10+ Best Clothing Stores Like Zumiez in 2024

“We are yet to understand the influence of our consumers. A day will come when we will be approaching their door to represent us instead of them coming to us. And the day is not far” – A famous clothing business tycoon said this in the 20th century.

Within five decades, as a result of globalization, we are experiencing the implementation of this prediction. We are going to discuss about this along with the best clothing stores like Zumiez in this blog post.

After the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, people tend to choose an online way of everything. Shopping is no exception to this social trend. As far as online apparel shopping is concerned Zumiez is one of the leading companies in this sphere. The company is renowned for its optimum quality and minimum price. But the variety and availability of items become a key issue for consumers.

So, in this article, we will be emphasizing Zumiez alternatives. Let’s enter the discussion. But, before that few words on Zumiez and why you need alternatives? Before we go into the details of stores like Zumiez, let’s understand about Zumiez first and why one has to look out for alternative options.

About Zumiez

Zumiez is an American multinational clothing store that sells clothes, footwear and other accessories. The company was inaugurated in the Seattle area with a single store. Later, hundreds of stores spread across Canada, Australia, and Europe including the USA.

You can get a huge variety of casual wear, party wear, shoes, winter collections, and jewellery. Also, sports equipment like skateboards, surfboards, pads, and helmets are available here at reasonable prices. You can get exciting offers that help to shop more on your limited budget.


Why Zumiez alternatives are needed?

  • Zumiez has a certain list of brands. So if you desire some other brands you can find them on other sites like Zumiez
  • Every such store has a limited collection. So, to explore more options and availability of items you should check other websites.
  • Some sites charge less for delivery. As a result, people opt to choose that. Sometimes, the delivery time can be an issue to switching to Zumiez alternatives.
  • Zumiez does not cover all countries and areas. So, you have to choose the site that offers delivery in your area.

10 Best & Affordable Clothing Stores like Zumiez

Here is the summary of all the best alternatives to Zumiez –

Store NameSpecialityShipping & DeliveryBrands AvailabilityPrice Range
Urban PlanetAffordable clothes & footwear24-hour shippingMultiple$ – $$
RosegalSustainable materialsGlobal shippingOwn brand$ – $$
PacSunYouth-inspired stylesUSA and Puerto RicoMultiple$$ – $$$
VansSkateboards & apparelEU and USAOwn brand$$ – $$$
JourneyFootwear and accessoriesMostly North AmericaMultiple$$ – $$$
EvoAdventure sports equipmentOver $50 free shippingMultiple$$$ – $$$$
CSS FashionSkateboarding and snowboardingInformation not providedMultiple$$ – $$$
Hot TopicLicensed franchise merchandise$1 for $60 shoppingOwn brand$$ – $$$
Skate WarehouseSkateboards and streetwearInformation not providedMultiple$$ – $$$
DresslilyUnique collection of clothesInformation not providedOwn brand$ – $$

Now, we have an overall idea about these platforms, let’s dive deep into each of these and understand the in and outs.

1. Urban Planet

Urban Planet is a Canada based retail store that is increasing their best collection of clothes, shoes and other accessories. The company is one of the fastest-growing brands in Canada with about 100 stores.

If you are looking for the best and reasonably priced clothes, you can shop in Urban Planet undoubtedly. The store also offers you exciting discounts on any season so that the customer can buy their favourites. Trendy accessories, affordable clothes and footwear are specialities of Urban Planet to shop for 16 to 24 aged men and women. The company has the concept of 24-hour shipping service and completes its delivery within 24 hours.

The brand, Urban Planet is a part of a group of two brands including Urban Heritage and Urban Behaviour. You can choose and buy fashionable wearing for you and your beloved as well. This store also comes on the list of Zumiez alternatives.


2. Rosegal

This is a relatively new company similar to Zumiez, started its business in 2013. The USA based company, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is now covering 258 different countries and regions. Hence, there is a high probability of availability of their service in your area.

Rosegal offers a wide range of products and items that include women’s wear, men’s wear, and kids’ wear. You can order gorgeous swimsuits this summer. Accessories like caps, slippers, socks, jewellery, etc. are listed on the site.

The best part is, that all items are made from sustainable materials and are made available at optimum affordable price.


3. PacSun

PacSun is one of the best California based retail stores that come to mind after Zumiez. The store is dedicated to gathering collections keeping in mind the brands and styles for inspired youths. You can get exciting summer wear, winter wear, casual wear, footwear, accessories and many more.

Initiating with a small surf shop in Seal Beach, CA, the company expanded their business by operating about 400 stores in 50 states of the USA and Puerto Rico. You can also explore Adidas, Puma, Calvin Klein, Hurley, Nike, Quick Silver etc. brands in PacSun for men and women. The store can help you for shopping to your taste as you get wonderful verities to explore.

With all these features, PacSun is one of the best stores like Zumiez with cool fashion options.


4. Vans

The USA based company is another site like Zumiez where you can set your destination of apparel shopping. Vans is operational in the EU also.

Two brothers P V Doren and J V Doren along with their business partners started the company in 1966 in California. A huge variety of items categorized under men, women, kids, and classic are on display on this site. You can go “off the wall” through Vans’ skateboards.

Forbes magazine acknowledged Vans as one of the best in its category in 2000. Hence, you should hesitate about its reputation.


5. Journey

Another popular retail store like Zumiez is Journey which is especially a footwear exploring zone. You can also get clothes and accessories along with shoes. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States and operates in mostly North America. You can get exciting footwear collections by exploring their main five retail concepts such as Journey, Journey Kidz, Little Burgundy, Shi by Journey and Underground by Journey.

