tools can serve as alternatives.

This article will discuss the top 10 alternatives to Turnitin. These tools are far more cost-effective and equivalent to Turnitin’s efficiency. 

Further details about this alternative are given below. 

Read on to learn more.  

Top 10 Turnitin Alternatives


If you want to use a tool that is a perfect alternative to Turnitin, SmallSEOTools offers a  plagiarism checker online that fits all your needs. It offers all the features and functionalities you need from a highly capable tool to check plagiarism in content. You will find it equivalent to Turnitin in terms of efficiency. 

Here are some specialities of this tool. 

  • It checks plagiarism for free and allows users to break word limits with a cost-effective subscription.
  • Access to billions of web pages to ensure 100% accurate results.
  • Offers the feature to exclude particular URLs while checking plagiarism.
  • Displays list-based sentence-wise results with highlighted document view.
  • Allows users to view matched results by offering a single-click comparison.
  • It checks plagiarism in multiple languages and supports multiple text formats. 


This plagiarism detector can be a highly reliable alternative to Turnitin because of its multiple features and functionalities. Users can use it for free or go with a premium subscription to avoid restrictions regarding word count. It will ensure accurate plagiarism check results whether you use it without paying a single dime or after signing up for a premium subscription package. 

Here are a few standout features of this plagiarism checker.

  • Offers a convenient interface to help users quickly check plagiarism.
  • Offers multilingual support and percentage-based results.
  • Uses AI-based and extensive database algorithms to identify various types of plagiarism.
  • Ensures data privacy of users.
  • Allows users to upload or import content from multiple sources, including cloud storage.
  • Capable of excluding up to 5 URLs while checking plagiarism. 


This tool can be a perfect alternative to Turnitin because of its excellent features and functionalities. Users can also use this plagiarism checker free. This tool has been greatly appreciated by hundreds of thousands of users who have used it to check for plagiarism. 

Here are some standout features of this plagiarism detector that will make you understand why it is considered a highly efficient plagiarism checker.

  • Ensures accurate results because of an in-depth plagiarism check.
  • Offers multi-language support and guaranteed privacy.
  • Allows users to ensure plagiarism in content saved in various text formats.
  • Ensures quick results with highly efficient algorithms working in the background.
  • Offers the feature of downloading and sharing plagiarism reports.
  • Shows highlighted results with matched sources, comprehensive score, and sentence-vise view.


The domain name suggests the job of the website that hosts this tool. It is not just an average plagiarism detector like the plethora of tools you find on the web for this purpose. This plagiarism checker was developed considering several objectives, including cost-effectiveness and equivalence to Turnitin. It has been successful in ticking the boxes, as mentioned above. A few standout features are listed below.

  • It is a highly easy-to-use tool. 
  • Uses the latest technology to spot various kinds of plagiarism.
  • Checks plagiarism in content written in multiple languages other than English.
  • Takes the help of lexical frequencies, fuzzy match, and contextual analysis.
  • Enables users to check plagiarism in the content of up to 25000 words in one go.
  • Offers support for multiple text formats and allows content import in various ways.


The plagiarism checker offered by is considered one of the top tools to detect plagiarism online. It has been helping people detect plagiarism in content for over seven years, with more than 4,000,000 checks and hundreds of thousands of satisfied users. This plagiarism software has an in-depth plagiarism-checking capability, making it a perfect alternative to Turnitin. Here are some things that make it special.

  • Comes with an extensive database featuring billions of web pages.
  • Uses advanced algorithms to ensure deep plagiarism checking.
  • Offers support for unlimited text length with a premium subscription.
  • Interactive interface and results with support for multiple languages.
  • Offers advanced features like batch search, detailed reports, and multiple user logins.
  • Offer strict confidentiality of data uploaded to check plagiarism. 


Another highly efficient plagiarism checker available online is Viper by Scanmyessay. It is considered one of the leading tools in its domain because of its various features and functionalities. It is suitable for all kinds of users and works perfectly for everyone. You can use it if you want a capable alternative to Turnitin. Here are some things you need to know about it.

  • It is a quick and easy-to-use tool.
  • Works perfectly for content written in multiple languages besides English.
  • No subscription is needed; simply buy credits to check the content and pay as you go.
  • Uploaded content will be scanned for plagiarism using more than 10 billion sources.
  • Offers a clear and concise report to show exactly where your content matches.
  • You can also compare the matched content for satisfaction through it. 
  • It boasts thousands of happy users.


Plagramme has been successful in turning the heads of multiple users, including students and professionals, as a highly efficient tool for checking plagiarism. This plagiarism checker has received appreciation from thousands of worldwide users, reflecting its capability and efficiency. The use of advanced technology to spot plagiarism makes it a great alternative to Turnitin. Here are some features.

  • This tool boasts an extensive database featuring numerous scholarly articles.
  • Capable of checking plagiarism in content written in multiple languages.
  • Educators can use it for free.
  • Uses advanced AI algorithms to spot and differentiate multiple types of plagiarism.
  • Features a flawless scoring system capable of showing text overlaps and plagiarism risk scores.
  • Offers comprehensive text similarity reports with relevant sources.


NoPlag is a perfect solution if you are looking for a tool that can help you enhance the quality of your content by analyzing it in multiple aspects. This tool can be a perfect alternative to Turnitin because of the various features and functionalities unique to this plagiarism checker. 

We have listed a few features and functionalities below to give you an idea about its usefulness and efficiency.

  • Comes with an extensive database featuring billions of web pages and millions of publications.
  • Allows users to add a custom library.
  • Highlights grammar issues in addition to plagiarism risk.
  • Allows users to compare matching text with original sources easily.
  • Offers the feature of citing sources directly after comparison.
  • Uses AI algorithms to ensure accurate results.


Although WriterZen is a website that offers multiple tools for writers, its plagiarism checker stands out. It can be a perfect alternative to Turnitin if you seek a cost-effective solution to identify plagiarism. Individuals and enterprises can use it as a perfect solution to keep plagiarism issues in check and ensure unique content. Here is what you need to know about it.

  • Supports multiple languages.
  • It offers cost-effective deals with a 15-day free trial.
  • Uses Google’s database to check plagiarism.
  • Users can easily check plagiarism proportion in individual sentences through it.
  • Allows users to import text from local storage.
  • Ensures the privacy of uploaded data for plagiarism check.


The last entry in our list of highly efficient alternatives to Turnitin is the plagiarism checker offered by Copyleaks. This tool is a perfect plagiarism detector for individuals, institutes, and enterprises alike. Thanks to its highly efficient AI algorithms, this tool easily identifies plagiarism across various languages. Here are some things you should learn about it.

  • Comes with an extensive database.
  • Uses advanced AI algorithms to spot various types of plagiarism, like image-based duplication.
  • Capable of identifying cross-language plagiarism.
  • It offers a file comparison feature to help users ensure unique content.
  • Displays a comprehensive report featuring everything essential.
  • Allows collaborations during the plagiarism-checking process. 


Turnitin is not the only tool that can help you identify instances of plagiarism in content. Multiple other tools have emerged as serious competitors to this tool, which is considered a pioneer in this domain. 

In detail, we have discussed a few highly efficient plagiarism checkers that can serve as alternatives to Turnitin. 

Hopefully, you will have a lot to take away from this article and use one of the tools above to identify plagiarism in content. We wish you luck with the process of keeping your content unique!

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