Best Ride sharing Apps like Lyft [Best Alternatives]

Hiring a ride makes the rides easy and comfortable, but choosing the right commuting services for you can be a task. We have picked the best ride sharing apps like lyft for you, which will accompany you, ensuring your convenience and comfort.

Since ridesharing apps like Lyft have marked their presence in the ride market, the whole commute service provider algorithm has changed. With a surge in smartphone users, ride-sharing apps like uber and lyft have transformed customers’ ride experience. Ridesharing is trending nowadays, and people worldwide choose it over the traditional way of tiring the taxi.

Best ride Sharing apps like Lyft

Carpooling contributes to a sustainable environment which reduces traffic jams and air pollution. Customers can book a ride from their mobile by following the simple steps.

So, if you prefer ride-sharing over traditional taxi hiring, this article is for you. Read this article to know which is the best ridesharing app and company that provides you with the best ridesharing offers.

Firstly let us know about the app in the discussion, i.e. Lyft

What is Lyft?

Depending on the ridership data, Lyft has become one of the biggest carpooling apps. Lyft is the most popular ridesharing app in the USA. Lyft has prominence in the biggest cities of the USA like Newyork city, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, etc.

The app has recently acquired a world-famous bike-sharing company named PBSC Urban. There are many Lyft competitors, but it is; still, Lyft is ruling over the ridesharing market because of its exclusive features. Such as:

  • Ridesharing and liability insurance from the company
  • Long-distance commuters are given facilities for ride receipt review.
  • A detailed document and background check of drivers before appointing them for the job.
Developer: Lyft, Inc.
Price: Free

9 Best ride sharing apps like Lyft for you

To keep you on time with the best commuting services, we have prepared a list of ridesharing apps known for their best commuting service worldwide. These apps are user-friendly and use advanced technology to provide users with a hassle-free, safe, and insured ride.

Some apps include exciting features such as liability insurance, splitting of fare options, payment options, etc. So, let’s unwind with this exciting list of the 10 best ridesharing apps like Lyft to make your ordinary ride super comfy.

App NameCountries/Cities CoveredUnique FeaturesQR Code
BlaBlaCarGlobal presence with carpooling facilityAds for rides and cars, ride sharing, trip organizationQR Code
UberOver 70 countries, 10,000+ citiesMultiple payment and fare split options, ridesharing, and sync meetingQR Code
CurbOver 60 cities in the USAOffers like refer app and earn free rides, advanced cabs, wheelchair-accessible vehiclesQR Code
GettOver 100 cities in EuropeIn-app tripping, affordable price, skilled drivers, and booking facilitiesQR Code
BridjBased in BostonWiFi-facilitated vehicles, real-time tracking system, mutual pickup points, and pre-booked seatsQR Code
HeetchGlobal presenceReadily available and assessable, lucrative fare offers at certain hoursQR Code
Cabify90 cities in 10 countriesFull ride customization, safe to use, reliableQR Code
WingzOver 15 metro and 20 airport taxi transport servicesCustomize drivers, liability insurance, scheduled ridesQR Code
ViaAvailable for pick and drops at popular places with pre-designed routesSharing vehicle rides, fare is very affordableQR Code

Note: All the QR codes link to the respective app’s Google Play store page.

1. BlaBlaCar

It’s the biggest Lyft competitor and the fast-growing carpooling company of recent times. Blabla car offers great ridesharing deals and gives its users a carpooling facility with the passengers of different vehicles that cover the same routes.

Blabla car offers the option of car sharing for car owners who can allow people to travel in their car so they get their car expenses reduced. Some notable features offered by Blabla car are:

  • People can publish their ads for rides and cars
  • Customers can easily share rides and organize their trips
BlaBlaCar: Carpooling and Bus
BlaBlaCar: Carpooling and Bus

2. Uber

Uber has marked its presence in more than 70 countries, including 10,000+ cities worldwide. Customer convenience is a priority of uber, which is why uber provides multiple payment options to its customers, such as PayPal, cash, credit, google pay, etc.

This app provides lucrative offers to its customers, such as low fare rates during certain hours of the day. Uber runs on advanced technology like driver and vehicle’s live locations etc. Uber has become an alternative to Lyft and other ridesharing apps because of its exclusive features. Such as:

  • Multiple payment and fare split option
  • Ridesharing and Sync meeting

3. Curb

Curb is considered one of the cheapest alternatives to the best ride-sharing apps like Lyft apps in the USA. Electronic payment company Verifone has acquired Curb, which now provides its services to more than 60 cities in the USA, including Chicago, Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles. Curb has been trending in the USA because it offers some exclusive features to its customers, such as:

  • Customers are given lucrative offers like refer app and earn free rides.
  • Curb provides wheelchair-accessible vehicles and advanced cabs to customers.

