12 Apps like Whisper for Anonymous Chatting (2024)

“Sometimes all we want is to be a personality without a person associated with” – the line from a novel by a contemporary novelist has its perpetuity.

We all want to vent out our inner souls and thoughts at some point without being recognised. We want advice on some controversial without the fear of being judged. Anonymous chatting apps like whisper have allowed us to do so at our fingertips.

In this article, through our words, we will be guiding you through some handpicked anonymous chatting apps like Whisper specially curated keeping your dignity and privacy in mind. But, before everything let’s get acquainted with the app named ‘Whisper’. So, come with us.

About Whisper

Over 30 million people are connected to this anonymous chatting app, Whisper. The app, developed by MediaLab.AI Inc., was launched in 2013.

Unlike social networking sites, the whisper is more direct. You can meet new people, chat with them, and create a social chain on this app. No wonder the app is popular among anonymous chatting lovers. Moreover, the app is compatible with the Android version 5.1 and up. As a result, people with relatively older phones can relish the bliss of anonymity.

Price: Free

Now let’s take a glance at its alternatives

Apps like Whisper for anonymous Chatting

Here is the quick summary of apps like whisper in a tabular format –

App NamePrivacy FeaturesPlatform CompatibilityUser RatingsAdditional Notable Features
WhisperHighAndroid, iOS4.1Large active user base
Holler AwayModerateAndroid4.0Social sharing options
ClandestoHighAndroid3.9Clan creation feature
ASKfmHighAndroid, iOS4.1VIP program
F3HighAndroid, iOS4.3F3 Plus subscription
HearMeHighAndroid3.9Trained listeners for support
Virtual Friend ShoulderHighAndroid, iOS4.5Community support
Connected 2.meModerateAndroid4.5User-friendly interface
TellonymHighAndroid, iOS4.1Easy conversation joining
CuriousCatHighAndroid4.2Q&A features
ChatousHighAndroid, iOS4.1Multimedia sharing
MocoHighAndroid, iOS4.1Gaming and streaming features
MeetMeModerateAndroid, iOS4.3Live streaming, dating features

Now, let’s look at each of these Whisper alternatives in detail.

1. Holler Away

The tagline, “mingle and engage with people around me“, serves the purpose immaculately. On the Google Play Store, it has above 50k+ downloads. It contains some ads and you may have to buy some in-app purchases.

If you are looking for a vast sea for fishing, this app is your proper fishing rod. You can make friends, share information, mingle with others, etc.

Holler Away: Mingle & Engage w
Holler Away: Mingle & Engage w

2. Clandesto

Simhash S.R.L developed this application Clandesto for anonymous chatting. It has a bulk amount of users, for instance, this app has 10k+ downloads. So, you have numerous options to choose from.

You can share your feelings on your feed, scroll others’ feeds, and create your clan. To sum up, you have a plethora of activities to do on this app.

Developer: SIMHASH S.R.L
Price: Free

3. ASKfm

Another popular social media app like whisper is ASKfm. The app comprises a sphere of about 200M people as it has entertaining features and easy usage. You can get new friends who speak your language.

You can message or ask questions to your friend and share media. Also, you can get to know your viewers who liked your posts. Besides, you can join their VIP program which provides premium features. Android, as well as iOS users, can have access to this app.

ASKfm: Ask & Chat Anonymously
ASKfm: Ask & Chat Anonymously
Developer: Ask.FM
Price: Free

4. F3- Find Friends Anonymous Q&A

This social media app is suitable for making friends for both Android and iOS users. You can communicate with new people from all over the world. Sending or receiving messages to your friends privately is easy. Also, you can share photos or videos through this app.

Over a 25million people already signed up F3 app. You can download it for free and connect with new friends. The app is also providing F3 Plus subscription that includes exciting features like knowing your possible friends, knowing the friends who viewed your posts etc.

F3: Dating, Meet, Chat
F3: Dating, Meet, Chat
Developer: F3
Price: Free

5. HearMe: Empathy not Therapy

If you need to share your feelings with someone, the HearMe app is best to use. You can connect with their trained listeners in a minute and share your story with them. Any of your problems can be shared hear. These listeners help you to overcome your difficulties which brings peace to your mind.

You can undoubtedly use the app as it doesn’t share your personal information. You can share your ups and downs, dreams, disappointments or secrets with confidence and create your beautiful tomorrow. The app is rated 3.9 out of 5 as per the Play Store.

HearMe | Empathy Not Therapy
HearMe | Empathy Not Therapy

6. Virtual Friend Shoulder

To make virtual friends, Virtual Friend Shoulder is another app that comes on the list of apps like whisper. Make friends by communicating with new people. Over 1lakh people are using the app through their Android or iOS devices.

If you are feeling lonely and need someone to talk to, this is the best app for you. You can share your problems or joys with friends here and help each other. The app has got a 4.5 rating out of 5 in App Store.

Virtual Friend Shoulder: Vent
Virtual Friend Shoulder: Vent

7. Connected 2.me

To make virtual friends, Virtual Friend Shoulder is another app that comes on the list of apps like whisper. Make friends by communicating with new people. Over 1lakh people are using the app through their Android or iOS devices.

