How to Watch SEC Network on Roku (Stepwise Guide)

SEC Network is a must-have television channel if you’re a sports lover. SEC network allows you to watch sports events, games, live sports, shows and original content. We’re here to share some ways in which you can stream the SEC channels on Roku. If you’re not a traditional cable tv user, but instead a Roku user then this post is your answer to “how to watch SEC Network on Roku”

Roku is a popular streaming device on which you can watch movies, TV shows, cartoons and much more. You can also stream popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, in a nutshell, you can enjoy every type of media content with Roku. Just like Amazon FireTV, Roku offers you a bunch of options to get yourself entertained.

As mentioned earlier there are several ways to watch the SEC on Roku. However, you can watch the SEC network from your cable TV subscription as well. Things are quite different with Roku. So, let’s discuss how to watch the SEC Network on Roku.

watch sec network on roku

How to watch the SEC Network on Roku?

ESPN Inc owns the sports network SEC network. SEC Network is the home to many exclusive shows, live sports, sports events and so on.

Here are the different options to stream the SEC network on your Roku device –

Streaming PlatformMonthly PriceFree TrialNumber of ChannelsAdditional Features
ESPN AppDepends on TV providerDepends on TV providerVariesAccess to all ESPN channels, including SEC Network
Hulu with Live TV$64.997 daysVariesAccess to Hulu’s extensive library of movies, shows, and documentaries
SlingTV$30Not MentionedVariesAllows 3 concurrent streams
FuboTV$64.99Not Mentioned90+Free cloud storage, 3 concurrent streams
DirecTV$69.99Not Mentioned60+Cloud storage, 3 concurrent streams on different devices

1. Watch SEC on Roku Through the ESPN app

If you’re a Roku user then you can watch the SEC network through the ESPN app. You can watch the SEC network’s games like football, basketball, baseball, and soccer, all day long on Roku through the ESPN app, you need to install the ESPN app through the channel store. Here’s the guide to watching the SEC network on Roku through the ESPN app.

  1. Turn on the internet/Wifi connection on your Roku
  2. Select the “streaming channels” option followed by the “search” option
  3. In the search bar type “ESPN” and select “ESPN” from the search suggestions
  4. On the app info page click on “add channel”
  5. After the installation click on “ok” to run the app
  6. You’ll need to activate the app on the “ESPN activation site” on your mobile or Pc
  7. Then login with your TV provider credentials
  8. Now you’re good to stream your favourite SEC network sports

By following this guide you can download the ESPN app on Roku, which will allow you to watch exclusive SEC Network on your Roku.

Also, this is not the only way to watch the SEC Network. There’re quite a few ways to get an SEC network on Roku, and we’re here with those ways too.

If you’re not a cable tv user then you can stream the SEC network through streaming apps like Hulu, SlingTV, FuboTV and DirecTV. You just need to add your application credentials and you can stream the SEC channels on Roku without a cable connection. Here’s the detailed guide to watching the SEC network on Roku without a cable connection

Streaming apps are at your service to help you stream the SEC Network on Roku. These streaming apps come with various benefits. Along with TV shows, you get access to Movies, Shows and originals which are produced by streaming services.

2. Watch SEC Network with Hulu with Live TV

Hulu contains a wide range of channels like ESPN, Cartoon Network, MTV, and so on. Hulu is a powerhouse in entertainment if you’re looking for a total pack of entertainment along with the SEC network. You can stream movies, documentaries, TV shows and much more.

Hulu live Tv subscription starts at $64.99/month, along with this they offer a free 7-day trial which you cancel anytime within the 7 days.

3. Stream SEC Channels on SlingTV

SlingTV offers an affordable plan to stream the SEC Network on Roku. SlingTV’s affordable plan starts at $30/month which allows you to stream the SEC network on Roku, the best part is, that they allow 3 concurrent streams at the same time.

4. Watch SEC Network on FuboTV

FuboTV is a hub for sports channels. It provides 90+ channels which include SEC networks with a monthly subscription cost of $64.99. The added benefit is that FuboTV provides free cloud storage and concurrent 3 streams at the same time.

5. Stream SEC Network with DirecTV subscription

DirecTV’s plan which includes the SEC Network is priced higher than the streaming services mentioned above. A monthly subscription costs $69.99/month in which you get 60+ channels and cloud storage + concurrent 3 streams on different devices at the same time.


As we know, the SEC network is owned by ESPN Inc. You can watch the SEC network by downloading the ESPN app by following the steps discussed above.

If you’ve ditched your cable network then you can choose any of the streaming apps mentioned above. You can use FuboTV if you’re looking for an affordable option. You can use Hulu with Live TV if you want a wide range of channels and other pieces of entertainment.

So, this was our post on how to watch the SEC Network on Roku. We hope you found this post informative and helpful, have a great time streaming the SEC network.

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