Can You Call or Text Blocked Numbers on iPhone?

The advancement of Technology has not only given good things but bad things too. For instance, the invention of phones and fast communication has given a lot of convenience to everyone. But that’s only one side of the grass. The story on the other side is different. Technology is not good for everyone because this has given rise to cyber security crimes. You don’t have control over other people but you can definitely decide who can reach out.In this article we are going to explore about :Can You Call or Text Blocked Numbers on iPhone.

Restricting other people from contacting you is called blocking in the mobile phone world. The chain of blocking and unblocking is endless. We often receive questions like “can you call blocked numbers“, and “can you text someone you blocked iPhone“? This blog answers them well.

When you block someone, you take control of calling, texting, or reaching for as long as you want. However, you can keep your rights as it does not affect your side. If you have blocked someone you can still call or text them whenever you want. The plus side is you don’t need to unblock them first and then communicate. This article tells you about your blocked contacts in detail. You will figure out what happens on the other side when you block someone.

Why do you block someone?

There’s no certain reason to block someone and you don’t need to prove why you have done so.

Whenever you feel like someone is poking their nose in your affairs when you don’t want to, or is harassing you no matter what, you can throw them away– from your life and your contact list.

The 21st century is so much popular for cyberstalking and people are going crazy for no reason. No matter how hard you try, they don’t want to give up. Call it their mental sickness or worse than that. When you can’t solve a situation or improve their mentality, it’s better to take the safer side by protecting your privacy.

This is where blocking comes into play which solves half of your online problems by preventing stalkers. Still, wondering when you should block someone? Know in the next section.

When to block someone?

You can block someone when…

  • A random person texts or calls you unnecessarily a number of times. At first, inform them that you are not interested or simply ignore them. Tap on the block if the problem persists.
  • A person is misusing technology by trying to hack your information through calls and texts.
  • You found someone toxic and want to get rid of them.
  • You switched your job and don’t want to remain in contact with the previous workplace.
  • You want to prevent someone from stalking you on WhatsApp without removing them from the contact list.

How to block someone?

Have you decided to block someone and get into a peace zone? Try the steps below.

  • Tap on a number you want to block.
  • Click on the eye icon in blue color.
  • It will open details of the phone number. Scroll down to reach Block This Caller.
  • Tap on it to confirm.

You can follow the same steps for your existing contacts in order to block them.

NOTE: If you want to unblock your blocked contact, then apply the same steps as mentioned above. Only the last step becomes Unblock This Caller.

What happens to your blocked contacts?

You may wonder what happens after you block someone. What do they see on their side? Can you call blocked numbers? Hold on as we are going to give valid answers to questions.


The most obvious thing that happens after you block someone is that the person cannot text you. When they try to type a text to send you, their network provider charges them for the text. However, the text is sent from their side but never gets delivered to your end. Additionally, the text will not appear as delivered on the sender’s end

Phone Calls

As you can expect, you won’t receive any phone calls from the blocked contacts. No matter how many times they try, they won’t be able to reach you. Therefore you don’t need to ignore or decline the call.

The response that the blocked caller receives varies as per their network provider. they get your call unreachable or their call is diverted to your voicemail. The latter option allows them to send a voicemail to you.

You may not get the voice mouse in your regular messages. To view those voicemails, you need to scroll the phone app to reach the voicemail section. Finally, click on Blocked Message

Face Time

iPhone allows the FaceTime feature to directly audio or video call a person. You can block a contact on FaceTime to prevent them from reaching you.

The best part is they won’t know that you have blocked them as the call will keep ringing on their side. It will appear as if you are not answering the call. Nonetheless, nothing different happens on your side. You won’t even know that someone has been trying to FaceTime you.


Some contacts are linked with iCloud addresses. If you have blocked such a person whose account is linked with an iCloud address, then they will be able to reach you through mail even after getting blocked. You can view the mail in your regular inbox. However, their emails will appear as ‘Blocked’. If you wish you can transfer those emails from blocked contacts to the trash.

Can you call blocked numbers?

Yes, you can call blocked numbers just like you call any number. The receiver won’t notice that you have blocked them. Your call will appear normal to them. The bonus part is that you don’t need to unblock a blocked contact to place a call. You should note that the receiver cannot call you back as you have blocked them (or just say, you won’t get the call).

Can you text someone you blocked on your iPhone?

Indeed, you can text someone you blocked on your iPhone without any interruption. Your network provider will deduct the charge for sending the text. The blocked caller won’t know that they are receiving texts from someone who has blocked them. As you have already blocked them, they can’t text you back (which means you won’t receive their text).

Which hints indicate to them that they are blocked?

These cues give hints to the other person that they are blocked.

  • You never pick their FaceTime calls.
  • They don’t receive any response through email.
  • Whenever they call you, their call is redirected to your voicemail.
  • Their iMessage never shows ‘Delivered’.
  • Last but not least, they can easily reach you using another phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still call or text someone if I have blocked them on my iPhone?

No, once you have blocked a number on your iPhone, you will not be able to make calls, send texts, or initiate FaceTime calls to that number. The block works in both directions, preventing them from contacting you as well.

If I’ve blocked a number on my iPhone, will they know they have been blocked?

When a person is blocked on an iPhone, there isn’t a clear notification that tells them they have been blocked. However, their calls will go directly to voicemail and their texts will not be delivered.

Can blocked numbers leave voicemails on my iPhone?

Yes, blocked numbers can still leave voicemails, but these voicemails are placed in a separate “Blocked Messages” folder in your voicemail box and you will not receive a notification about these messages.

Is there a way to unblock a number on my iPhone if I’ve changed my mind?

Yes, you can unblock a number on your iPhone by going to Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts. Then swipe left on the number and tap Unblock.

I hope this detailed guide helps you in answering can i call or text the blocked numbers. Follow for more insightful stories.

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