If you are feeling lonely and need someone to talk to, this is the best app for you. You can share your problems or joys with friends here and help each other. The app is rated 4.5 out of 5 in App Store.

Connected2.me Chat Anonymously
Connected2.me Chat Anonymously
Developer: C2M
Price: Free

8. Tellonym: Anonymous Q&A

Another app like whisper to connect with friends is Tellonym. All Android and iOS users can get access to the app and enjoy its features. You can simply make your profile and follow your friends to join conversations. There are no charges to download the app. So, it is easy to connect with people and share your thoughts.

The app is rated 4.1 out of 5 as per the Play Store. You will get a lot of new people to interact with every day.

9. CuriousCat

This is a suitable app for social networking. Millions of people are aware of the app to connect frequently with each other. Like whisper, you can follow new people and communicate with them freely. The rating is 4.2 out of 5 as per Play Store.

You can share your feelings and ask questions to your friends. The app is best for reducing your loneliness and exploring new friendships. Besides, you get exciting features to explore here.

CuriousCat - Anonymous Q&A
CuriousCat - Anonymous Q&A
Developer: CuriousCat
Price: Free

10. Chatous

Another popular social media application like whisper is Chatous. You can get new friends and chat with them. Besides, you can share photos, videos, and audio with people. Over 1Crore people are using Chatous worldwide due to its unique features.

The application provides you protection to your identity through anonymity. You can easily change your display name if you want to. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with new people and reducing loneliness can bring peace to your life. So, the app could be very useful to you.

Developer: Castle Global
Price: Free

11. Moco

Besides communicating with new people, Moco has features for playing games as well. Android and iOS users can download the app without paying any cost. You can hang out with people through group chats or video calls.

It is the largest application that helps you to watch live streams from people nearby or over the world. You can friend any person according to your choice. As they provide a feature to search for friends according to age, location, and gender requirements.

Moco: Chat & Meet New People
Moco: Chat & Meet New People

12. MeetMe

For adding more friends to your life, MeetMe is the best app like whisper. You can meet people from different cultures here. About 5Crore people are using the application due to its easy working ability.

You can spend hours here and get attached to new people. Share your favourite videos and photos here confidently. Another unique feature of the app is you can do live streams and get exciting gifts. Also, you can find your soulmate by going on a date.

MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People
MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

Guide on Safe Online Chatting

In this ever-evolving digital world, online communication has become as commonplace as face-to-face interaction. However, along with the countless benefits, it carries its share of risks. Here is your essential guide to safe online chatting, ensuring your digital encounters remain secure and enjoyable.

Remember Anonymity is Key

Always remember that on the internet, you are not obliged to share your personal details. Many chat apps let you connect under a pseudonym, allowing you to enjoy conversations without revealing your identity. Use this feature to your advantage.

Never share sensitive information like your full name, address, or phone number unless you’re 100% confident about the recipient’s authenticity.

Be Alert and Cautious

While anonymous chatting can be liberating, remember that it also applies to others in the conversation. The person at the other end could be anyone, so take everything you read online with a grain of salt. Be cautious about the details you share and take care to avoid divulging personal information that could be misused.

Use Reliable Platforms

Opt for trustworthy and reliable platforms like Whisper that prioritize user safety. Look for apps with features such as user verification, encryption, and easy-to-use report and block options. Remember, no app can guarantee total safety, so it’s important to combine this with your own caution and good judgment.

Avoid Clicking Suspicious Links

Cybercriminals often use links to trick people into revealing sensitive information or to distribute malware. Avoid clicking on links sent by strangers and even those sent by known contacts that look suspicious or out of character.

Be Careful with Images

Remember that pictures shared over the internet can easily be saved, copied, or even manipulated. Be cautious about sharing photos, especially ones that could identify you or be used in a way that you wouldn’t want. Also, avoid opening images or files sent by strangers, as these could contain malicious software.

Your online safety is in your hands, so chat smart!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Whisper app truly anonymous?

Whisper does allow users to post and interact under a pseudonym, providing a level of anonymity. However, like all apps, Whisper still collects some data such as IP addresses, which could potentially be used to identify a user if required by law enforcement.

Is there an app better than Whisper?

While Whisper is popular and widely-used, there are other apps like Holler Away, Clandesto, and ASKfm that offer different features and experiences. It’s recommended to explore and decide which suits your needs best.

How can I ensure I’m chatting safely online?

To chat safely online, remember to maintain your anonymity, be cautious about the information you share, and trust your instincts. Choose reliable platforms, avoid clicking suspicious links, and be careful when sharing images.

So, this is everything about apps like whisper for anonymous chatting from our end. We hope, as a result of our pursuit, we addressed your queries. But, important to note, however, these apps are for anonymous chatting still you need to interact with care and precision. Above all, be careful while giving permission. If you compromise your privacy, then there is no point in anonymity.

As you know about anonymous chatting apps like the whisper now, do not wait to enjoy bliss. We will keep assisting you as our duty. Above all, happy reading!

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