4. Gett

Gett is a fresh arrival in the ridesharing market and has been booming since then. This Israel-based app covers more than 100 cities in Europe, including some famous cities like London, Moscow, etc. Gett’s fast-growing daily commuter customer rate makes this ridesharing app a good Lyft alternative. Some unique features of Gett are:

  • In-app tripping and affordable price
  • Skilled drivers and booking facilities

5. Bridj

Bridj is a Boston based on demand ridesharing company that offers car service for long and short-distance commuters. It includes buses which include 14-seat buses with comfortable seating and Wi-Fi. This ridesharing app is considered best because it reduces the travel cost and time of commuters. Some other notable features of this ridesharing app are:

  • WiFI-facilitated vehicles equipped with a real-time tracking system
  • Mutual pickup points and pre-booked seats for all the commuted
Bridj NSW
Bridj NSW
Price: Free

6. Heetch

Heetch offers taxi moto-taxi, VTC, and LVC services to its commuters. It is a very cost-effective ridesharing app that is readily available and considered safe. Despite its low fare, Heetch keeps the quality of its services. This ridesharing app ensures that they hire highly skilled drivers.

This app, being compatible with Android 7.0 and up, offers its drivers a good salary and other job benefits so that they may reciprocate in the Heetch company enhancement. Some other features of Heetch are:

  • The Heetch app is more readily available and assessable than the app like Lyft
  • At certain hours of the day, the Heetch app provides lucrative fare offers to its customers.
Heetch - Ride-hailing app
Heetch - Ride-hailing app
Developer: Heetch
Price: Free

7. Cabify

Cabify provides ride services to its commuters and allows them to transport their stuff from one location to another. Currently. Cabify is operating in 90 cities in 10 different countries of the world, including the cities like Buenos, Bogota, Aires, etc. Considered a Lyft competitor.

Cabify believes in the quality service and safety of its users. Cabify provides 100% ride customization options to its customer. All the details regarding the active services of Cabify are given on the official website of Cabify. Some notable features of Cabify are:

  • Full ride customization and user-friendly app
  • Safe to use and reliable ridesharing app
Developer: Cabify Technology
Price: Free

8. Wingz

Wingz started as an airport transportation service and then advanced to a ridesharing company. It covers more than 15 metro and 20 airport taxi transport services. Wingz provides commuters with an option of advance taxi booking from the airport to their desired location.

Hiring a cab from the Wingz app is affordable, and commuters can choose the driver from the list for long journeys. To remain ahead of its competitors. Apps like Uber and Lyft, Wingz offers its customers exclusive ride offers and other services such as:

  • Customize drivers for their ride
  • Liability insurance and scheduled rides
Wingz - Your Trusted Driver
Wingz - Your Trusted Driver
Developer: Wingz Tech
Price: Free

 9 . Via

Via ridesharing app comes with its set route patterns and unique features. This ridesharing app is available for pick and drops at popular places with pre-designed routes. Via also provides a carpooling facility, which is trendy in cities like New York, Washington, and Chicago.

Via offers impressive low fares, and the ridesharing technique used by Via also contributes to the environment. Some remarkable features of Via are:

  • Sharing vehicle rides reduces the individual fare of commuters.
  • Fare is very affordable, along with some other offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do ride-sharing apps like Lyft work?

Ride-sharing apps function by connecting passengers with drivers via a smartphone app. The app allows passengers to request a ride, and nearby drivers can accept the ride. Once the ride is completed, the payment is processed through the app. Some apps also offer additional services like carpooling and food delivery.

Is it safe to use ride-sharing apps other than Lyft?

Safety is a major concern for all ride-sharing apps. Most ride-sharing apps implement safety features such as driver background checks, real-time location tracking, and emergency contact features. However, it’s important to always check the safety measures put in place by each individual app.

Which ride-sharing app is the cheapest alternative to Lyft?

The cost of ride-sharing can vary depending on the time, distance, and demand. While Uber and Lyft are usually quite comparable in price, other services like Via or Bolt might be cheaper in some areas. It’s best to compare the estimated fares on several apps before booking a ride.

Can you schedule rides in advance with apps similar to Lyft?

Yes, many ride-sharing apps offer the ability to schedule rides in advance, just like Lyft. Apps like Uber, Via, and Gett have this feature. However, it’s recommended to confirm this functionality in your particular location as features can vary.


Hope this article answered your question about the best ride-sharing apps like Lyft. Now as you have a few options in your hand, you should pick for your future commute needs.

The above list of 10 best ridesharing apps has covered all the top-rated ridesharing apps of the world, which are safe and user-friendly. For more details, you can download your chosen ridesharing app for a hassle-free riding journey.

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