Opening its first store in Nashville in 1986, Journey completed its 100 store target by 1999. The company owns about 1200 stores currently. The store has amazing collections of shoes and other footwear for teens, kids and young professionals. You can explore the store and get your own choice of shoes or other accessories in Journey.


6. Evo

If you love adventures and camping, Evo is the best companion. Your one-stop destination for all adventure sports equipment. The USA based company offers skis, snowboards, skateboards, surfboards, mountain bikes, camping accessories, and gear & fashion apparel for both men and women.

Barton, Smith, Patagonia, Season, Arbor, Liquid Force, Santa Cruz, Giro, Salomon, etc. are some of the renowned brands in affiliation with Evo. Evo enables consumers to avail of free shipping over $50 shopping, buying guide, and a convenient return policy. As a result, Evo emerges as an attractive Zumiez alternative.


7. CSS Fashion

If you are looking for accessories for skateboarding and snowboarding, then CSS Store is the best destination for you. The site is an inspiration for skateboarders and snowboarders as the customer get their preferred accessories at a very reasonable price.

You can also explore various brands such as  Bones, Thrasher, DC, Nike, and Vans on the site. Colourful and graphic boards are the speciality of CSS Store. You can get hoodies, jackets, pads, bag packs, and streetwear as well.


8. Hot Topic

The company started paving its way in 1988. Your one-click address to procure licensed music and film franchise merchandise. The hot topic offers licensed Marvel, BTS, Harry Porter, Squishmallows, and loungefly products. Hence it is a coveted online clothing company because of the fandom of those franchises.

The hot topic is a consumer-friendly website. For instance, the delivery charge is just $1 for shopping of $60. You can buy shirts, tees, swimsuits, and jeans of optimum quality at an affordable price. So, at least try this once.


9. Skate Warehouse

The brand is a skateboard selling store that comes next to Zumiez. You can explore graphic or printed skateboards here along with some streetwear that goes well with your skateboard.

There are various skateboard brands such as Santa Cruz, Vans, Spitfire, Independent, Dickies etc. on this site to increase your collection of skateboards. Besides, you can get exciting skateboard accessories like pads, shoes etc.

Along with these items, there are comfortable loungewear and activewear on the site. Also, the prices are reasonable and you can get offers on their site which makes this one as one of the best stores like zumiez.


10. Dresslily

When it comes to the unique collection of clothes and accessories, Dresslily is highly recommended after Zumiez. An exciting collection of jeans, pants, tops, T-shirts, dresses, party wear, and casual wear can easily attract you to buy for you and your partner. You can explore new vintage collections or unique dresses here.

The store gives interesting offers and discounts that help you to buy things at very affordable prices. Along with women’s collections, men can shop here and get there wearing. Huge varieties of shoes, jewellery, accessories, bags etc. are other best features of this site. So, the site has easily listed itself on sites like Zumiez.



There are numerous sites like Zumiez apart from these fore-mentioned websites, for instance, Karmaloop, Surf Dome, Chicme, Shein, etc. You can check their official website to discover the wide range of apparel collections. They are as reputed as to be considered as leading companies on the planet.

Choosing the Best Clothing Brand for Your Fashion Needs

There are a lot of clothing brands out there and choosing the one that suits you the best could be daunting task. However, if you are sure on what are you expecting, this could make things a lot easier. Here are the vital parameters you need to consider –

  1. Your Style and Preferences: Everyone has their own style and comfort. A few brands listed in this guide are trendy and has different styling options. So consider your personal style and what you feel most comfortable wearing while choosing the best alternative platform to Zumiez.
  2. Price Range: Brands vary significantly in terms of price range, so it’s important to consider your budget. We have listed down the price ranges for all the platforms in the comparison table. Check it out while making the choice.
  3. Quality of Materials: The quality and durability of the clothes are vital. Look for brands that use high-quality materials that lasts longer.
  4. Return and Exchange Policies: A good return and exchange policy is crucial when shopping for clothes. Look for brands that offer easy, hassle-free returns and exchanges if the items don’t fit or meet your expectations.
  5. Brand Reputation: Lastly, consider the brand’s reputation. Brands that have been around for a while and have positive reviews are typically reliable.

Consider these parameter and make your shopping a joyful experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need alternatives to Zumiez?

While Zumiez offers a wide range of products, they may not carry certain brands you’re interested in. Also, Zumiez has a limited collection, and delivery charges or times may not be ideal for everyone. You might find other options affordable. Try out stores like zumiez that might be a perfect fit for you.

What are some good alternatives to Zumiez?

Urban Planet, Rosegal, PacSun, Vans, Journey, Evo, CSS Fashion, Hot Topic, Skate Warehouse, and Dresslily are all excellent alternatives to Zumiez. Each offers unique collections and different benefits.

Are these stores only available online?

Some of these stores have physical retail locations in addition to their online platforms. It’s best to visit their respective websites to find out if there’s a store near you.

Who is Zumiez’s biggest competitor?

Zumiez has several competitors in the market, but one of its biggest competitors is PacSun. PacSun is similar to Zumiez in that it offers clothing, footwear, and accessories that are inspired by youth-oriented culture and lifestyle.

Stores like Zumiez: The final verdict

This is everything from our end about alternatives to Zumiez. We have elucidated addresses of heaven for garment lovers. So, why waste time contemplating what to do. Check the sites one at a time and stay ahead of the time in the fashion sense.

Hope we have vividly devised the stores like Zumiez and services they are offering through our words because your convenience is our achievement. Happy reading! For more updates, follow cult.technology!!

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