11 Best KLWP Themes to Customize your Android Phone [2024]

As human beings, we enjoy the power to modify or change something, be it a system or a cell phone. We always want to customise our mobile phones, home or anything according to our personalities as customization conveys a message to the world from our end.

Android users like us tend to modify our home screens. Firstly, a single home screen style becomes lacklustre over time. And secondly, we want to change our taste at some point.

So, in this article, we will be informing you about the 11 Best Kustom Live Wallpaper Themes or KLWP Themes for Android. But, prior to everything let’s gather knowledge about KLWP themes.

What are KLWP Themes?

Kustom Live Wallpaper Themes is a tool developed by numerous Kustom Industries for the customization of your home screen. Kustom Industries launch numerous live wallpapers or home screen styles every year to keep up the excitement of its users.

Apart from Live Wallpaper or home screen themes, they are also deft at the widget making. So, go through the list of some of the best KLWP themes to customize your android home screen.

best klwp themes to customize your phone

11 Best KLWP Themes of 2023:

1. Cassiopeia for KLWP

If you ask me to make a list of the best KLWP themes 2023, then this launcher, developed by Charlee Designs, would be at the very top. The app has 4.5 stars rating on the Play Store. The best part is that it declares not to share any data with third parties.

You can choose from various screen setups viz. Nacho notch, Serta, mind palace, Cassiopeia, Daili, Fole, Taro, etc. Some of these are one screen setups, some are dual-screen and so on. This is a paid application as in you have to perform some in-app purchases.

Cassiopeia for KLWP
Cassiopeia for KLWP
Developer: Charlee Designs
Price: Free

2. MT Styles for Kustom KLWP

In the list of KLWP themes for your android, MT Style is a well known KLWP theme that is easy to switch. You can simply open KLWP and go to the menu. Then, you have to choose the folder icon. After switching to the ‘installed’ tab, MT Styles for KLWP can be chosen. This, you can set KLWP as a wallpaper in your android.

MT Style KLWP Theme support from 16:9 screen to 24:9 screen. The six layers of various colours urge the proper light within the style you would like to use. It is a basic level of options for personalisation and easy to switch which make it ideal for handling.

MT Styles for Kustom KLWP
MT Styles for Kustom KLWP
Developer: Masaoka Taro
Price: Free

3. MaterialHome for KLWP

The Material Home KLWP Theme is a quite good option for android users as it automatically resizes to fit all mobile phones. You need to download Nova Launcher Pro and KLWP Pro Key applications to set the wallpaper of this theme.

The main feature of this KLWP is the Google Assistant because its whole screen layout focuses on the assistant. You can stay updated by using the google assistant button. Besides, the settings to set wallpaper is straightforward to switch comfortably.

MaterialHome for KLWP
MaterialHome for KLWP

4. Only Boxes for KLWP

This is a paid app developed by YoG, an entity from Maharashtra, India. This application, as mentioned by the developer, is not a stand-alone app. So, to run the app you need KLWP pro (Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro), a KLWP compatible launcher, and a hidden dock & hidden status bar for a clearer look.

As of now, it has twelve different presets for all aspect ratios. Moreover, you can access everything from the home screen. Apart from these, you will get the facility of music player, weather widget, navigation bar support, beautiful animations, etc. Do not contemplate trying this Kustom Live Wallpaper theme today.

Only Boxes For KLWP
Only Boxes For KLWP
Developer: YoG
Price: Free

5. SleekHome for KLWP

This is another popular preset for KLWP that will make your Android phone unique. You can get two visual themes i.e; black and white which makes your phone different from others. You can customize the font and colour of the background of the home screen according to your choice.

It provides you with such features as quick access to any application. There comes a search bar at the highest on most pages. The plus button gives options such as weather, music, calendar etc. The profile tab in the plus button allows you to use quick settings, camera, gallery, etc.

SleekHome for KLWP
SleekHome for KLWP
Price: $0.99

6. Flash for KLWP

This is one of the most downloaded KLWP themes of 2022. The app which is not a stand-alone app is developed by Betinho. You will need a launcher (e.g. Nova launcher Prime or Apex Launcher), 10*8 grid, and a KLWP app.

As of today, the fourth version is on show. It has an attractive appearance with new docks, widgets, a music bar, and numerous avatars.

7. Slide Cards for KLWP

This preset for KLWP Themes is the simplest one to inculcate in your Android. You need to install Kustom (KLWP) PRO and a Compatible launcher that can be supported by KLWP such as the Nova launcher.

The theme is presented through small cards that slide from right to left. The main feature of the preset is to fill each space on the duvet. Also, you can get slides to navigate among other tools. The screens of the theme contain settings, social networks, search bar, startup options, music, weather, etc.

8. BlackMount for KLWP

If you need a classic style home screen in your Android, Black Mount preset is the best choice. You can get a fast configuration of calendar and time with a special quality. Weather forecast or climate is the feature of the Live Wallpaper which gives you a wide experience.

There comes date in the highest and layout of the calendar, time applications, and weather below it. You can get a rock button which is for the google search option and an inquiry box. The inquiry box includes a camera, networks and card. Also, you get message, mail and telephone options on the rock button on the screen.

9. Frosty for KLWP

This one is also a Kustom Live Wallpaper theme by Charlee Design. You have to download both KLWP and KLWP pro to get going. In this live wallpaper pack, there are about fifteen live wallpaper themes designed for all aspect ratios. So there is a high chance to customize your phone on your own terms.

This application has a rating of 4.9 stars on the Play Store and is compatible with Android 5.0 and above.

Frosty for KLWP
Frosty for KLWP
Developer: Charlee Designs
Price: $1.59

10. Gradles for KLWP

You can also enjoy a Live Wallpaper Maker if you can get access to Gradles preset for KLWP Theme. You can get different frames arranged at different ages which creates a rounded design in the centre of your Android home screen.

It gives you the unique feature of three screens with design tools. The left side screen allows you to enjoy weather updates and the right screen contains a calendar. When you switch from one page to another, the colour of the rounded area changes.

11. Minimal Home for KLWP

This preset for the KLWP theme of your Android is the simplest one. It doesn’t contain any application icon on most screens. You can see the date, time and weather forecast on the screen. With this, you can use its icon to direct access to the camera, mail, messages etc. On the left slide, you can see other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, you can easily enter the display settings, Bluetooth settings, Wi-Fi, etc. by dragging the down arrow.

Like other applications, this is also not a stand-alone app. You can enjoy live wallpapers if you have QHD+ displays.

Drawing the Curtain

We have researched in and out to provide you with the best handpicked Kustom Live Wallpaper themes of 2023. Some of them are free but most of them are paid apps. But, we guarantee you these purchases will be worth the customization of your Android phone. Therefore, anticipate you will find this article helpful. Let us know any feedback. Happy Reading!

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