How to Tell if Someone Blocked your Number on iPhone?

Know if someone blocked your number on iPhone with these 5 simple ways. If you are looking for a detailed guide to tell if someone blocked your number on iPhone, you are in the right place.

Nowadays, our relationship with someone is defined not only by physical interaction but also by digital interactions. We connect with people over the phone. Moreover, the trend has increased multiple-fold after the pandemic outbreak.

This article is related to one of such discussed issues of modern times. Often, iPhone users get baffled by the question- Is the person blocked me? It also functions as an indicator of the relationship, i.e., where do I stand on one’s priority list? Consequently, we end up concluding based on some vague evidence.

Therefore, in this article, we will be explaining how to decide whether someone blocked you or not, and what signs of a potential block are. However, one thing is needed to be decided individually according to one’s self-esteem- What are the fine lines between curiosity and desperation? Especially, when you are going to find out without consent from the other end.

Now, let us proceed to the topic. In the following segment, we shall discuss what could be the sign of a potential block.

Signs that indicate a potential block

Here are some common signs based on what you can infer that whether the other person blocked your number or not.

  1. If you are getting an automated response to your text from the number in question, you are surely not blocked on your iPhone.
  2. If your iMessage does not indicate a ‘delivered‘ or ‘read‘ status, there is a possibility that you are blocked. On the other hand, if you are able to see the ‘read‘ status only, then the person may have turned on Do Not Disturb mode.
  3. If your call is redirected straight to the voicemail, then it is a sign of a black cloud. To be assured, disable your caller ID. If it does not go to voicemail then you are surely blocked, my mate.
  4. An iMessage showing a delivery error does not necessarily mean that you have been blocked. Your messages are unable to dispatch due to network issues.

These are some signs seeing which you can suspect that the person has blocked your number. Remember, these are signs, not the method to ascertain. We are going to discuss how to tell if someone blocked your number on your iPhone. If you see the aforementioned signs, apply the following methods.

Ways to know if someone blocked you on iPhone

Finding the immaculate answer to the question is not possible in a clear-cut manner. However, you can still find out. Here we are going to discuss five such ways to know about a potential block. So, here we go.

A. Send the Contact in question an iMessage

You can try to send them an iMessage. There is a difference between normal SMS and iMessage. You can find out through the colour of the bubble. Green implies that it is an iMessage, while blue means an SMS. An iMessage is sent via the internet.

After sending a message if it shows delivered, then the person has not blocked you. Once, he or she sees the message it will turn into ‘read‘. Even if the person has disabled ‘read recipient‘, it will still show delivered. If there is no status of your message in the blue bubble, even no ‘not delivered‘ notification, then there is a chance that you have been blocked.

However, if you suspect a network issue, send the same message via SMS or other messaging apps like WhatsApp in no time. If the message is delivered then there is no network issue. Keep on checking the status of your iMessage at regular intervals. Also, if you are blocked, the blue bubble can turn into a green bubble. However, it can also mean that the recipient is offline or switched to Android or another OS from iOS.

Look for the moon icon:

Focus and DND (Do not Disturb) modes temporarily disable notifications. Hence, if you send a message and they don’t respond they may have turned Focus or DND mode on.

From iOS 15 onwards, if someone has enabled focus mode, it automatically notifies the sender with a moon icon and a notification that shows -“[contact] has notification silenced”.

Therefore, check the moon icon, and if you are included in the recipient’s friends or family list, you can see an option to break the focus mode and notify the recipient anyway. So, to conclude, if you do not come across any such notifications, then it may a red flag.

B. Send them an SMS

This is also another method to comprehend whether you are blocked or not. Try to send them an SMS and if you get a ‘delivered’ notification beneath it, you can breathe carelessly.

However, if you get a ‘message not delivered’ notification or no notification at all, well, unfortunately so, this is a sign of a potential block.

Also, if you receive an automated response citing the reason why the message was not delivered, then you have not been blocked. You do not receive an automated response from the contacts who have blocked you. Pertinent to understand, if someone for some reason has blocked you that implies the person needs space. Hence, do not act creepy or desperate in trying to reach out or in applying these methods.

C. Give the recipient a Phone Call

After applying the above-mentioned methods, if you are still unsure about your status, then this is probably the most straightforward yet desperate method. After calling the contact, if it goes straight to voicemail or goes to voicemail after one ring or half ring, you may have been blocked, my friend. However, sometimes network issues can take your call to voicemail. So, the best policy is to combine the method with the other two.

If you have any legitimate urgency it is worth trying to reach out several times. Onwards iOS 15, Apple has introduced a feature that allows incoming calls even if Do Not Disturb or Focus mode is turned on.

D. Hide your caller ID

If you have tried to ring several times and met no success, then you call the contact in discussion hiding your caller ID. Now, the question arises- How to hide caller ID while calling? Fortunately, it is not sophisticated. Just dial *67 before typing in the number and give a ring. It will ring normally as there is no visible caller ID. If the person on the other end picks up the phone, then you have been blocked comprehensively.

Also, you can try to give a ring from another number. However, it is the last resort. If the person picks up your phone then move away from the person’s life, at least, for a while. But, if you face the same response, then there may be a problem with the contact in the discussion. The person may have been off the phone for a while or in a poor network coverage area.

E. Try to check on other messaging apps

The common nature of human psychology is if someone blocks you on iPhone, he or she will block you on any other platform from where you can reach them out. So, try to check on other messaging apps or platforms, for instance, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Gmail, etc. If you are blocked on Whatsapp or Messenger, you will get a notification of that. If you are unblocked there then ask the person the reason behind this behaviour.

Ways to reach out to the person who has blocked me on iPhone

This brings us to the last segment of the article. It may happen that you need to dispatch some urgent message to the person who has blocked you on your iPhone. At this juncture, the question arises- how to dispatch the message? Well, we are to assist you with this. Try out the following ideas-

  • Try to call with your caller ID hidden.
  • Try to call or message from another number.
  • Try other messaging apps if you are not blocked on them.
  • Try to send a mail, if you are added to Spam, you can always create a new email ID.
  • If you and the person in question are part of a group on WhatsApp, MessengerInstagram, or somewhere else then dispatch your message in the group chat mentioning him or her. At least, the person will surely be able to read.
  • Nowadays, payment apps like Google Pay enable you to chat with a person. So, you can try this method as well.
  • Lastly, if possible you can meet him in person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the indications that someone has blocked my number on iPhone?

When your number is blocked on an iPhone, your calls will be sent straight to voicemail. Additionally, if you send them an iMessage, it will remain as “delivered” but never shows “read,” even if the recipient has Read Receipts turned on.

Can I still leave a voicemail if my number has been blocked on an iPhone?

Yes, you can still leave a voicemail. However, the recipient won’t get a notification. The voicemail is sent to a separate section known as “Blocked Messages” in the voicemail inbox.

If someone blocked my number on iPhone, can they see the text messages I send?

No, they cannot see the text messages you send. The messages will show as sent on your device, but the person who has blocked you will not receive them.

Is there a sure way to know if someone has blocked my number on their iPhone?

There’s no definitive way to know for sure without making a call or sending a text. Even then, it can be hard to distinguish blocking from other issues such as Do Not Disturb mode or network problems. The best way is often to ask the person directly.


Therefore, in this article, we have illustrated thoroughly how to tell if someone blocked you on iPhone. We anticipate that our detailed research will be helpful to solve your case. If the article comes to any service to you, our efforts will thus be justified. Let us know any further queries or feedback from your end and allow us to grow. Happy Reading!

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