How to Charge Apple Watch without Charger?

In pursuit of keeping your Apple watch working properly, it needs adequate charging. Roughly the watch battery lasts for up to 18- 20 hours on standard usage. And we understand that you can forget to carry the charger everywhere. Henceforth, this article is about how to charge Apple Watch without charger. So, you don’t become helpless when you are in dire need of a watch.

how to charge apple watch without charger

How to charge Apple Watch without charger?

Before proceeding further, let’s discuss the conventional way.

How Do You Usually Charge an Apple Watch?

Before letting you know about the Apple Watch charger hack, here’s how you charge the watch normally.

  • Firstly, take off the watch. You would require the USB power adapter or charging cable to plug it into the USB port.
  • Locate the watch’s back at the concave end of the charger.
  • Make sure that the back of the watch is aligned with the Apple charger’s magnet, to charge quickly.
  • You can reconfirm with the watch display showing a green lightning bolt symbol once it’s pretty aligned. Now, within the next 2 hours, your watch will again have a 100% full battery.

However, that’s only when you have the charger, and is not the end of the story. Are there alternative ways to charge Apple watches? Check out below.

Can You Charge an Apple Watch Without a Charger?

By chance, if you have missed your watch charger at your home, there’s no need to bang your head against the wall. There are multiple ways to charge an Apple watch even without the charger. All you need is an iPhone Charger, a USB power Bank, a wireless charging pad, or a third-party charging cable.

Not sure how to charge Apple Watch without charger but with the above-stated items? Don’t worry! Follow the article to know more.

Alternative Methods to Charge Apple Watch without charger

#1. Using Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pads are handy as you can carry them anywhere to charge your watch. Most wireless charging pads or docks have a built-in magnetic charging module. These wireless charging pads can recharge your watch at full speed. All you are required to do is attach the watch to the USB C Port of the magnetic charging dock.

#2. Using a Third Party Charging Cable

Another great way of charging your smartwatch is by charging it using a third-party charging cable. All you have to do is pair the watch to the PC, Mac, or Laptop using the charging cable. It is a convenient idea as you can take a spare charging cable in your bag. Even better would be to go with a USB charger which is more portable and can be attacked like a keychain with your bag.

#3. The Duo Watch cum iPhone Charger

You can also buy a MagSafe duo charger that will charge up both your iPhone devices and watches. The MagSafe duo charger is safe to use and functions wirelessly. The duo charger is compatible with iPhone 12, 13, and 14 models and all Apple watches. Here’s how to charge apple watch without charger but with a Magsafe Duo charger:

  • Step 1. First, you have to plug the MagSafe Duo Charger into a compatible USB-C Power Adaptor.
  • Step 2. Now, place the MagSafe Charger face up on a flat surface.
  • Step 3. Then, place the back of the watch on the charging connector. Make sure that the connector is flat or upright.
  • Step 4. Observe the charging indicator on the watch display to confirm it’s charging.

#4. Using Solar Charger

One of the most renewable Apple watch charging hacks, is having a solar charger with you. The convenient part about solar chargers is that they use sunlight to make electricity. In return, it uses the generated energy to recharge the Apple watch.

#5. Using iPhone Charger

Likely, if you must also be an iPhone user, it’s one of the easy ways to charge an Apple watch. You can power up the Apple Watch via your iPhone charger. Connect the charger to the watch and then plug it into the wall outlet. Wait for the watch to get turned on so that it begins charging.

#6. Carry a Portable Power Bank

Another Apple watch charger hack which is also workable for your iPhone is having a portable power bank with you. Nowadays, using power banks is not only getting popular but came up as the most helpful resource or truly a lifesaver.

All you have to do is affix the power saver to the Apple Watch using the charging cable. Soon, your Apple watch charging will begin.

Exclusive Hack: using the Hidden Port

The hidden port trick is the exclusive Apple Watch charger hack that only is relevant to Apple watch users. Back in 2015, some buzz spread that a hidden port can be discovered in the bottom band of the Apple watch. When you remove the cap, you will notice six tiny consecutive pin ports appear. For a layman’s eye, those pins may seem useless. But the port has been proven by Apple experts to charge the watch faster.

Reserve Strap created their first battery band for Apple Watch which has the potential to charge the device while wearing the watch. So, in this way, the watch charges 6-7% quicker using conductive charging than the regular Apple chargers.

However, you should avoid this method, as it is against the consumer guideline of Apple Inc. It can strip you of warranty rights.

How to charge an Apple Watch with an iPhone?

Charging Apple watches from other devices like the Mac or iPad is only possible because of their reverse charging capabilities. If you are not accustomed to reversing charging, well, it permits gadgets to charge other gadgets. But sadly, the iPhone system is not developed in a way that it can severely charge your Apple Watch. For charging the Apple watch you have to fall back on the above-given means.

Precautions For Charging an Apple Watch Without a Charger

After knowing different ways to charge your Apple Watch, you should also take the necessary precautions to ensure the durability of your watch:

  • Make sure that you charge your Apple Watch regularly. It’s safe to charge even if the battery is half drained. In that way, the watch performs better.
  • Don’t overcharge or keep the watch connected to the USB port or charging cable for too long. Roughly, two hours is enough to completely charge the watch.
  • While charging the watch via a power adapter, magnetic pad, etc make sure that the power adapters are not in prolonged touch with your skin.
  • For safety reasons, it’s better to take off the watch if it feels uncomfortably warm while wearing it.
  • Lastly, don’t connect the watch with a damaged third-party cable or your Apple watch will start malfunctioning.

How to Troubleshoot Apple Watch Charging Problems?

After knowing how to charge Apple Watch without charger, still finding issues with charging the watch? So, here are some ways to solve your Apple Watch charging issues-

  • It’s recommended to use the given charging cable shipped inside the box while having any third-party charger for your Apple Watch.
  • Make sure that you unwrap all plastic covers from both sides of your charger or alternative charging accessory used.
  • You may be using a third-party charger or charging stand. For that matter, use MFi-certified accessories, or else your watch may not support it.
  • If your watch is new and is not charging after being connected to the charger then force restart the watch. Most watchOS issues are resolved after a hard reset.
  • You can software update the watch in case the smartwatch is out of date. Do so, by going to General>Software Update. Followed by that, load and install the latest watchOS version.

Final Verdict!

From the aforementioned Apple Watch charging hacks, it must be clear that charging your watch without a charger is possible. However, make sure that you have chosen one of the above reliable means of recharging your Apple Watch. You can take the above precautions as well as different troubleshooting tricks to solve if there are any charging issues.

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