10 Best Voice Changers for Skype [2023]

If you’re looking for the best skype voice changers then you’ve landed at the right place. We have compiled a list of 10 best skype voice changers that you can use to have a lot of fun.

Skype is a popular video messaging application. Users sitting in any corner of the world can connect and talk on a video call. When skype was launched it gained massive popularity due to the absence of contemporaries.

After the massive success of Skype, it was acquired by the popular tech giant Microsoft. Skype remains to be one of the most popular video messaging apps on the internet.

Regardless of the competitors, Skype has rigidly held its position in the market by delivering prominent features to its users. Now as it’s under the control of Microsoft, it’s regularly updated with new features.

To make calling fun on Skype we have a list of the best Skype voice changers that you can integrate with your in-built microphone and start pranking your friends.

best skype voice changer

Best voice changers for Skype

1. Voicemod

Voicemod is one of the most popular skype voice changers, that is used by users across the globe. You can easily tweak your voice into your preferred mood. Voice mod has an extensive library of different voices from which you can choose and even edit pre-existing clips.

It easily integrates with Skype and several other audio platforms. You can even improve your normal vocals by using the editing vocals feature. You can reduce the background noise and filter your voice.

2. Voxal

Voxal is a prevalent skype voice changer. It’s as interesting as its name. It provides you with enough features to let you have fun transforming your voice to your preference.

You can even edit the pre-recorded voice clips and make them sound interesting. The extensive library of Voxal has got almost every preferred sound of yours covered. It gets easily integrated and lets you get started in minutes.

3. Clownfish

Clownfish is one of the widely used voice changers for Skype. You can transform your voice into any desired pitch or sound like a clown, male, female, helium voice, etc.

Apart from Skype, you can use Clownfish with several other audio platforms. You can easily download it to your system and start using it within seconds. In this list of the best voice changers for Skype, Clownfish can be your choice.

4. AthTek

AthTek is a veteran voice changer app for Skype. It’s marked a long way of existence and along its journey, AthTek has formed a massive user base. You can play around with different sounds, filter your audio, and much more.

It offers a premium group of features and allows you the flexibility to tweak your voice in your preferred way. It’s easily integrated with Skype and several other platforms. AthTek is one of the well-known voice changers for Skype.

5. MorphVOX

MorphVOX raises the offering of features as a voice changer, it can be considered one of the most reliable and premium voice changers for Skype. You can use it while playing games, the use is not limited to chatting with your people.

You can opt for its free version. However, for the premium features, you can go with the paid version. The extensive library of MorpVOX contains a variety of sounds that you’ll need to prank your friends and have fun.

6. Skype voice changer

Skype voice changer the name speaks the truth. Skype voice changer is one of the widespread voice changers for Skype, it has everything that you’ll need to transform your voice as per your preference.

You can tweak your voice with several editing features and transform it to any of your preferred sounds. It easily gets integrated with Skype and the interactive interface sets you up in minutes. You can record your calls, and sounds, preview the sounds while editing, and much more. It provides a perfect package to have fun with your people over calls

7. Fake Voice

Fake voice as the name suggests allows you to fake your voice into various sounds. It provides an extremely easy interface and lets you choose your preferred voice from the extensive sound library.

You can transform your voice into a male and female voice, and your normal audio can be edited as per your preference. While making normal calls you can filter your voice, make changes in your pitch, and much more. It’s easily integrated with Skype and allows you to have fun with your people.

8. Ivoice

Ivoice is another popular skype voice changer application. It is used by masses across the world. The on-point interface and a huge library of sounds help you send customized voice notes and transform your voice into any preferred sound.

You can use Ivoice with several other platforms along with Skype. You can tweak your audio in real-time, edit your voice based on pitch, and frequency, and optimize your overall sound quality. It offers a perfect package to transform your voice and prank your people.

9. Hero Voicer

The application is as heroic as its name, Hero voices let you transform your voice into any of your favorite anime characters, how cool is that right? You can convert your voice to any of the characters of the online game, Tv shows, etc.

You even create your voices and edit your voice in real-time. Hero voicer is a premium application, in the initial phase you might find it a bit overwhelming, but over time you can easily navigate across the interface. The integration with Skype and several other instant messaging platforms is extremely smooth. Hero voicer can be the best skype voice changer for you if you’re looking for a premium and feature-packed application.

10. Av voice changer

Av voice changer is a professional application that is used by voice artists. It contains a pool of features that allows you to transform and play around with your people with funny voices. It is considered the best skype voice changer by the masses.

Apart from modifying your voice, it’s used for dubbing projects such as presentations, videos, narrations, etc. If you’re looking for a professional skype voice changer then Av voice changer can be your choice.

Now, when you know the list of best Skype voice changers, you can use any of them based on your requirements. But, let’s find out if the Skype voice changer is safe. Using It may have several effects and let’s discuss some of them.

Is Skype voice changer safe?

The Voice changer for Skype is traditionally used for fun, people want to prank call their people, etc. It might be used to perform fraud on anybody, and it can lead to anything.

The use of voice changers is subjective, and it’s fine until it’s used for fun. Before installing any application in your system check for reviews online and then make a decision.

So, this was our post on the best skype voice changer we hope you found this post helpful and informative.

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