How to Play 8 Ball on iMessage?

If you are looking to find out how to play 8 ball game pigeon then you have landed at the right place. In this post, we are going to discuss how to play 8 ball on iMessages and how to download it.

You can play the classic billiards game “8 Ball Game Pigeon” right in iMessage on your iPhone. A game of pool with your buddies can be a fun and easy way to kill time without having to leave your messaging app. 8 Ball Game Pigeon on iMessage is a terrific alternative whether you’re a seasoned pool player or just looking for a fun way to communicate with pals.

This post will provide a full introduction to playing 8 Ball Game Pigeon on iMessage, whether you’re new to the game or just want to brush up on your abilities. Everything you need to know to become a pro player will be covered, from installing the game to becoming an expert in the game’s mechanics and multiplayer mode.

So, let’s start with understanding the basics of how to download 8 ball game pigeon on iMessage.

play 8 ball on imessage

How to download 8 ball game pigeon on iMessage?

Make sure your iOS device is 8 Ball Game Pigeon-ready before you try to play the game through iMessage. To accomplish this, ensure that you are using the most recent version of iOS and that iMessage is turned on for your iPhone. You can verify this by opening “Settings” and then “Messages,” where you’ll find the iMessage toggle switch, and turning it on if it isn’t already. Now you can follow these steps:

  • Access the iMessage App Store to get your hands on 8 Ball Game Pigeon.
  • Launch iMessage and select the App Store symbol (a white circle with an “A” inside it) that sits to the right of the text input field.
  • You may then either type “Game Pigeon” into the search bar or go through all the games until you come across 8 Ball.

After installing the 8 Ball Game Pigeon in iMessage, Here’s how to play the 8 ball game pigeon on the iPhone.

How to play 8 ball game pigeon in iMessage

  • In the “Messages,” app start a new message with someone you want to play 8 ball and chat with simultaneously
  • At the top of your keyboard, amongst the list of icons navigate to the “GamePigeon
  • Select the “8 ball pool
  • After it gets reloaded select “Send

By following these steps you can start playing the game with your friends. Now that we have everything ready to go, let’s talk about the rules of 8 Ball Game Pigeon in iMessage.

Rules of 8 ball pigeon on iMessage

It’s not too far from a game of 8 ball pool to play 8 Ball Game Pigeon on iMessage. To play, you’ll need a cue ball and a set of 15 object balls, including the black 8 ball, 7 solid balls, and 7 striped balls. In a game of pool, the winner is the player who pots the 8 ball after eliminating all of their object balls.

The Game’s Point– To win iMessage’s 8 Ball Game Pigeon, you must first sink all of your object balls before attempting to sink the 8 ball before your opponent does. In order to win, players must first sink the object ball with the lowest number and then sink the object balls with the next higher numbers. The 8 ball must be sunk once all object balls have been removed from the table.

Method of evaluation – A player scores one point for each ball they pot, with the exception of the 8 ball, which scores eight. In a game, the victor is the player who has amassed the most points by the final score.

Gameplay and controls– Players must tap and hold the cue ball to line up their shot before releasing it. After adjusting the strength of the shot by dragging their finger back, they can then release to make the shot. Swiping in the direction of spin before releasing the shot is another option for players.

Players must first pot the lowest numbered ball on the table and must pot an object ball on every shot. If you fail to do so, your opponent will be given ball in hand and will be free to position the cue ball anywhere on the table for your next shot.

The fundamentals of 8 Ball Game Pigeon on iMessage have been addressed, so now we’ll move on to some tips for playing 8 ball pigeon.

Tips for playing 8-ball game pigeon on iMessage

Practice is the key to success in any endeavour. Improve your shot accuracy and power by playing 8 Ball Game Pigeon on iMessage anytime you have a spare moment.

Always think about where the cue ball will land when you take a shot, not only the target ball. Both object balls and spares are needed to complete a successful shot.

Think about the big picture, not just where you put the balls. If your opponent has a point lead, you should play defence and make scoring attempts harder for them. In contrast, if you’re up in the score, you should aim to seal the deal by taking more chances.

Get to know the ins and outs of the iMessage version of 8 Ball Game Pigeon, such as the penalty for fouls and the preferred order of sinking object balls. If you know the rules, you can make more informed choices as you play.

Also, make sure to talk to your rival while you’re playing. It’s often fun to talk to your other players and pick up some pointers or chitchat with them during a game.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll soon be an expert at the iMessage version of the 8-ball game pigeon. Put your abilities to the test and play a game with a friend. Now let’s discuss a few advanced strategies for 8-ball pool pigeon

Advanced gameplay strategies for 8-ball game pigeon

After a few rounds of 8 Ball Game Pigeon in iMessage, you may be ready to consider more complex gameplay techniques and strategies. Following these pointers can help you play like a pro:

The Rack Must Be Broken Properly:

Building a strong foundation for a winning game begins with breaking the rack. If you want to avoid having the cue ball ricochet in unpredictable ways, aim towards the centre when striking it. Off centre and at medium speed is where you want to strike the rack for maximum efficiency. When you do this, the cue ball should scatter the group of balls, allowing you to position yourself for the following stroke.

Take Precautions:

You should thoroughly consider your options before making a move. Think about where you want to send the cue ball after the shot, as well as which ball you want to sink. You can improve your chances of winning at your next turn by thinking ahead.

Learn to Direct the Spin:

Spinning the cue ball can have a major effect on the success of a shot. The cue ball’s trajectory after impact with an object ball can be altered by applying topspin or backspin. Also, by mastering sidespin, you’ll be able to execute more difficult shots and get out of sticky situations.

Recognize the Need for Caution:

When you play it safe, you take a shot that may not result in sinking a ball but does leave your opponent with a tough shot or in a situation where they are unlikely to make a successful stroke. When you’re up a significant number of points, it can be wise to play it safe.

Just Take Your Time With It:

When playing against a strong opponent, it’s tempting to try to win with a series of fast shots. The long-term results may improve if you take your time and aim carefully. Always keep in mind that your window of opportunity is little, and make the most of it.

You’ll be able to dominate 8 Ball Game Pigeon in iMessage with these expert-level tips and tricks. If you put in the time and effort to practice and hone your craft, you’ll soon be the envy of all your pool-playing pals.

Concluding words

Overall, playing 8 Ball Game Pigeon with friends on iMessage is a great way to kill time. Even if you’ve never played pool before, you’ll have no trouble getting the hang of this game thanks to its straightforward controls and basic gameplay concepts.

So, this was our post on how to play 8 ball game pigeon. We hope you found this post helpful and informative.

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