9 Best HairCut Apps for Men [iPhone & Android]

We invariably assume that the inner entity defines our personality, however, that is not the case always. Sometimes, external appearance describes you at first sight whether you can be put on the table or not. So, you have to maintain at least a presentable external appearance for this sake.

Your hairstyle is a determiner of your appearance. According to some psychological studies, hairstyle is the third thing people notice about you preceded by eyes and lips.

Hence, in this article, we will be discussing 9 hairstyle apps for men handpicked by our research to serve the best suitability of you. So, let’s get going.

9 Best Haircut Apps for Men

1. Hairstyles For Men-Boys Latest Hairstyles 2018

If you want an attractive hairstyle, this haircut app for men is popular among about 100K+ Android users. Flowing smoothly with the trend often lets you use such an app having at least 1000 cool hairstyles.

You can get several classic or trendy haircut designs for boys such as spikey, undercut, sideburn, side cut, pompadour and many more, especially for boys and men. Besides, you can find celebrity hairstyles, modern hair designs, and curly and straight hair designs for men, boys and children.

The application is popular among salon shops due to its unique and new haircut designs. Simple navigation, continuous updates of new hairstyles and easy sharing using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and SMS are other beautiful features.

Hairstyles For Men-Boys Latest
Hairstyles For Men-Boys Latest
Developer: Appeflix
Price: Free

2. Male Hair Photo Editor – Macho

This app is available on the App Store. Ankur Chauhan is the developer of this 4 stars rated app. Macho is compatible with ios 9.0 and above.  For Mac users, you will require macOS 11.0 or above to try this app designed to function as a men’s hairstyle changer.

You can try numerous haircuts on your face. Moreover, you can change the root colour of your hair and adjust your photos with finger gestures. The best part is you can share edited photos directly on social media.

‎Male Hair Photo Editor - Macho
‎Male Hair Photo Editor - Macho

3. Men’s Hairstyles | Latest Men Hairstyles 2021-

If you are addicted to Hollywood, this unique application can broadly help you. The app contains famous Hollywood actors’ Classy and Decent Hairstyles.

You can get up to 1000+ men’s hairstyles of top famous Hollywood actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio and many others. Do not be reluctant to try Crew Cut with high fade and full beard, Buzz Cut, Messy side-swept Hair, Textured Quiff etc.

Avail of various trendy beard designs. Also, the application allows you to save the latest Hairstyles with continuous updates

Men's Hairstyles | Latest Men
Men's Hairstyles | Latest Men
Developer: Hazim Tech
Price: Free

4. Men HairStyles Photo Editor – Virtual Barber Shop

Test hairstyles on your face free on this app developed by Sandra Djukic. The Prerequisite of the app is ios 8.0 and above. For Mac users, you need macOS 11.0 to run this app.

You can try numerous hairstyles on your face. Edit your photos will cool beards, moustaches, and vintage effects to follow the trends. You may check the attractive celebrity beard and hair salon games, an exclusive feature of this app. Therefore, for Apple users, this is a lucrative option.

5. Boys Men Hairstyles, Hair cuts

About 1 million Android users have this application on their mobile. It is a hairstyle changer app containing cool and trendy hairstyle designs with hair care tips. There are about 1000 haircut styles in this application.

You can choose stunning latest haircut designs which can suit your face. Some of the hairstyle designs in this app are Buzz Cut, Side Part, Slicked back undercut, Crew Cut etc. Also, there are many beard styles to try on.

Apart from getting a suitable haircut, you can get tips to strengthen your hair. You can simply save their continuous updated hairstyle designs and share them with your friends and family. You can undoubtedly use the app as it is getting the best reviews simultaneously.

Boys Men Hairstyles, Hair cuts
Boys Men Hairstyles, Hair cuts

6. Peinados (Men Hairstyle)

The app is provided by Men Styles. Though it has a modest rating on the Play Store, it can be a handy option to assist you in choosing a haircut. Peinados is compatible with most android devices.

This app ransacks a huge number of hairstyles from open sources. Moreover, it categorizes or rather suggests hairstyles depending on the character of hair, for instance, curly hairs, straight hairs, thick hairs, thin hairs, long hairs, short hairs, etc. You can choose haircuts according to your hair colour. So, we recommend this as one of the best haircut apps for men.

Peinados (Men's Hairstyles)
Peinados (Men's Hairstyles)
Developer: Men's Styles
Price: Free

7. Haircuts Men 2022

This application is one of the most popular hairstyle apps for men. Anything you want to experiment with your hair, you can get here. The application provides you with unique and trendy ideas to change your regular hairstyle.

Here you get ideas of long and short hairstyles, High and Low Fade, Taper Haircut, Classic Cuts, Curly Hairstyles etc. You can simply choose any styles or cuts and show them to your hairdressers as the app provides detailed images of haircuts. You can get the latest and continuous updates on hairstyles through the app.

Also, share the latest design with your friends through WhatsApp or other social networking apps.

Haircuts Men 2023
Haircuts Men 2023

8. Hair and Beard Styles

KBMSoft ApS developed the app for Apple users. The minimum requirement for this hairstyle app for men is ios 11.0 and macOS 11.0 for iPhone and Mac users respectively. The size of this 3.9 star-rated app is about 50 MB.

The app is free, however, you can purchase over 250 exclusive hair and beard styles specially customized for you. Also, fifty-nine different and distinct hair shades are made available on this app. So, create a photo album along with memories and share with your beloved ones a new outlook of yours.

‎Hair and Beard Styles
‎Hair and Beard Styles
Developer: KBMSoft ApS
Price: Free+

9. Hair Style for Men 2022

If you want a smart haircut and to elevate your style, you can use the app undoubtedly. You can get a huge number of hair cuts and styles to follow the trends. The app provides you with enough hairstyle videos to focus on the details.

You can try fringe hairstyle, hawk hairstyle, Man bun hairstyle, skin fade hairstyle, Pompadour hairstyle and many more. Besides, you can get several moustache styles, beard styles and tattoo designs too. Also, there is a unique feature of editing your photos.

Moreover, you can update your regular hairstyle by using the app free of cost anytime and anywhere. The latest and trendy looks can make you more comfortable in today’s world. Therefore, the app gives you the opportunity to enhance your personality by changing your looks.

Hair Style For Men 2023
Hair Style For Men 2023
Developer: sync app
Price: Free

Drawing the Curtains

As you can see we have researched the best hairstyle apps for men on your behalf. You may check all the apps according to your requirements. We will be elated if you find this article helpful to some extent. Hence, let us know any feedback as we always anticipate your response. Above all, Happy Reading!

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